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From Arvin on 4/26/2018 Active Modify
Place top 3 in a mainline ECS
From Arvin on 4/23/2018 Active Modify
Pass a 22
From Aoreo - Moderator on 3/26/2018 Active Modify
Pass Got The Life from BangerZ
From sblmnl87 on 3/04/2017 Active Modify
Play C++ with sblmnl87 with the following conditions: - wearing tapers - wearing their no waifu no laifu shirts - both have their hair tied up - 96+%
From sblmnl87 on 2/24/2017 Active Modify
Get 69.xx on any 15, 16 and 17 footer.
I could never get scores that low!
From sblmnl87 on 11/01/2016 Active Modify
At least 99 Fast Track to Browntown (13) - because i know how much you love <17's.
This is legitimately like the hardest challenge on here besides the Spin Chicken one. Not joking.
From sblmnl87 on 10/19/2016 Active Modify
Eat a salad while playing "9000 miles" (13) and score more than 95%. Photographic or video proof required.
Sorry in advance for when I make a mess on the pads doing this.
From Honk on 1/29/2016 Active Modify
Watch Kizumonogatari with me
From Ezgi on 9/09/2013 Active Modify
99 Magic Cycles, Gate Openerz, and Moonearth : )
No, no, and okay sure
From NBCrescendo on 9/10/2012 Active Modify
tie your shoelaces together, where shades, and no bar an 11+
From Aoreo - Moderator on 9/05/2012 Active Modify
96+ Superluminal and 98.5+ Death Illusion TWERQ THAT ~FOOTSPEED~ BOI
Okay like a year later I have a 97 on superfuckiminal and now I just need to get death illusion which will suck
From Rawinput - Administrator on 8/14/2012 Active Modify
Pass Spin Chicken with one foot.
From Archi - Administrator on 3/20/2012 Active Modify
98% average on Dragonforce.
From eyy.qurlll on 4/03/2011 Active Modify
beat whatever Bryan has on -273.15. :3
UGH. balls. Okay.
From NBCrescendo on 11/04/2010 Active Modify
(omg I'm on gruvestatz) Pass an 9-10 expert official using flip since I know you love mods. Also, pass an 11 using either split, alternate, or cross.
Yuck. I'll get around to it this week, maybe.
From Lionheart on 1/23/2010 Active Modify
Okay Pass Juggernaut with a 85% or higher, oh and add me to the <3 harrisburg players hurt my feelings :(O
85% or higher would be ridiculous. I'll be happy if I can even pass this :-( Also I'll add you to the list. I <3 you. :-)
From Cibo on 12/30/2008 Active Modify
No bar Welcome to Rainbow while wearing a clown rainbow wig. ^.^
This would be easier if you know, I had said-wig.
From Archi - Administrator on 9/02/2008 Active Modify
Fill out the scorecard for Hard.
From Aoreo - Moderator on 1/08/2018 Completed Modify
Pass two new 20s of your choice!
I didn't even see this for a few weeks, but I've passed several new 20s and 21s since this was sent :-)
From sblmnl87 on 10/19/2016 Completed Modify
Play lucky -remix- with Sblmnl87
From sblmnl87 on 10/19/2016 Completed Modify
Pass a 20 on an upgrade cabinet in Sydney Australia ^^
Completed on Nov. 24th, 2016. <3
From sblmnl87 on 10/19/2016 Completed Modify
Play ITG, an on upgrade cabinet - in Sydney Australia
Completed Nov. 18th 2016. :-3
From Akeem on 3/23/2016 Completed Modify
No bar max300
I've done this a bunch of times.
From Dream on 2/10/2016 Completed Modify
Fill out all scores for a pack of your choice that isn't mentioned in one of your previous challenges.
Completed 2/5/17-- almost took a full year, oops.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 8/30/2015 Completed Modify
Pass the rest of the Cranked Pastry 19s. MIGHT AS WELL.
