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lil_beastling (remake)'s Profile

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User Name: lil_beastling (remake)
Machine Tag: KDWG
Region: Australia
Triumph Points: 2032
Sex: Male
Play Style: Always Bar
Member since: October 2nd, 2013
Last Profile Update: October 2nd, 2013
Hey..I'm Kevin :) just an average ITG player

I am from and play in Brisbane, Australia

I casually play OITG, and almost daily play pad at Timezone Albert Street and once been to Timezone George Street.

The first time ever I played DDR was around 2008-2009. Around this time I didn't play very often and was not considering playing a lot. The inspiration that led to the serious path was seeing people play 10's like "A" and thought it would be good to try. So I only played a couple times during those years. This was all at Funhouse.

So after some time of getting use to the game..came Aug 3rd 2010 which is also my birthday, I started to play more frequently and seriously at Funhouse Myer Centre and got more involved in the game.

Around early 2011 I was about ready to tackle harder songs, since I could at the time pass Love<3Shine, Era and other songs around that level on Heavy. I then emt a friend who took me to the next level at around May 2011, this is when I first started playing at Timezone Albert Street. He introduced me to the "Edit Data" stepcharts. Since I wasn't used to streaming and reading so many notes it took me a while to adjust and be capable of reading streams for the first time, so after playing with him for a while I started to quickly adjust and started practicing streams songs such as Golden Sky, Frozen Ray, Colours for Extreme e.t.c for a long period of time and managed to push myself to do harder streams. In late 2011 I managed to pass DanDanDo (17), there were times I would try much harder edits that I couldn't do such as True Love, Sunkiss Drop, Xepher but it didn't matter, it was good because it prepared me for In The Groove now that I look back and that was the last time I played/captured a vid...before In The Groove was suddenly installed and took over in early 2012, because of school I didn't get to visit that much or often, usually only the weekends, so In The Groove took me well by surprise..everything like the layout, settings e.t.c.

2012 was a big leap. I was more motivated since I was already into DDR X and the guy who introduced me to Edit Data's, one day told me that Haru Haru was on DDR..so I looked it up on Youtube to see the chart, because we both really liked that song. Because I was already used to streaming, it didn't look too hard, but because all the new settings and folders were new to me, I could not find it. That's when I met Chino/Serenade and I played my first ever proper In The Groove gam with him, I did alright for my first ITG song..Haru Haru (77.6%). It was then I could start practicing songs on my own, however I had not learnt that "you shouldn't be afraid to fail" until a couple months back from now. So I would occasionally come in to play and be afraid of more experienced players such as Chino, Wendy, Kasper, Tristan and Lachlan, but as I watched them more often I picked up new techniques and tips that have helped alot and also it was the best way to pick up new songs that were around my level. So I started with a new slate as DDR levels were different to ITG levels...so I started back on 9's and gradually got used to the difference and kicked back off with 9's-12's..Vinyl, Children, Down and Fer Sure e.t.c. After about six months had passed practicing, picking up and trying out new songs..I came across Oceanlab Megamix (Mute Sims 7), a song of 138bpm (i think) stream for 15 minutes, it sounded like a big challenge and an achievement worth pushing for. I didn't know it back then, but it really helped shape and build the stamina that I have today, and so my first attempt was a fail. I had set a target of 20% which I reached but tired out, so it was a fail. The next attempt was a pass..I was aiming for 50% but it wasn't enough for me, my conscience told me to push through and so my Oceanlab pass (92.03%) was made. After this moment I moved on to playing harder 12's and easy 13's, getting better scores than previously as my timing steadily improved by the end of 2012. My timing wasn't so "Great" back then but during this time I had been trying to improve my scores and had more songs that I picked up. New packs at the end of 2012 were added to our machine at Timezone Albert Street by Chino and Lachlan. The birth of 13's in Hardcore Till I Die 3 stepped by Lachlan were a big milestone in my ITG journey as this further trained my stamina and timing. By this time I was saving these 13's until Final Round. At Lachlans house I had passed another long 14, The Medley of Kirby SSDX (Gay4Gimmix) and I had also attempted Yellow FIAB remix (14) which was my first 14 which I failed at the time. I had also started S'ing and starring some 9's-12's and also I attempted Quasar no-bar which I passed but ended up with 49.xx%. Near the closing of the year I passed some Cirque Du Beast and Pendulum 14's, and my first 15..Fury of The Storm before I left for Sydney the next year.

January 2013 was where I escalated the most. In early January I took a trip down to Sydney with my dad to Timezone George Street. Here I met some more new players who were also of higher experience. Playing with them I returned to Albert Street more prepared to take on new challenges. Down in George Street their life difficulty was Life 4..since I'm used to Life 1 back in Brisbane is was a bit of a challenge but they were a good bunch of guys, I also passed Ageha (ALL FAMOUS FILES) when I was down there..getting a C. When I came back I started playing hard 13's-easy 15's. This is when Sharpnelstreamz had been added to our machine. Before that I was asked to play Pendulum which I didn't really like but I did them anyway not as good though. Early this year I had come back to the 13's and started improving greatly on my scores. I then moved to harder songs in the Sharpnelstreamz pack. Around this time I had the challenge of playing Cold Breath Casuality Violation (Bearpocalypse 2012) which I passed..creating my first 17 pass (76.00%). After that I played a lot more stamina songs and came my Tachyon Delta,Gamma rate phase. I stopped playing the usual for a bit and played songs such as Bokura No 16bit Warz, Rocket Rider, Wind Valley Boss, X-Soldier Storm e.t.c on 0.8x..and Oprah Shmup on 0.9x. Because Still Grey was a good 16 achievement, I was told to play it..ending up with a 92.74%..my first 16 pass. Then there was my momentary speed phase in which I played Sharper (230bpm) and Level 7 (230bpm) and Oh Delia (230bpm). I then went back to Sharpnel and passed Blue Army for the first time (79.19%). About a month later I got my first FEC on Love Again Exit Trance Version (Dropbear Awareness Pack). Not too long ago in April I passed Gate Openerz (15), Blue Noah (Hard 15), Protosphere (16), Aestivalis (16) and Lovelyteks (Expert 15). About a month ago I passed alot mroe Sharpnelstreamz, got my first double star on Dream a Dream -Sy & Unknown Remix- 98.32% and got two more FEC's Amazing (13) and In and Out of Love (13) 98.23%. A week after my friend made me play Isolation CV (CV) 89.52% after few tries in the past not too long ago I finally passed. Now we are at present day. Recently I have improved/passed:
>World Sound (Sharpnelstreamz 16)
>Aim Burst (Sharpnelstreamz 15)
>Blue Army (Sharpnelstreamz 16)
>Gate Openerz (Sharpnelstreamz 16)
>Isolation (Cirque Du Beast 15)
>Magic Cycles (Sharpnelstreamz 17)
>Cold Breath Casuality Violation (Bearpocalypse 2012 17)
>Burst Linker (Sharpnelstreamz 15)

lil_beastling (remake)'s Recent Scores:
Song Name Score (%) Pack Date Submitted
Magic Cycles 90.81 Sharpnelstreamz 10/02/2013
Klassiker Einheit 97.19 Sharpnelstreamz 10/02/2013
Snows ~Soshite Kiseki~ 85.62 Sharpnelstreamz 10/02/2013
Shihen (Piece of Poetry) 87.26 Sharpnelstreamz 10/02/2013
Lovelyteks 95.70 Sharpnelstreamz 10/02/2013
Friends: Archi, Bran, Mad Matt, xxxxx, Zaia
(5 total)
Friend Of: @@ (RIP 9/2015), sblmnl87
(2 total)
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