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From Prolix on 7/31/2017 Active Modify
99 every chart in Noisiastreamz.
6 charts left when the challenge was issued, 3 left as of 9 Aug 2017.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 6/26/2016 Completed Modify
Complete any three of the following challenges: [1] Raise your Twilight SX score (currently 9ex) [2] Raise your My Life Is So Crazy SX score (currently 6ex) [3] Quad seven new doubles charts at any rating [4] Get five new rankable Tachyon Anything scores on charts rated 15 and up [5] Get Chipotle or Potbelly with me at the next UIUC tournament [6] Tell Don he's a big pooplord
[0] Wait, this is a one-based array.
[1] Noice. (completed 22 Jul 2016)
[2] ONE SHOTTED A FLAG. (completed 27 Jun 2016)
[3] Do U Love Me DM, We Don't Know What the Hell We're Doing DE, Determinator DM, while (thaRekkidSpinz) DM, My Life Is So Crazy DM, This Is Rock & Roll DM, D-Code DM. (completed 7 Jul 2016)
[4] Whazamup, Defender """Easy""", Dumpstream, Nest """Easy"""... (4/5)
[5] OMG I Can't Wait I blew it. (failed 19 Nov 2016)
[6] Nebel libel would be bull. (abandoned 2 Dec 2016)
From Honk on 6/12/2015 Completed Modify
Pass Bran's old GS on the triumph boards
In this moment, I am triumphant. Not because of any phony quad's blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my GrooveStats overuse.
From Honk on 6/12/2015 Completed Modify
18 homie.
a Bissell vacuum (completed 1 Feb 2017)
From winterfr3sh on 5/29/2015 Completed Modify
Beat an 18. My first 18 was Beat of Life... you choose yours. You can do this.. I know it.
Got ready to die, but survived (completed 1 Feb 2017)
From xxxxx - Administrator on 5/02/2015 Completed Modify
Pass 2 new 17s from Cranked Pastry~
11 Jul 2015: 1/2 done (ganbante !)
Does the Destination have large Talons? (completed 8 Feb 2017)
From Prolix on 3/05/2014 Completed Modify
Get Gate Openerz out of the way.
Passed it one day after the challenge. Who does this Prolix clown think I am?
From Ezgi on 1/02/2014 Completed Modify
Pass Havoc Impact if you haven't already
91ed first attempt, whoo
From DAVE101 on 3/10/2012 Completed Modify
I challenge you to play more 15s and post a passing score
Passed Since 1983, The Forgotten One, etc.