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  • GrooveStats is a web site dedicated to tracking scores for In the Groove, and Pump It Up Pro, dance simulation games.
  • Primary features
  • Public online score submission
  • Automated score entry via USB flash drive data
  • Player vs Player comparison charts
  • Global and Regional rankings

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From winterfr3sh on 7/28/2016 Active Modify
Pass 9,000 Miles from Pendulum Act I (13 foot difficulty)!
From Pezede on 2/20/2016 Active Modify
Pass Bloodrush.
From Nate on 1/24/2016 Active Modify
99 any Cirque Series 11.
From onexnobar on 3/02/2016 Completed Modify
btw, you goofed, ya ninny -- It's singles expert where you need to beat tomnobar on score submissions, not singles hard on my end -- that was just to be #1 on singles hard submissions (until someone better actually bothers to submit more, heh).
Actually, I passed tomnobar some time ago (probably sometime in March 2016).
From onexnobar on 3/02/2016 Completed Modify
Submit at least 180 doubles expert scores, and raise your rank to at least #10. Those with fewer score submissions are unworthy of ranking higher than those with more -- let us end this travesty, dear brethren! I would race ya to the goal, but you're probably more likely to get it first since you actually use the bar and speed modifiers:p
Well, it looks as if this challenge has technically been completed as of April 17 , 2016 (possibly sooner -- I think the actual submissions were April 16th or earlier), but the purpose of this challenge will not be met until I'm at least rank #3. Too bad, I'm liable to have more submissions than ReaF.Janus5k by thenT_T
From Nate on 1/24/2016 Completed Modify
Get 10 passing scores on Pendulum 11s.
Well, I passed exactly 10 today (March 18, 2016) as long as we ignore misratings :p (Note: I had already submitted a score for The Island in Disbalance Episode 3, and today's score for that wasn't a new record.)