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From Rosebudd on 2/07/2010 Active Modify
*** 3 news songs of your choosing
From Rosebudd on 2/07/2010 Active Modify
star 2 of these 4: Hardcore Symphony, Robotix, Infection, Delirium
From Rosebudd on 2/07/2010 Active Modify
92 on HotN (I've tried 4.5x distant on this a couple times, it makes the part after the stop pretty fast but it might be worth it for the rest of the song)
From Rosebudd on 9/16/2009 Active Modify
Get a higher average than me, let's say within your next 3 sessions : ) also 88+ on Euphoria
From NoReD on 8/26/2009 Active Modify
I think this is Tom, so if it is...get to 73 percent overall in percentile ranking...try to do it by Jan 1.
From TH.Reisen Udongein Inaba on 5/29/2009 Active Modify
Change your name to TH.Tewi :D
From TH.Akiramay on 5/23/2009 Active Modify
Fill out pass scores for all 11's and 12's.
From TH.Akiramay on 5/23/2009 Active Modify
* any 10 10's and ** any 10 9's.
From TH.Yuyuko on 10/22/2006 Active Modify
Abandon Neo's challenge, because Lipstick Kiss is gay. Rather, double-star a Hard chart of 7 or higher, and get 15 10's above 90%, and all 9's above 90%. Yes, this requires posting scores for all 9's.
From Neo on 10/17/2006 Active Modify
What is this nonsense of no posted scores?? Use that card FOOL! Challenge: * Lipstick Kiss Expert. that is all.
From TH.Reisen Udongein Inaba on 10/09/2006 Active Modify
Pass a 12... and add me back!
From Rosebudd on 10/03/2006 Active Modify
Post your scores! right now
From Neo on 9/28/2006 Active Modify
Get 5 Expert *'s. This game isn't for the average CHUMP. :-P Welcome to GS.