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From DarkCore on 11/05/2009 Active Modify
SDE Infection or Delirium.
From Arvin on 10/07/2009 Active Modify
Why am I beating you on scores?
From 6T9 on 10/05/2009 Active Modify
* Bloodrush, Euphoria and Pandy *** HotN, Soapy bubble, !, energizer, summer and vertex.
From Snicklefritz on 8/24/2009 Active Modify
97+ Gargoyle (Rebirth), Quad Stars Above, 99.6x Dead Souls, 95+ Epiliptic Crisis, 99.5x Indulgence.
From Thai on 7/17/2009 Active Modify
98 Pandy and 99 Summer.
From deleted on 4/28/2009 Active Modify
99 chromatic blitz !!!
From ShinerCCC on 4/23/2009 Active Modify
Tristar Soapy Bubble, and get 92% on VerTex^2
From 6T9 on 4/15/2009 Active Modify
* summer and bloodrush. Good luck
From Seph on 1/18/2009 Active Modify
98+ Pandemonium, 99 !, Bouff Star Euphoria and bloodrush and 97 determinator
From Snicklefritz on 10/03/2008 Active Modify
99 heaven, 98.5x uber rave, 99.3x quasar, 99 dancingbox, 99 infernoplex. should give you something to do lol. take it easy man.
From digpic on 9/13/2008 Active Modify
Improve all scores obtained in 2007 *thumbs up*
this is a good challenge =O alot my old scores are so friggin bad hahaha
From newblue22 on 7/30/2008 Active Modify
tristar !, Delirium, get 5 expert quads and get 98+ on summer
got 3 more expert quads
From MFB on 5/02/2007 Active Modify
Since u have been working on Determinator (expert) I challenge you to take my score at FL! (I just posted a score there today May 2)
never gonna happen D:
From Moe! on 2/22/2009 Completed Modify
I challenge you to Quad Temple of Boom that 1 ex yesturday was soo opps you can quad it for sure = ) I will be there
From Snicklefritz on 8/10/2008 Completed Modify
99 omi'd hada ^_^ if u havn't already. then * omid's snow storm
lol sweet challenge dude. I was planning on playing snow storm this week too, and I got 98.75 on hada, first run on foot. so I'll definitely try for the ***
From BNS.Brian on 5/24/2008 Completed Modify
dont call yourself bns until you have a legit *** avg
From (SSS)BarX on 4/30/2008 Completed Modify
Remove "One false move [H]" from your "My shitty songs, i'm a n00b at" list mr 8 fucking ex ;)
you mean, OFM [E] =P I have 8ex on expert, 2ex on hard
From VivaLaMoo on 4/07/2008 Completed Modify
98 Utopia :\ That should be really easy considering some of your scores.
From Thai on 3/30/2008 Completed Modify
80 vertex^2 and make out with cheryl ;)
I am considering this done! >.> LOL
From Frankee. on 3/23/2008 Completed Modify
sup "bns".exrave =P 95 industrial and pass the expert chart =)
From Snicklefritz on 3/20/2008 Completed Modify
sup dude.. i hear u have intense stamina and your amazing at r21 shit lol. k now this is gunna be a pretty tough challenge.. but i know you can do this now that PD has r21. allrite here it goes: star OWA, 90 holy orders, 93 industrial strength (hard 14), 95 destination, 94 air, and last but not least, 90 dokudenpa. hard challenge, but word is u got sick stamina now so you should do all these by if not the first, the second try. GOOD LUCK MAN!
(I'll update my comment as I nail them) 91% Holy Orders. 94.6% Air. 90% Dokudenpa.
From (SSS)BarX on 2/18/2008 Completed Modify
Get more stanima than me
From shfgashgjasgfa on 2/04/2008 Completed Modify
damn dude star July Expert i have like 97 with 2 misses XD you can do it easily :P
i got it today! :) 98.01 LOL
From MURDER.kyd0 on 12/03/2007 Completed Modify
nigga...you better get to 99ing out of the dark. and quad a 9 for me.
From DarkCore on 11/13/2007 Completed Modify
99.60 or higher on While Tha Rekkid Spinz (Expert).
