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yokaisenshi18's Profile

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User Name: yokaisenshi18
Machine Tag: FOX!
Machine Location: Massachusetts - Lazer Zone
Region: Massachusetts
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Play Style: Unspecified
Member since: June 19th, 2007
Last Profile Update: April 8th, 2008
i go to the FYE arcade at the cape cod mall to play.im there almost everyday and their pads really suck. i would rather go 2hrs out of my way to play than use those pads.
      my flash drive got stolen so i bought a new one and started a new profile as well.

Hokai so the player two side for the usb ports work and the first player doesn't. I guess all i had to do was give it a pelvic thrust with the flash drive and BAM!! it worked but the machine needs to be hacked and upgrade cuz it sometimes "decides" to load all my songs or not so sometimes i only get half or 2/3's of the songs i have. I has no money and i cant get to marlboro and wont be for a while till i can cause VRDY is at collage and its not a trip without him. CAPE CREW are all animals DUCK FOX! MOLE(not rly) HAWK ya and any other decent players are in. I LESS THAN THREE ACRO!!!!
O LAWD! i went to LZ yesturday and i almost died. that tells me that i need to do some stuff. like get up there more often. once i get a job ill be up more often. passed vertex ex. with an 80 (happy for me that i could do that)


The Itg2 finally shit the bed at the mall and was replaced by the old DDR extreme machine. Those pads are better than the supernova pads. Havn't been able to get to a dedicab in a while, going soon to get new scores.
yokaisenshi18's Recent Scores:
Song Name Score (%) Pack Date Submitted
Which MC Was That? 70.44   In the Groove 2/18/2008
Dawn 78.67   In the Groove 2/18/2008
Crazy 99.13   In the Groove 1/20/2008
Disconnected -Hyper- 97.35   In the Groove 1/20/2008
Touch Me 98.41   In the Groove 1/20/2008
Friend Of: FOXY!, Kcin Enorai, WOLF101, XEverReadyX
(4 total)
Single In The Groove 1 & 2 Overall Percentages Double
Expert  23.65% 0.00%  Expert
Hard  21.37% 4.43%  Hard
Medium  2.85% 10.84%  Medium
Easy  0.00% 0.59%  Easy
Total  11.43% 4.07%  Total
Single Overall Percentages: ITG Courses Double
Intense  0.00% 0.00%  Intense
Normal  0.00% 0.00%  Normal
Survival  0.00% 0.00%  Survival
Total  0.00% 0.00%  Total