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From TheTruck on 2/08/2015 Active Modify
From Jason on 8/18/2009 Active Modify
you need to get at least a 94 on Bloodrush, you're better at crossovers than I am so that score shouldn't be so low :) Also 99 Oasis, it isn't that hard.
From Mad RobNoBarKid on 2/24/2008 Active Modify
lol your summer and pandemonium are the same. Summer is a lot easier, so get it to a 96.5% or higher. Also 75 VerTex^2, pass or fail.
been trying on summer didnt play it for a while then played it like 2 months later and only got a 91 but will work on it as v^2 im very close to a pass on it and will get that 75
From TheTruck on 2/03/2009 Completed Modify
** another 11 and * another 12 man :D
ooo good one will do
i stared vertex for the 11 im going for utopia but i suck balls at that song lol(got monolith for the 11 wasnt expecting that one)
From mklip2001 on 12/23/2008 Completed Modify
With your interest in stamina songs, I'm surprised I'm beating you on any 12's. Beat my scores on all 12's and 13's as of today (except for the songs that I've double-starred). The list of my scores for today where I'm winning is:<br> Bloodrush: 85.90 vs. 80.97<br> Energizer: 96.11 vs. 92.94<br> Vertex: 98.74 vs. 95.69 (exempt if you want)<br> HotN: 96.79 vs. 94.23<br> Euphoria: 91.15 vs. 89.12<br> Go 60 Go: 98.10 vs. 96.36 (exempt if you want)<br> Delirium: 98.24 vs. 97.03 (exempt if you want)<br> !: 96.92 vs. 96.55
got euphoria
got go 60 go
got HotN
got bloodrush beat my score by 7%when i beat ur score
got !
got delirium
finally got energizer on 8/20/09 :)
From TheTruck on 3/11/2008 Completed Modify
* VerTex or ** Visible Noise.
ya man
From titandude21 on 2/16/2008 Completed Modify
*** all the 9's. You have 3 left: Amore, Wake Up, Zodiac. I'm bad at all those songs and I've tripled two of them, so you can definitely do it. edit: I just got Zodiac today, so I've tripled all three 9's that you don't have. I have five 9's left to triple.
grrr i hate these songs ive bin tryin for amore but i will get them soon i hope NEW just have wake up left :)
From mklip2001 on 1/05/2008 Completed Modify
I currently have a 97.75 expert average at the time of posting this, and I believe you have 97.71. Beat 97.75. Bonus points if you also beat whatever I have at the time.
will do i am goin today so ill see what i can do ( got it the day i saw this challenge:))
From shady jane on 1/01/2008 Completed Modify
2 part challenge! part one --> punch a girl in the face. part two --> * !(bang)
i wont punch a girl but i can do the second thing:)
From titandude21 on 11/30/2007 Completed Modify
race me to a 99.3% average on 9's. as of 11/29 we both have 99.17%.
i win
From mklip2001 on 8/21/2007 Completed Modify
Your Expert 9 average is a little low for someone with as high an overall average as you do. Double-star all of them, and get triple-stars on a total of 40 out of 53 (you have 30 of them right now).
From KboyWhatevur on 8/01/2007 Completed Modify
>beat 10 excelents on july~euromix~< you can do it.
finally got it
From KboyWhatevur on 5/23/2007 Completed Modify
oh my god i bet ur mother sent me that last challenge...here one for you: pass Hardcore Symphony with at least a 96% (*)
hmm good one i will work on that might be a bit(or not if i play it like 20 times straight)
From KboyWhatevur on 2/04/2007 Completed Modify
Play vertex^2 and upoload the score you end up with. ( since you never played it before ) and pass summer ~speedy mix~ for me plz.
got summer pretty high and have vertex^2 not passed but you know that v^2 is hard
From KboyWhatevur on 2/02/2007 Completed Modify
break a 99% on 5-6 more 9+ expert songs and try to get 1ex. on a hard please, and do it for me:-)
i will do this when i start caring about those 9 foot experts I played them once to get on my usb to get on the rankings and i have had better scores then shows on my usb especially zodiac got almost 98% on that
From Makurayami on 2/01/2007 Completed Modify
Your challenge board looks lonely, so I'm giving you one. Get an S or above on Energizer expert. You can do it :D
this is a good one it may take a while but i should have it soon