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From SupaNova on 7/30/2007 Active Modify
Get 98+ on Clockwork Genesis. :)
this is so much harder than i thought it would be. lol.
From R4VN152? on 3/30/2007 Active Modify
80% on vertex^2
78.8x%!!!!!!!!!! god damnit!!!!!!!!!
From Franklin on 9/01/2007 Completed Modify
quad anything on hard-- or flag something get hard average to 80%
i quaded mr. dinosaur a while ago. it's about the same as a hard chart.
From DDS.D00M on 8/26/2007 Completed Modify
Two challenges..... I guess Beat my Bonecrusher score.... 79.92 Also, race to pass Vertex Alpha.
you won, but i beat bonecrusher at least. lol. i always get 1/2 way thru vertex alpha then fail.
From R4VN152? on 8/10/2007 Completed Modify
get scores for 100 gs custom songs.
From R4VN152? on 6/15/2007 Completed Modify
get overall custom song percentage to 50%.
7/9 still rank 5
From R4VN152? on 6/05/2007 Completed Modify
star vertex, and 90% or higher on tell.
9/2/07... goddamn...
From Z06soup2 on 5/01/2007 Completed Modify
pass blue army...ahahha
From R4VN152? on 4/11/2007 Completed Modify
start playing more marathons.
i've been doing more, and this is an on going thing, so this challenge is pretty much done.
From R4VN152? on 4/11/2007 Completed Modify
pull at least 98% on all 9's.
5/22. finally done
From R4VN152? on 4/11/2007 Completed Modify
pull 97% on all 10's
9/2/07. hooray!!!!
From Z06soup2 on 4/02/2007 Completed Modify
haha. we have the same typical tropical score... lets change that. lol. if i do it before u, you owe me a dollar, or a .75 hot dog from spc.
99.20, but arthur won the hotdog by 1 great.
From Hottie on 3/28/2007 Completed Modify
Beat my BoneCrusher score of 27.xx% plox. Look for it in Custom Songs. I kno its an uber-easy challenge, but w/e its different rite? >_<
37% i suck!!!
From R4VN152? on 3/25/2007 Completed Modify
get 40 tri-stars. only 3 more to go.
From R4VN152? on 3/15/2007 Completed Modify
take JOKR or KAOS's nat'l rank.
Completed 3/25/07. rank 241!
From Z06soup2 on 3/15/2007 Completed Modify
get to 97%. It's time to start breaking into the high tier of ITG.
From Z06soup2 on 3/11/2007 Completed Modify
Get to 96 by the time you go back to Utah, or quit forever. and Pass Uber Rave when you're done with that.
completed 3/11/07 still no uber rave yet.
From Z06soup2 on 3/07/2007 Completed Modify
Still: Pass Uber Rave. 99 more shit. Get to 96 this weekend. We'll be playing all day saturday. get like 4 more tristars and you're there. leave me another challenge!
got to 96, i 99'd like 6 more songs. uber rave will be done soon.
From R4VN152? on 2/27/2007 Completed Modify
pull above a 90 on hardcore symphony
From R4VN152? on 2/22/2007 Completed Modify
from ryzen-xia: get 25 expert tri stars by this weekend.
completed over spring break.
From Z06soup2 on 2/19/2007 Completed Modify
Uhhh....beat Uber Rave. And 99 more shit.
84% 10/9: now a 96%
From R4VN152? on 2/18/2007 Completed Modify
pass quasar
84% 10/9: now a 97%
From R4VN152? on 2/06/2007 Completed Modify
Get to 96% by march.
failed... 95.55%. almost... 3/11/07
From R4VN152? on 2/06/2007 Completed Modify
Attempt higher scores on any songs (under a 12) that is under a 94%.
attempted, and most were improved.
From Z06soup2 on 1/31/2007 Completed Modify
Okay, get your percentage up to at least 94. Improve your scores on Tension EX, Funk Factory EX, and Some other easy crap (IZE PIE ANYONE!?!?!), and that will bump you to at least a 94.00 NYUKKAH.
From DDS.D00M on 7/17/2007 Abandoned Modify
Danny....this is Marshall.....beat my Determinator score lawl.
haha. ass!!! k, i'll try, maybe if i fc it, i can get a 94. lol. 8/24: eff that shit!
From R4VN152? on 4/11/2007 Abandoned Modify
start working on all other difficulties. finish hard before summer vacation.
ehh... fuck it. i'm too lazy and only have like a week left. and hard is really annoying.
From 2JZ-GTE on 3/31/2007 Abandoned Modify
Quadstar Tribal Style and after that youtube it and reply to adam style's quad star vid and shove it in his ass =)
i don't want to even try it. lol.