Completed 5/25/2016 or 9/11/2016, depending on whether or not you count Squirrel Vision Hard! Even if you go with the earlier date this still took way too long.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 5/02/2015 Completed Modify
Pass the rest of the Cranked Pastry 18s. You have five left, and one of them is easy!
Completed 7/28. Yayyy. Well, the expert stuff anyway, but I'm pretty sure that's what you meant given the way you sent this.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/07/2015 Completed Modify
Get 3000 new triumph points today or we aren't friends anymore.
From @@ (RIP 9/2015) on 1/19/2014 Completed Modify
Update your profile
From Ezgi on 12/19/2013 Completed Modify
Fill out 300 more entries on groovestats~
5/31/15 -- Oh, this has been done for a while, oops.
From NBCrescendo on 4/05/2013 Completed Modify
HEY YOU, YEAH YOU!!!!!! I THINK YOU SHOULD UHHHH CHART PENDULUM CHARTS THAT AREN'T JUST PENDULUM YA KNow!?!?!?!?!? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ_qswO8CCo&feature=related
I think Crank That Slam counts!
From Nate on 3/31/2013 Completed Modify
Get a star on We Luv Llama
5/31/15 -- Completed this at ECS3.5. Didn't specify which chart you meant, but I 96'd the Rebuild of Sharpnel 17.
From TheTruck on 2/11/2013 Completed Modify
Pass Last Testament. Send me a challenge.
Completed 1/21/2017. Took four years. God.
From NBCrescendo on 2/17/2012 Completed Modify
Do what bryan did
Completed 3/28/2012 (actually sooner than that but whatever). I've quadded a few songs that he has now, so I'll count that as "doing what Bryan did" until you give me something more specific (feel free to send me another one) :-P
From mithryndor on 1/23/2012 Completed Modify
Completed 2/6/2012! I was just uh, kidding about the it-taking-a-while-thing.
From NBCrescendo on 7/20/2011 Completed Modify
I said 'hi' to you last time I saw you, so I'm pretty sure that counts as completing this! Not sure when that happened though.
From Arvin on 7/12/2011 Completed Modify
make your profile not a wall of text
Completed 2/1/2012. Okay actually it was a few days before this but whatever. And I actually just trimmed it down but I figured that counted. Man that took a while.
From DF.CaptainBlack on 3/23/2011 Completed Modify
submit a chart for SSSC3. Preferably one that doesn't suck.
I submitted like 7!
From DF.CaptainBlack on 3/15/2011 Completed Modify
short term goal, 96 average on DF
From DF.CaptainBlack on 3/14/2011 Completed Modify
beast the fuck out of strike of the ninja
Completed March 12, 2012. Rofl, this literally almost took me a year to do. 99.34.
From Archi - Administrator on 2/24/2011 Completed Modify
90+ on ALL Dragonforce charts.
Completed 4/14/11: POWERRRRR.
From DF.CaptainBlack on 2/22/2011 Completed Modify
step up yo game on evening star. That shit's like a 9, there's no way you should have a higher score on freaking black winter night.... jesus....
02/24/2011-- done, 97.12 or something.
From Archi - Administrator on 2/21/2011 Completed Modify
Complete your scorecard for Dragonforce songs!
02/24/2011-- Completed!
From DemonHybrid on 11/18/2010 Completed Modify
Oh, and one more challenge. Star Bloodrush and Euphoria, because I personally think you can.
Completed 2/1/2012: Yes and yes. :-)
From DemonHybrid on 11/11/2010 Completed Modify
Wow, please delete that last message. It's horribly formatted. 99.3+ on D-Code.......99.5+ on I Think I Like That Sounds......99.5+ on My Life is So Crazy...... 2e or less on Flying High...... Star on Rock Steady...... Double star on Night Time Story. I'm going to nitpick with you.
Completed 3/28/2012. Holy fuck I hate Flying High. Quadded it to complete this challenge after getting 3 on it 209348203948 times. Puke.
