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From Mulletman on 7/12/2008 Active Modify
you have 21 tristars so DONT get 2 more...
good point....
From Dr. S on 3/26/2008 Active Modify
Send me a challenge, I haven't gotten a challenge from you in forever. Specifically, September of last year.
From A2P on 2/21/2008 Active Modify
Get more EX Tristars. Specifially: 15 new Expert Tristars by the end of April of 2008. Go.
hahahahahahaha, this prolly wont happen
From Mulletman on 2/16/2008 Active Modify
pass uber rave
From Dr. S on 2/04/2008 Active Modify
Update/delete a lot of your pictures. I hate going through your new scores and being like, "Oh, a new triple star, I'll look at the picture" And I open it and it's a low 97.
From Dr. S on 1/02/2008 Active Modify
Well, this is more of a suggestion than a challenge, you can delete/abandon this if you want. Why don't you try passing V^2 with illegal mods like C-mods and/or no mines, and see if it helps you pass the song officially.
hmmm....actually might try
From Spooty Biscuit on 12/23/2007 Active Modify
Heh, forgot to challenge you... Let's go for something different. Star any 10... ...on double.
From Dr. S on 12/10/2007 Active Modify
Oh, and while I'm in the mood to piss you off via FA challenges, I want you to get a SDE on any expert song. <3 And challenge back pl0x.
From GuceFanatic on 10/07/2007 Active Modify
pass Vertex^2
From Mulletman on 8/12/2007 Active Modify
fill out 10 tristars on hard mode. and you still need to challenge me back cuz of the other challenge
From Z Matrix on 7/10/2007 Active Modify
Your Vertex is higher than your Summer In Belize. Change that.
alrighty, i can do that
From Dr. S on 7/01/2007 Active Modify
Get 2 more expert tri stars on any song 10 or higher.
balllls.....this is gonna be a little while
From hand banana on 2/12/2007 Active Modify
get a *** on "The Game" better than 22ex and 2greats. ** ever 9 footer. get over 93% on "Bouff" get over 93% on "Soapy Bubble" get over 95% on "Tension" * "Sweet World" get over 90% on "Visible Noise" get over 80% on "Mythology" get over 90% on "The Beginning" get over 89% on "Delirium" get over 84% on "!(bang)"
holy crap, ken is pushing me to my limits, but im gonna go for this.
From Dr. S on 1/05/2008 Completed Modify
Go to the first session of ISYM with Garrett this year, because First Session is where it's at!
hell yea dude!
From Mulletman on 12/22/2007 Completed Modify
star a 12
almost there.....ill get vertex soon
From Dr. S on 12/09/2007 Completed Modify
Ok, after looking at your goal, "Screw Triple stars" Get 20 Triple stars...
3 more...
From Mulletman on 11/21/2007 Completed Modify
pass mythology without mirror at least once
From MURDER.Flash on 10/13/2007 Completed Modify
90+ !, and 98 or better music pleeze ^_^ either one on vid ^_^
done! almost tri-starred music pleeze, haha
From Mulletman on 9/16/2007 Completed Modify
From (SSS)Kaya on 8/29/2007 Completed Modify
Hey man! I just checked my comparisons to you. You are as I thought, much better then me (everyone is lol) However, I am beating you on a few things. One of them is Ride the Base expert. Beat my score! It shouldn't be too hard. ^_^ Good luck man!
From Dr. S on 8/24/2007 Completed Modify
This's gonna be a long one. * Utopia, * Vertex, * Liquid Moon, over 90% on !, * Do You Love Me, ** Spin Chicken, ** Why Me, * Wake Up, ** High, ** Boogie Down, ** Space Crazy Girl, *** Spaceman, over 80% on Summer, over 75% on Determinator, over 90% on Soapy Bubble, over 90% on Go 60 Go, over 90% on HotN, *** No Princess, ** Typical Tropical, ** Little Kitty Mine, and ** The Message. There, now I won't have to send you a challenge in about half a year, good luck. ;D
From Dr. S on 8/18/2007 Completed Modify
WTF, in less than a week, I went from having only 2 tristars, to having more than you. Get 10 tristars, just 3 more. Just whore some of the 9's, and you'll get them in no time.
this took me way too long....i need to get better at ***
From Dr. S on 8/12/2007 Completed Modify
Come on, your stamina is WAY better than mine is. Beat my Heaven score of 79.11 by at least 3%. I'm sure you'll beat it by more than that anyway.
From Mulletman on 8/07/2007 Completed Modify
star vorsprung durch and holy guacamole. challenge me back too.
From Dr. S on 8/06/2007 Completed Modify
What's with your Bumble Bee score? That song was my 2nd **. You can get at least a 98.50% on it. Do that, then challenge back.
going for a *** now
From Dr. S on 8/03/2007 Completed Modify
Ok, hold your breath. Pass 3 10s Spooty style (no bar). This isn't a joke, you better do it, since a bunch of 10s are easy to do with no bar. Edit: Any 3 songs 10 or above.
From Dr. S on 7/21/2007 Completed Modify
Come on man, you have a good FA and good stamina, combine the two to get over 90% on Delirium. Just work on it, you'll get it eventually.
haha, nice lucky score
From Dr. S on 6/09/2007 Completed Modify
Pass any one of these songs. Air, Bloodrush, Bonecrusher, Holy Orders, Holy Thunderforce, One More Lovely, One Winged Angel, Ub3r R4vE, Vertex^2. Only one of these songs is required to pass the challenge.
