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From Jboy.VictoryDance on 7/26/2008 Active Modify
Get scores in for everything under a 15 on CZ. You should have no problem getting in front of Boxy for the player ranking that way ^^~
Done!! but i did it right at the end of the session, so the scores are pretty poor. gonna head up sunday to sort out some of them!
From IHYD.Tiza - Moderator on 4/18/2008 Active Modify
I can't do anything about Pump Pro scores at the moment, sorry.
From Cully on 3/17/2006 Active Modify
You need more Double-Stars. Try to get 3 or more total Double-Stars on "hard" or "expert" levels.
From Cully on 3/17/2006 Active Modify
Get scores up for Go 60 Go and Soapy Bubble expert... both are a bit tricky, but should be easy enough for you. Good Luck!
From Wellian on 1/28/2006 Active Modify
* Pandy Medium.
From Afrojunglist on 1/21/2006 Active Modify
** any song on Expert. Bonus points if it's Touch Me, and bonus bonus points if you do it before I do :P
From seantobin on 1/15/2006 Active Modify
Eyyyyy ya banty.. Hows it going... I challenge you to get 90.00% on Robotix without a cmod and 100.00% a song... over 7 foot ;-p go on, you can do it ya bollock
From Justican on 8/23/2005 Active Modify
Why dont you try to get 90% on all of the Disconnected songs, if you dont, we will disconnected you =p
From Ricky85 on 3/02/2006 Completed Modify
I see you havent passed Kagami Expert. My score on this is 86.11% I would like you to get at least 89%
From kris_kool on 1/04/2006 Completed Modify
Howdy. I thought I would set tou a slightly easier challenge because these guys are trying to kill you with these challenges. I see you have no infection score. I've cleared it twice and I got 74.75% as my highest. You completely kick my ass when it comes to 10s 11s and 12s. I wanna see you get atleast 75% on infection. It's all yours
From Realathelete on 1/04/2006 Completed Modify
Thanks for the challenge ;) Here's one for you.... Pass Hand Of Time with over 83% ;) A trickey song for me but your good enough for it :)
From Cully on 12/25/2005 Completed Modify
Wow.. you passed Xuxa and Tell... I reckon you can push your Charlene score to above 80% Go for it! :)
From Afrojunglist on 12/25/2005 Completed Modify
have you passed The Beginning? Shouldn't be much of a problem for you... Also get HoTN :D You knows its yours for the taking.