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From Steve_V on 12/13/2006 Active Modify
Pass Renaissance AND Summer In Belize. Those were my first two 11's in doubles and they're pretty easy to pass, harder to get a good score on. Good Luck.
From barryd(no bar) on 9/16/2006 Active Modify
Okay, you're already doing this, but I'll make it official. You challenged me to pass all 11-foot doubles no bar, so I'll issue the same challenge back to you. Good luck!
From Steve_V on 11/28/2006 Completed Modify
Oh Ho...a no bar doubles player...thats just my kind of style... Hum my challenge to you is to get better Precision...get 90%+ on any Expert songs. I suggest Mouth, Rome0&Juli8, My Favorite Game, Mellow.
90.6% on Mellow (Dec 05, 2006)
From hexx on 9/17/2006 Completed Modify
Hey Ching it's John(Sefer) back from BB. I see your doubles scores have gotten really good. Anyways, I challenge you to pass any Singles 11 with at least a score of 80(I don't care if its R1 just get it done :D) And btw, please challenge me back with doubles songs...I really want to try to get better at doubles. I await your challenge.
80.18% on Robotix, done on Dec 30, 2006.
From barryd(no bar) on 8/27/2006 Completed Modify
Try passing an 11-foot (double, of course). I'll also be striving for the same thing. Perhaps this will take some time, but consider trying a random 11-foot for the final stage of every game. You might find an easy one.
I passed Tribal Style and Kagami (nobar) before I read the challenge :)