From GuceFanatic on 6/06/2007 Completed Modify
challenge to self.....star july and xuxa
From Dr. S on 6/05/2007 Completed Modify
Come to the party on Saturday at 3 and bring Garrett, Jack and J.D. if possible. Yes, this is a real challenge.
on my way, and Jack and JD are coming
From Butt Sex on 6/02/2007 Completed Modify
now that youve gotten a star on an 11, get 3 more than( this might take a while) star any 12(ouch) and pass a 13 footer.this should be fun. beeeeyaaaaw
starred xuxa and july and charlene, starred vertex and passed pandy
From Dr. S on 5/27/2007 Completed Modify
Come on man, you should definitly be getting more ***'s than me....Considering I have 1.....Anyway, get at least 2 Tri-stars on expert mode.
got romeo and da roots
From Jandick on 5/05/2007 Completed Modify
Star Agent Blatant. Its a really gay song and I hate it.
if its gay an you hate it, why do you want me to star it?
From Mulletman on 5/04/2007 Completed Modify
help you with pauls challenge: suggestions for expert triples: birdie, romio and juliet, or no princess. or you could play on hard mode till you have lots of triples on that so that it improves your FA on expert. it really helps. just look at my bumble bee hard score :)
From DF.Dark Xuxa on 5/02/2007 Completed Modify
get 2 expert triple stars
romeo and da roots
From Mulletman on 4/13/2007 Completed Modify
i think you need to star wake up, tough enough and drifting away and get two more double stars
From Dr. S on 4/09/2007 Completed Modify
Pass your last 12, AKA Bloodrush, with a 70.00% or higher.
YEAAA! 82!
From Dr. S on 4/08/2007 Completed Modify
Give meh a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111!!!! ONE.......yeah.......
this took me forEVERRRRRRRRRRR!
From Butt Sex on 3/28/2007 Completed Modify
star any 11
From Mulletman on 3/27/2007 Completed Modify
learn how to spell digit right
From Mulletman on 3/16/2007 Completed Modify
challenge back
From Mulletman on 3/16/2007 Completed Modify
From Mulletman on 3/16/2007 Completed Modify
From Mulletman on 3/16/2007 Completed Modify
From Mulletman on 3/16/2007 Completed Modify
From Mulletman on 3/16/2007 Completed Modify
From Mulletman on 3/16/2007 Completed Modify
From Mulletman on 3/02/2007 Completed Modify
get 3 more double stars so that your tying me with tristars. i suggest, birdie, no princess, and...ill leave the last one to you. also, i want you to quad star one more lovely!!!
got the double stars....quadding one more lovely is so easy, did it a while ago
From -Wej- on 2/21/2007 Completed Modify
Lemmings on the Run. Star it.
From Mulletman on 2/16/2007 Completed Modify
many parted challenges are fun, so here goes: pass any 13, get one expert ***, 90+ on sweet world, oasis, the beginning, and soapy bubble and pass mythology.
yea, done
From -Wej- on 2/10/2007 Completed Modify
I require... three more * scores from you.
Baby dont you want me, IZE pie, and my life is so crazy
From Mulletman on 2/03/2007 Completed Modify
send me a good challenge. send me a SCORING or PASS A SONG challenge
this was so hard, it took me forever
From Mulletman on 2/03/2007 Completed Modify
star july euromix and charlene, then double star romio and juli8. challenge back once this is done
97 on charlene with a frickin miss
From Mulletman on 1/26/2007 Completed Modify
adding to my challenge of 30 stars, three of them have to be 10 blocks, and you already starred tribal style so thats 2 more 10 blocks starred
tribal, spin, and fleadh
From Mulletman on 1/14/2007 Completed Modify
total of 30 *'s on expert
From chrisslugma on 12/26/2006 Completed Modify
jandick got ownedddddd Lol. anyways. agree with the sir below me... if you can pass the beginning you can definitely pass mythology. also if you can pass mythology and the beginning, then delirium should be easy because the runs at the end are way less complicated, just faster, but you should be able to handle it.
From Mulletman on 12/23/2006 Completed Modify
I challenge you to pass mythology AND get a * *. Send me one after this is done
From Jandick on 12/18/2006 Completed Modify
and technically you did not beat me on qol, i just did really shitty and my highest score is still higher than urs
haha, but the challenge was to play against you and win, and i did that. it said nothing abut beating your highest score
From Dazed & Confused on 12/16/2006 Completed Modify
i challenge u to the hardest song on expert!!!!
haha, joke
From Mulletman on 12/01/2006 Completed Modify
and then send me one
this is the harder of the two, but i managed to do it, haha.
From Mulletman on 12/01/2006 Completed Modify
"S" xuxa
From chrisslugma on 11/29/2006 Completed Modify
i think you should be able to pass clockwork and destiny now, so get on that =]
got 'em both, even though clockwork sucks
From chrisslugma on 11/16/2006 Completed Modify
my challenge for you... get 3 more star's on expert. i better get one back ;]
Got Dawn! Got Zodiac! Got Incognito!
From Jandick on 10/25/2006 Completed Modify
play against me, any song, and win youre never gonna complete this challenge ever
just barley, but i got it!
From Mulletman on 4/28/2007 Abandoned Modify
set this challenge to abandonded
now how does that work?
From Mulletman on 1/14/2007 Abandoned Modify
stop sending me gay challenges
this is definatley wayyyyy too hard