I quadded it on hard, isnt that good enough >.> lolol
From Tono on 10/30/2007 Completed Modify
Improve your 11s and 12s dude!
some down, and a couple more to go! lol
From Snicklefritz on 10/15/2007 Completed Modify
allrite man, nice scores, how bout u star clockwork, 99 2 other 11's and 98 any 12 or your choice. good luck, challenge back
From , on 8/27/2007 Completed Modify
** [e] average in one month!!!!
From , on 7/31/2007 Completed Modify
expert quad.
From DJ Damage on 5/24/2007 Completed Modify
95% ALL 11's at least (except V^2 cause its lame) Pass Pandy with at least a 70% (expert)
From DJ Damage on 5/24/2007 Completed Modify
Play OWA and Holy Orders with me :D... Pass OWA with at least an 85... Attempt Holy Orders lol... Oh yea Air too!
finally done hahaha
From Lumen on 5/10/2007 Completed Modify
Get a hard average of at least 99%. Enjoy ;)
already got it on my secret hard-only account ;) I just need to wait til I get scores for the remaning 10 or so hard charts then I'll transfer it onto Ex-RaVe
From Craigy on 4/19/2007 Completed Modify
nice stats but.....WOW ur pandemonium and summer sm records are O.O ....boost summer to an 85+ and pandemonium to an 80+ ....hmmma bout ur stamina too i dont know why u have bad stamina, smoking or asma? or however u spell it lol, but its not that hard, also challenge bak =D gl
why I have bad stamina? well...good guesses. I dont have asthma though. anyway summer, maybe i'll get over 85 by, summer haha. as for pandy over 80, i'll get that too. in at least 2 years lol
From newblue22 on 4/06/2007 Completed Modify
** amore, *** hand of time and d-code all expert
fiiinally done =D
From Drakon on 3/24/2007 Completed Modify
bloodrush expert over 85%
i JUST did that today ^__^
From newblue22 on 3/09/2007 Completed Modify
i was talking to LEET and he said u failed heaven! pass heaven
lol i failed heaven at the time he saw. but I passed it long before ;) i have proof on my usb >=)
From DarkCore on 3/09/2007 Completed Modify
Here's a "unique" three-part challenge. First, get a new quad-star on Hard/Singles; Spaceman and Kiss Me Red do not count since you've already done them. Second, triple-star (99%) Pandemonium Medium/Singles and lastly pass Typical Tropical Expert/Doubles with at least an 82% or higher. Good, luck and challenge back please? =P
1. Hard Quad: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o140/ladyamra/screen00231-2.jpg 2. Pandy [M] 99%: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o140/ladyamra/screen00037.jpg 3. Typical Trop [ED]: not yet lol
From BNS.Hindustani on 2/18/2007 Completed Modify
The Beginning is way harder than July, in any way you look at it. Staminawise, pattern wise, anything. You have 97 on the beginning? I'd expect no less than 99 on July, but that's just me, so I'll challenge you to 98 July. Good luck.
O_O why dont you just challenge me to 98 V^2!! lol. I'm just really that bad at July man, but I'll try next time I'm at the arcade =)
From JEREMYBOUCHARD on 1/21/2007 Completed Modify
JD you son of a b add me as a friend lol, and maybe *** 4 11s if you havent already, nice mythology btw.
Adriannnn =( lol why do you overestimate me so? I'm not close to a tristar on any 11s XD but I'll certainly try to complete this challenge asap ;)
From CLEAN.LEET on 1/16/2007 Completed Modify
I see you have a nice healthy serving of Expert tristars. However, you are 3 away from 60, as well as one ahead of me. Race to 65?
it'll take me a whiiile seeing as how im so broke lol
From Gooey.Octopussy on 1/10/2007 Completed Modify
80+ Summer and * Utopia >=)
so close on both =(
From PKMN.TonyHCC on 12/02/2006 Completed Modify
Hey man, star a new 11. I would think Utopia or Destiny's easiest, but maybe for you Hardcore Symphony's all right too.
hehe, Destiny 96.01%
From FA.d15ch0rd on 11/30/2006 Completed Modify
Finish your hard scores. And beat any score I'm beating you on, expert or hard ;)
1st part is do-able. second part? no way in hell im beating your cryosleep [e] =(
From Gooey.Octopussy on 11/29/2006 Completed Modify
Improve your !, July, Clockwork Genesis and Know Your Enemy score, 93+ on Infection and ** Out Of The Dark =)
wow coincidentally I JUST got improved socres for ! and July. so all I left is CG, KYE, Infection, and OoTD
From , on 11/29/2006 Completed Modify
pass pandy already!!! or give figgy's ex gf a kiss on the cheek =P your choice!
pandy passed =)
From Gooey.Octopussy on 11/08/2006 Completed Modify
Get to an overall [E] * ... um, before next 2007. There! Plenty of time =)
From Gooey.Octopussy on 10/30/2006 Completed Modify
* Hybrid [E] !
