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From Battosai on 3/22/2006 Active Modify
Bring Visible Noise, Utopia and Infection to 90 or more, peace =)
From Loogaroo on 12/28/2005 Active Modify
Stars on Touch Me, Ride the Bass, Cryosleep, and Hybrid. For bonus points, On a Day Like Today.
From AFAD.sakuneko on 12/22/2005 Active Modify
hey loog, how about a 90 on DC hyper :D
From Loogaroo on 11/19/2005 Active Modify
Pass Summer Speedy Mix.
From Shayne on 11/11/2005 Active Modify
Single Star Bend Your Mind on Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.
From IHYD.Hush on 11/10/2005 Active Modify
Fill in scores for the rest of your expert charts on single
From Loogaroo on 11/07/2005 Active Modify
Stamina Set #4: Xuxa, Hardcore Symphony, Tell. 90-80-80 scores.
From Loogaroo on 11/21/2005 Completed Modify
Stars on Touch Me, Wanna Do, Incognito and Spacy Crazy Girl. Disconnected Disco for bonus points.
From ssssss on 11/16/2005 Completed Modify
I'll Take it!
From Loogaroo on 11/16/2005 Completed Modify
Stars on Drifting Away, Holy Guacamole, Ize Pie, and Little Kitty Mine. For bonus points, Charlene.
From 3s4Life on 12/06/2005 Abandoned Modify
Get 10 Expert Tristars before the partners tourney at EA.