From eyy.qurlll on 11/03/2010 Completed Modify
quad an official ;p <3
Completed 03/07/12. Wow, this only took a year and a half -.-
From Archi - Administrator on 6/06/2010 Completed Modify
Quit being a bitch and pass OML already, jackass.
06/07/10: Completed! Will do better next time.
From kwakgoduck on 3/09/2010 Completed Modify
buy a wig
It took like five years or something but I actually did pick a wig up at Katsucon at some point! And another at some other point.
From kwakgoduck on 3/07/2010 Completed Modify
eat cake
I actually did this twice with Cheryl the last two days after ITG. Weird! Didn't even see this one. I guess she told you we were eating cake though.
From eyy.qurlll on 2/22/2010 Completed Modify
pass an expert song with 45% or less. :3
05/01/10: Completed! Kept forgetting to try this. Yayyyyyy. 41% on Coming Out Expert.
From eyy.qurlll on 2/22/2010 Completed Modify
make out with someone during a song (preferably your girlfriend). >.>
Oh, we did this finally. <3
From Archi - Administrator on 2/19/2010 Completed Modify
Become legendary! Go for the 99% average!
Completed on February 5, 2011. I'll shoot for higher.
From Archi - Administrator on 2/19/2010 Completed Modify
Break into the top 200!
Completed 02/20/2011. This should not have taken a year.
From Archi - Administrator on 2/04/2010 Completed Modify
SDE 10 songs on Expert.
Completed 10/28/2010!

#1: Da Roots
#2: Tribal Style
#3: Flying High
#4: Birdie
#5: The Game
#6: Spacy Crazy Girl
#7: Rom-eo & Juli8
#8: Fleadh Uncut
#9: Bumblebee
#10: Wanna Do

From DF.Jafar on 1/18/2010 Completed Modify
Get 10 or less on ever 9 in the D folder.
Completed 3/15/2012. ALSO LIKE 2 YEARS AND 3 MONTHS LATER YEAHHHH. Anyway Disconnected was the hardest, that took like three or four tries in a row to get. Drifting Away was also really hard but I got that in one go; the day before I played it like three times back to back though. Why am I writing such a detailed thing, lol. WHATEVER.
From DF.Jafar on 1/18/2010 Completed Modify
Get 5 or less on every 9 footer in the B folder.
Completed 3/14/2012. Holy fuck this took over two years. Last one was Baby Don't You Want Me. Had the other other ones for a while -.o
From NBCrescendo on 1/01/2010 Completed Modify
Beat a harder song
I think Lost Souls in Endless Time qualifies here <3
From kwakgoduck on 12/14/2009 Completed Modify
beat a hard song
I think I did this a few times.
From Pseudonym on 10/24/2009 Completed Modify
Double star Amore. (sorry I had to!)
Completed 10/27/2009: Took two tries today. Much better at this now, can actually see myself 99ing it at some point. Before it took incredible luck just to star it ._.
From Rawinput - Administrator on 10/19/2009 Completed Modify
Raise the geometric mean of the percentiles of your 15 worst songs in terms of percentile to at least 66.04570063005.
Completed 11/07/09! 66.73 is my new geometric mean, with my new V^2 score. w00t!
From Archi - Administrator on 5/02/2009 Completed Modify
Break into the top 300 on groovestats you lazy asshole.
Completed 01/13/10: I'm so happy about this. 300th exactly.
From d4n0m4t1c on 4/21/2009 Completed Modify
98 average.
09/27/09 - Completed! Fucking finally. Starting to see ways to improve again now too... I'm gunning for your average, d4n0 >:-)
From Archi - Administrator on 4/20/2009 Completed Modify
Fill out the scorecard for Rebirth completely.
Completed 3/31/2010. Fuck, it took me 11 months to get around to doing this?
From d4n0m4t1c on 3/18/2009 Completed Modify
Since 99ing all the 9's in a month might be a stretch, especially since you only get here to play once a week... Get them all. No time frame. Just 99 all the 9's. I did it. You can too.
