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From Maniacal on 12/28/2005 Active Modify
* BYM, Sweet World, and Tension
From Origamikid on 11/30/2005 Active Modify
Finish getting a score for every song on expert... then get all 9's to at least a *...
From Jason on 1/07/2006 Completed Modify
i know it's a REALLY horrible song, but star bouff
From Maniacal on 12/09/2005 Completed Modify
10 expert ***s total. Once you get a few more, they get a lot easier.
From fruxxo on 12/06/2005 Completed Modify
** another 11 *** oasis before any of us do.
From Maniacal on 12/01/2005 Completed Modify
So... you're working on FA, so how 'bout you work on F and A. ** the F folder. * the A folder.
From Maniacal on 11/03/2005 Completed Modify
get 3 expert **s
From Origamikid on 11/03/2005 Completed Modify
Break 96% after recalc on 5 11 footers...