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From Trigger_Happy on 6/01/2010 Active Modify
From fat josh on 4/19/2010 Active Modify
99.9x summer 99.7x pandy 98.2.x v2 99.xx euphoria 99.8x ! 100% bouff 99.8x clockwork genesis 100% cryosleep 99.6 determinator 100% do u love me 99.9x energizer 99.8x go 60 go 100% hybrid 100% disconnected 100% know your enemy 100% liquid moon( come on nick, really) 100% mythology 100% remember december(not rebirth) 99.8x tell 100% wake up 100% soapy bubble
(100% so far)Liquid moon,wake up,disconnected,know your enemy (99.90 summer)
From Aoreo - Moderator on 4/12/2010 Active Modify
get 75 quads and 96 VerTex² mang.
75 done :)
From Aoreo - Moderator on 12/24/2009 Active Modify
Wow you've gotten really good man. I cant think of anything to challenge you on. Hows about we race to sde VerTex.
Fuck this is going to take time D: starting to get back into mini...this should be fun once I get back to playing
From Patrick. on 9/17/2009 Active Modify
Ill try my best, schools tearing me a new asshole. My challenge for you: Quad everything you have 3 excellents on or less. Everytime i get one, send me a pic via fone if im not there in person.
This sounds good mang (:
From IHYD.Tiza - Moderator on 2/06/2010 Completed Modify
You need to start posting more proof of your better scores. Pandy comes to mind as a big one. Go get a pic and post it, please.
From Aoreo - Moderator on 11/19/2009 Completed Modify
Quad 3 of your flags.
Done...had a really good day yesterday :D and the day before...got some easy quads out of the way.
From Aoreo - Moderator on 10/16/2009 Completed Modify
Get your 9s average to 99.95%+ and your 10s average to 99.88%+
Done.wtf is up Jim
From ItSZ tiM on 3/25/2009 Completed Modify
Ook heres ur challenge.... 99 gargoyle and get a high 98 on get down u can do it bro.. And 1 more quad vertex squared
From ItSZ tiM on 3/25/2009 Completed Modify
Ook heres ur challenge.... 99 gargoyle and get a high 98 on get down u can do it bro
From Trousersnake on 3/07/2009 Completed Modify
bring up music pleeze and another 9 of your choice
From Trousersnake on 3/07/2009 Completed Modify
3 or less on liquid moon
From ItSZ tiM on 2/09/2009 Completed Modify
Ook bro here's ur challenge get 23exs on summer oh wait you did that yesturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously 20exs or less on bloodrush and 98 get down
From ItSZ tiM on 11/17/2008 Completed Modify
Get higher then me on vorsprung
I do lol
From Marco Polo on 11/08/2008 Completed Modify
Get at least 20 quads. I dont really play at all but i'm up to 18. You're alot better than me so you should pass me easily with quads.
70,and still going
From !CE on 11/02/2008 Completed Modify
im sending u another challenge cuz im a fag, challenge me something that requires me to try
Already did
From !CE on 10/29/2008 Completed Modify
ummm quad monolith and bloodrush jk quad holy guacamole before me :) and quad another 11 it doesnt matter which one
Got robotix and the quad
From ItSZ tiM on 10/26/2008 Completed Modify
Since we r soo close as brothers and skill wise my little nick I want u to quad typical tropical.. The man up clause doesn't count on this one u get 0exs and a way off at cfs pads count it as a quadd.. Its a race for that quadd good luck bro
From ItSZ tiM on 10/24/2008 Completed Modify
Since we are racing for a 99 on bloodrush lets race for a quad on walking on fire bro we can do it ..... challenge back bro
From UmeYo.Fish on 10/20/2008 Completed Modify
Yo man! You got some really impressing scores! But serious, your summer score... I wanna see 99+. Do it! ;D
:D Done mang
From MOE on 10/12/2008 Completed Modify
wow man ur really getting good try to break 89 on vertex2
92..as of now:D
From Marco Polo on 10/07/2008 Completed Modify
You better quad funk factory or else you dont <3 me :(
64.....why did this song take forever =*(
From Marco Polo on 10/06/2008 Completed Modify
I like a challenge, we'll do so soon depending when i'm free :-(
From Trousersnake on 9/27/2008 Completed Modify
SDE oasis. You only have to turn at like a few points, you don't have to for the gallops. It's really easy though, so you should have more then 99.3x
From Trousersnake on 9/27/2008 Completed Modify
bring up amore and anubis by at least one excellent.
From ItSZ tiM on 9/25/2008 Completed Modify
Quad lemmings and then hit 95 on determinator dude u can do it I know u can
From !CE on 9/08/2008 Completed Modify
u said: beat my hyper (suck my nuts) now im saying beat my lipstick kiss :P
I flaged it a while ago
From MOE on 8/09/2008 Completed Modify
tri-star !
From Trousersnake on 8/02/2008 Completed Modify
** energizer and *** !
Done. I found a pic of bang with like 33. Which is the cut off. Im going 2 put it up soon. I got 33ex and a miss
From TEEX on 7/28/2008 Completed Modify
Break 99 on Clockwork Genesis and break 98 on HOTN.
Done.Papa :P
From ItSZ tiM on 7/25/2008 Completed Modify
U nd me best 2 outta 3 tomorroe the custom songs from kotc
well i missed it but i would have won lol jk... nah I want my match tho
From MOE on 7/20/2008 Completed Modify
Get 100 tri-stars good luck and challenge me back
Well I already did cause I have 15 quads so there is no way i can get 100 tri's
From Trousersnake on 4/21/2008 Completed Modify
99 bang, if you learn the chart it's easy. I think it's synced on your machine well.
Done Kevin lol
From TEEX on 3/01/2008 Completed Modify
1. Break 96 on July and Vertex (original). 2. Break 98.8 on Walking on Fire.
Done. 99.51 on Vertex isnt so bad.
From team throat on 2/17/2008 Completed Modify
99 all the 9's this shouldnt be too hard
God Im done so Nine need 2 go up but all in all im good
From TEEX on 2/15/2008 Completed Modify
Get Pandemonium expert into the 80's.
Well i didnt do it at showplace but im breaking 90 at showplace
From MOE on 8/25/2007 Completed Modify
Yo its me moe try to pass summer and **** a song. okay callenge me back.
Summer done but still working on the Got 3 100% word
From shurf on 8/25/2007 Completed Modify
Yo. This is Sherief (aka the person who can't do Go 60 Go because of the gay life difficulty 6 at Newport). Uhh.... Pass Euphoria. I'm sure you could do it once you're able to reach the slowdown.
Euphoria Done and not a bad score but i can do beter 84.18