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From Dark Serenity on 10/09/2006 Active Modify
Well something just to stimulate a bit :P 90% or over on Pandemonium no bar ;) good luck ( 90s are better than 80s ) btw you and your scores impress me dude nice job
From Lil Wayne on 6/11/2006 Active Modify
Alright its obvious that the bar doesn't make much of a difference unless your trying to **** stuff but this doesn't look like a challenge to you why not try no legs or something like that no legs Soapy Bubble expert thats the challenge
From wang99 on 4/18/2006 Active Modify
man your FA is FUCKEN AMAZING!!! anyways get your sweet world, go 60 go and CG into 99% and break 95 on euphoria.
From Dyme is Pimpin on 4/09/2006 Active Modify
ur a bitch
From pnq5 on 4/06/2006 Active Modify
dukamok speaks wise words
From IHYD.DukAmok on 4/04/2006 Active Modify
1 quadstar? gay. stop being a faggot and get 5.
From UmeYo.phil on 4/04/2006 Active Modify
Post a no bar vid of you doin' summer. :) plzplzplz k?
From SWFT on 3/27/2006 Active Modify
On whichever song, post a no bar vid. The JSB style is fairly popular. Maybe time for a new trend? Got any?
From Sensai on 3/25/2006 Active Modify
Hey, after you put in all of your scores, make sure your avg is still above 99%