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From Joseph L. on 9/15/2007 Active Modify
** Funk Factory. If I can come close, you can nail it.
From CFAC 317 on 2/11/2006 Completed Modify
jeeeez man how u do euphoria.........and destiny, those are amazing scores...submit more scores cause your good, gimme a challenge if you can
From Joseph L. on 2/11/2006 Completed Modify
1) At least 97 on D-Code. 2) I thought you were going to talk to Jay about lowering the price. ;-)
From pyroko on 2/02/2006 Completed Modify
three more expert stars, shoot one back when you get the chance =P
From IHYD.Tiza - Moderator on 12/14/2005 Completed Modify
You have a 97.97 on Spin Chicken? In that case, you should be kicking the crap out of the 9s... doublestar 10 9s on Expert, and shoot a challenge back.
From K.AuthoR on 2/02/2006 Abandoned Modify
http://itgfreak.com/edits.php?author=1931 My VerTex^2 edit =3