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From D1LL on 3/25/2007 Active Modify
*** 4 expert songs....shouldnt be hard all for you...send me a challange back =D
This will be fun :D......im probly gonna go Psalm Pilot......Tribal Style.....and just to make it Harder Kiss Me Red.....(yes that song is kinda hard)
From Trousersnake on 3/10/2007 Active Modify
** all expert 9's
This is gonna take me a while XD
From D1LL on 3/10/2007 Active Modify
pass infection and july [E]
July...88.18 (and i forgot to do Infection :( ....ill do it saturday :) )
From Trixunlimited on 2/26/2007 Active Modify
*** harcore symphony expert
lol ill try :)
From fat josh on 1/19/2007 Active Modify
get 3 more tri stars on hard, all 3 have to be 8 footers
From Trousersnake on 1/18/2007 Active Modify
Pass Delirium.
i donno why i didnt try yet...
From fat josh on 1/12/2007 Active Modify
pass vertex2 hard with at least 6 mods on.
im gonna do it on....1.5x, Dizzy......ill think of the others.......
From fat josh on 1/09/2007 Active Modify
Beat me in a hard only match this weekend, IM me on aim, my sn is Moscow 1942, I wanna get this match on schedule because I have work and I'm sick ATM but I want to play against you.
you still cant be there saturday at the torny??
From dave? on 12/26/2006 Active Modify
get a star on ride the bass
From D1LL on 1/02/2007 Completed Modify
Pass xuxa with an 86% or better
this seems easy (1 more percent)...lol i already did this at my house (no bar) but ill keep it active because i wanna a higher score
From dave? on 12/26/2006 Completed Modify
destiny 87.56 expert aka add 10 percent to uer score
finally....this wasnt easy at first be saturday when i was at the arcade i beat this challenge like 5 times...lol well heres the score......89.28
From dave? on 12/26/2006 Completed Modify
triple star PA theme
gonna do that today at home (took me three tries or so) also got a pic check it out