07/08/11: Completed! Holy jesus this took over two years. Got Lipstick Kiss with a mine and a great, lawl.
From ayame on 3/08/2009 Completed Modify
99 little red riding hood You're close :D I haz 99.71 i am sooo happy aha
Not quite a 99.71, but 99.23'd this pretty easily at Mdawg's. Yay for pads that work properly :-)
From ShinerCCC on 2/08/2009 Completed Modify
I'm going to double up on that 98% on Robotix challenge you have there. If I can almost tristar it then you can get 99.50%. Pansy. So yeah, get 98% on Robotix.
Completed 04/24/09: Oh hey I 98'd it. Recalced a pad way off, but it was a 98.24 before the recalc anyway so I've 98'd it legit now as well.
From d4n0m4t1c on 1/24/2009 Completed Modify
Here's another. 25 Expert Tri-Stars. You CAN do it. quickly if you work on it. doing better on 9's will make your hard stuff better too. DO IT!!!
Completed! Got 22 through 30 on 2/28/09. Challenge completed and then some.
From NBCrescendo on 1/16/2009 Completed Modify
Either pass Summer no bar, or pass Beyond Abilities
I've done summer no-bar before and I've passed Beyond Abilities Hard. Not sure if you mean the hard or the expert. But this is completed either way :-P
From d4n0m4t1c on 1/11/2009 Completed Modify
99 on : Boogie Down, Little Kittie Mine, My Favourite Game, Psalm Pilot, No Princess, Solina, Vorsprung Durch Techno................... This is going to be the hardest one I think, because 99's seem to be rough for you. You ARE good enough. Just do it. now. :D ......................... This is for the SDE challenge. bastard.
Completed 02/05/10! Fuck, this took over a year to complete. My Favorite Game was the last one-- I had a really bad mental block on the ending for... well, a year. WHATEVER
From d4n0m4t1c on 1/11/2009 Completed Modify
98 on : Charlene, Dawn, Do U Love Me, Driving Force Classical, I Think I Like That Sound, Incognito, Kagami, Let My Love Go Blind, Spaceman, The Message, Touch Me, Turn It On, Walking on Fire ..................... None of these seem to be too far out of reach for you. This will be easier than the 96's. lol........................ This is for the 11 block 99 challenge. :D
04/12/09: Challenge completed!
From d4n0m4t1c on 1/11/2009 Completed Modify
97 on : D-Code, July, Ize Pie, Lemmings On The Run, Mythology, Out of the Dark, Oasis, Ride The Bass, Spacy Crazy Girl, Xuxa............. Good luck with this. This should be pretty easy..................... This is for the 10 block tristar challenge.
04/04/09: Challenge completed!
From d4n0m4t1c on 1/11/2009 Completed Modify
Get a 96 on: Agent Blatent, Bend Your Mind, Destiny, Lipstick Kiss, Liquid Moon, Queen of Light, Soapy Bubble, The Beginning, Twilight, Utopia, Visible Noise, Wake Up. ....................... Destiny/Utopia/Soapy Bubble will be the hardest.................. This is for the 9 block tristar challenge. :D
04/17/09: Challenge completed!
From d4n0m4t1c on 1/11/2009 Completed Modify
Vertex - 90%, One False Move - 94%, Determinator - 85%, Clockwork Genesis - 92%, ! - 94% ............. Determinator will be the hardest I think. But you have fast little feet, so you can get it. Good luck. :D ...........This is for 75 tristars challenge.
04/12/09: Challenge completed!
From Cibo on 12/30/2008 Completed Modify
98% Robotix!!!
Completed 04/24/09: Yes?
From Cibo on 12/30/2008 Completed Modify
Star Agent Blatant!
From Cibo on 12/30/2008 Completed Modify
97% Anubis!
1/1/2008: Completed, 97.40. Should have 98'd it, two decents in the taps like an idiot. Whoops
From Cibo on 12/23/2008 Completed Modify
Star Know your Enemy! ^.^
1/1/2009: Completed. 97.10. Nice big score jump on this, with ncs too :-)
From Cibo on 12/23/2008 Completed Modify
Star Destiny ^.^ You can do it!