98.62% ;)
From Gooey.Octopussy on 10/14/2006 Completed Modify
Aside from Robotix, * all the songs you currently you have 94+ in :D
thank god you excluded Robotix ^__^
From CLEAN.LEET on 9/29/2006 Completed Modify
Doublestar all Expert 9s >:} I'm only missing 3 right now and you've got better FA than I do >.<
amore and disconnected are gonna be a bitch
From Crono on 9/11/2006 Completed Modify
Change your sex, damnit. XD
LOL alritey. I totally forgot about that. It was only supposed to be kept on for a day or two XD
From InspectorKen on 8/06/2006 Completed Modify
Don't Move Ova to Supernova and get 110%+ on Getting Started[I] marathon singles. That's right, 110%+! ^_^
supernova is my new best friend. leave us alone! k i'll play getting started next time i come across an itg machine =P
From Metroid11 on 7/31/2006 Completed Modify
Pass a Marathon [N] on Double =O
From CLEAN.LEET on 7/21/2006 Completed Modify
Nice Monolith fluke ;D But can you do it again? Beat my Monolith score :D Should help you increase your Stamina some more. And I'm working on V^2 ^_^ If I can take out the minefield I think I can do it...maybe
uhhhh I can try? lol. if I do end up trying, i should make this like one of my first songs to avoid playing it after having gotten tired.
From CLEAN.Niko_K on 7/15/2006 Completed Modify
Fail Xuxa with a full combo
I did that, and realized I was playing 1p and couldnt ss it, so I'll do it again one day w/ someone playing 2p =P
From TJD.Exrave on 7/05/2006 Completed Modify
98% on temple of boom, holy guacamole, disconnected, my life is so crazy, and walking on fire
fuck you n00b bitch
From CLEAN.LEET on 6/28/2006 Completed Modify
Take down my Bloodrush score without cheating, BIATCH! Lol ok nm, instead, Beat Bloodrush w/o cheating :P
From OmniQuark on 6/18/2006 Completed Modify
Ok, I finally did it and in a tournament :) It's now your turn to do it... you only have to *** While tha Rekkid Spinz cause you have the other 2 though.
From MFB on 5/30/2006 Completed Modify
Hey man i challenge you to catch up to my tri-star count!!! Your only 10 away from me, and i've basically only tristared 9 footers. I've given up on the FA and have only been working exclusively on my stamina (almost starred Energier, and 90+ Summer). So here's ur chance to play catch up on the FA department.
From Drakon on 5/26/2006 Completed Modify
Get your driven normal to atleast 93%
From Ren-Ji on 5/08/2006 Completed Modify
** Ize Pie, Kiss Me Red, Lemmings on the Run, Typical Tropical, and finally something harder than those, Walking on Fire. everything is still doable though, cuz ur crazy at FA. =D
From Boone on 4/25/2006 Completed Modify
At least 97% on Do you love me
From Ren-Ji on 4/20/2006 Completed Modify
hey JD, get a higher expert average than me. all you need is your FA and to play a lot. i won't be touching expert too much, i'm still trying to get a score for every single stepchart, so here's your chance to get ahead of me. challenge me back!
From MFB on 4/20/2006 Completed Modify
Hey bud, tri-star the game, the message and why me. On expert ofcourse. I think they are pretty easy songs to tri-star for you. If I can do it I kno you can since I kno u have have better FA then I do. Challenge back!
From CLEAN.LEET on 4/13/2006 Completed Modify
Star Lemmings on the Run, Solina, and One False Move [E]
From Metroid11 on 4/08/2006 Completed Modify
Star Xuxa [E] homefryyyyy ;-)
From Drakon on 4/07/2006 Completed Modify
Improve your nightmare normal score
From Chichiri12345 on 4/03/2006 Completed Modify
Get 80% or above on Vertex Expert. I have done it, so you can too. =D
From Gooey.Octopussy on 3/23/2006 Completed Modify
get above Shuaz in the funland ranking... which just means more expert score submissions :P
From SWFT on 3/22/2006 Completed Modify
Do at least 2 of these 3: 98 Driving Force Classical [expert]. Fill a score in for every song. Get 5 new [hard] 99s.
