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From Hackster on 1/11/2007 Active Modify
Eat an entire hamburger while playing an expert 10 of your choice.
From Hackster on 1/10/2007 Active Modify
Race me to 80% Determinator. >.>
I've already done this but didn't have it on USB. URG next time I get over 80 i'll post it and mark this as completed.
From InspectorKen on 10/05/2006 Completed Modify
It's tough to send you challenges if you don't submit score. =P I guess your challenge will be me and you race to beat Monolith[E] doubles with no bar. Or just beat Monolith[E] in general. ^_^
Done and uploaded from USB! No bar completion! How sweet it is! XD ^_^ and I had a cold today while doing it! Oh snap I checked the judge on that one and it said 4 4.
From InspectorKen on 8/08/2006 Completed Modify
Pass Vertex[H] and Vertex^2 [H] double. Have fun at slow reading and no barring. =P
I did these a few weeks ago. ^_^;
From BNS.Devman on 4/30/2006 Completed Modify
ok, *** Birdie Expert.
From flip on 2/27/2006 Completed Modify
race to an expert ***!
From Conan the Barbarian on 2/23/2006 Completed Modify
I really have no idea what to challenge you with..hmm. Okay, here's one. pass any song on expert while eating a chocolate bar. You have to finish the entire chocolate bar and the bar has to be an average size bar...no kiddyzz size!
Done today: Remember December [E] Eat More Bar, and finished the entire thing. ^^
From BNS.Persian on 2/23/2006 Completed Modify
We can play pingpong next time you come down :P. Anyways... 10 expert ***s and get 10 scores below 95 to 97 or above
Yea, I just realized I completed this a while ago!! ^^
From BNS.Persian on 2/23/2006 Completed Modify
Fill in atleast 2/3 of your scores.
I'm fairly sure I've filled in 2/3's of them by now. ^^
From flip on 2/19/2006 Completed Modify
Pass Go 60 Go! It's not that hard... Much easier than Bloodrush
Done on 5X Bar
From Conan the Barbarian on 3/01/2006 Abandoned Modify
Okay, Nima disliked my challenge so I'll send you a harder one. Pass any expert song...in STILETTOS!
I don't have a pair of stilletto's, nor do I know where to get them.