1/14/2009: Completed, 98.60. I overachieved and got a double-star instead of a star, sorry. 3% improvement is nice. I knew I'd 98 it as soon as I learned how to do the 8ths at the end (I'm not even joking about that).
From Cibo on 12/23/2008 Completed Modify
88% Bloodrush. ^.^
04/10/09: Got it! Only took me like 4 months. Should have broken 90 on it, but I'm happy to get what I got for now :-)
From Archi - Administrator on 12/22/2008 Completed Modify
96% average. This really shouldn't take very long.
Completed on 12/31/2008. Before the new year, yay :-)
From Cibo on 12/20/2008 Completed Modify
Star Anubis! ^.^
12/23/08: 96.9. Finally got this.
From Cibo on 12/20/2008 Completed Modify
99% Xuxa! You can do it ^.^
04/10/09: Complete! Took me four months but goddammit I still did it.
From dj_xero on 12/04/2008 Completed Modify
Pass VerTex^2!
06/05/09: Completed! Too bad my pass score was slightly worse than my best fail. Oops. Still, passed it legit-- no split-screen bullshit like some people I know.
From d4n0m4t1c on 11/18/2008 Completed Modify
TEN expert Tristars. This means five more. DO IT!
11 as of 12/19/08. No Princess would have been #12 today, but 18e + a pad way-off recalced to 19e is a 98.99. WHICH SUCKS, because I HATE THAT SONG AND THIS MEANS I HAVE TO PLAY IT AGAIN SOON. I'm glad I'm up past 10 already though, this took a quarter of the time it took to get my first 5 :-)
From k!ng_guru on 11/17/2008 Completed Modify
Come and play today. (Monday). DO IT!
From Cibo on 11/07/2008 Completed Modify
86% Bloodrush. >.>
12/22/08: 86.something%. Why did this take a month :-(
From ShinerCCC on 10/17/2008 Completed Modify
Beat Spammit's score on VerTex expert. (92%)
04/10/09: Challenge completed! Beat his old score AND his new one.
From Archi - Administrator on 9/02/2008 Completed Modify
5 Expert ***'s
Done! Only took 3 fucking months.
From Archi - Administrator on 9/02/2008 Completed Modify
5 Hard Mode SDE's
Completed on 5/05/2009, with 6 SDEs. Woulda been 7 but I got a great at the very end of Torn, whoops.
From Archi - Administrator on 9/02/2008 Completed Modify
20 Hard Mode ***'s.
Completed on 5/05/2009. I went from 14-30 in one night, lol. Hard mode is so hard! Just kidding.
From Archi - Administrator on 9/02/2008 Completed Modify
Make it into the Top 500 for Player Ranking on Groovestats-- this means about a 95.36% overall average.
11/29/2008: 95.63! Puts me at 499th at the moment.
From Archi - Administrator on 9/02/2008 Completed Modify
lol complete your expert scorecard except for VerTex^2 which is gay
Maybe I should have set this challenge up before I actually had done this
From ozo on 4/01/2008 Completed Modify
Do something amazing.
Archi is always motherfucking amazing
From @@ (RIP 9/2015) on 8/31/2014 Abandoned Modify
Type with caps lock on for the entirety of 2015. You still have to type normally like this, but caps lock must be on.
5/31/15 -- I noticed this way too late, lol. Oh well.
From link_bitch on 3/18/2009 Abandoned Modify
tristar every 9...its not that hard 98: agent blatant, anubis, hand of time, oasis, bend your mind, infection. 92 on vertex, 96 on queen of light, 96 on one false move, 96 bouff, 95 clockwork genesis. within a month!!! have fun! =p
This really is not feasible in a month, because most likely I'll only get four chances to play. If I could play two or three times a week I'd have gone for this.
From Cibo on 12/30/2008 Abandoned Modify
Change your USB name!
I refuse.