From InspectorKen on 3/22/2006 Completed Modify
Get out of reirement you slut!... =(
From kooljapanese on 3/22/2006 Completed Modify
I got a challenge for you...Start playing again!!!
From InspectorKen on 3/22/2006 Completed Modify
Godammit! I saw you submit a score! Pass Vertex^2 plz! ;)
From CLEAN.LEET on 3/17/2006 Completed Modify
K sry I forgot about V^2 and Pandy... At least submit a passing score for Clockwork Genesis...
From CFAC 317 on 3/17/2006 Completed Modify
hardcore symphony above 86% u can do it challenge me back
From OmniQuark on 3/11/2006 Completed Modify
Well beat Fusion[I]... cause I won't XD
From InspectorKen on 3/11/2006 Completed Modify
I beat summer! ^_^ How about a race to beat Blood Rush[E]. But on C450. =P
From etchasketch on 3/11/2006 Completed Modify
Get Charlene up to at least 95%. Send challenge back.
From CFAC 317 on 3/11/2006 Completed Modify
nice on disconnected disco and high, i want to see you pass summer man, challenge me back
From Shuaz on 3/11/2006 Completed Modify
clear pandemonium[E]... come on man, even I can do it!
From NeoBlargg on 3/11/2006 Completed Modify
Pass a survival, any survival. (Hint: Slower is EASY ;)
From DJ Phr34k on 3/11/2006 Completed Modify
Sup! Beat my score on Delerium [E]!!! IT'S NOT THAT HARD OF A SONG!!
From Mar! on 3/11/2006 Completed Modify
99.xx% on no princess! hard of course, cause im a nub and itd be sweet to see you pwn me on a song i like xD >_> although its not very hard to pwn me...k nvm ill shut up just get to work =P
From psychopat on 3/11/2006 Completed Modify
Beat my current Fleadh & Vertex expert scores (98.45 & 80.96)
From InspectorKen on 3/11/2006 Completed Modify
72%+ on Determinator[E]. Did you get 76%+?? Update your Delirium[E] score! Also Fill in Tell[E].
From CLEAN.LEET on 3/11/2006 Completed Modify
Clear and submit the rest of the Expert Scores.
From Metroid11 on 3/07/2006 Completed Modify
You beat me on two 12 block scores, I beat you on four. Beat two of my 12 footer scores! =D Also, race me to beat Energizer [E] no bar! =O Challenge back yo!
From Ren-Ji on 3/07/2006 Completed Modify
beat Figgy's score for Determinator[E], hopefully when you beat it the first time, so you don't have to do it again. also send me a challenge back. =D
From Figgy20000 on 3/04/2006 Completed Modify
Get better at hands! (so you can prepare for our rematch in the next tourney we face each other :P) Star Queen of Light, Twilight, and Bend Your Mind. As well, send me a challenge back!
From Aves on 2/15/2006 Completed Modify
break 90 on Disconnected Hyper and July... and just for saying I play stuff on Hard too much, I'll pick Vertex against you next tournament ;-P
From InspectorKen on 1/31/2006 Completed Modify
Euphoria is an easy 12!!! DO IT!!! Also Improve your Delirium Score 78%+
From OmniQuark on 11/09/2005 Completed Modify
Get a score for Go 60 Go ^_^ ... oh and pass it of course!
From etchasketch on 11/06/2005 Completed Modify
Improve your July score, also, send me a challenge.
From InspectorKen on 10/26/2005 Completed Modify
Pass an 12 if you have not done so already. And submit more scores goddamnit!
From (SSS)BarX on 4/28/2008 Abandoned Modify
Tristar Get Down.... and SEND me some challenges, p.s: stop getting 500+ excellents on kb charts n00b
From Ren-Ji (no bar) on 3/11/2006 Abandoned Modify
beat Determinator Easy while holding your breath for the whole song. you let go, you lose =D.
From (SSS)BarX on 3/11/2006 Abandoned Modify
Show me Who's Boss and Beat Pandemonium [H] while eating a Cheeseburger in your hands fatty... BTW you have to have everything on the Cheeseburger and no Spills! I have done this and i beat it Hint: Don't Use the Bar