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From TroyNK on 4/01/2017 Active Modify
Here's a fr3sh challenge for you - Pass the following songs in a single set (any order): 1. above the winter moonlight (DF) 2. black winter night (DF) 3. inside the winter storm (DF) 4. another winter (mute sims) 5. winter white (SS2). Bonus points if you find any other winter songs that I missed.
From TroyNK on 3/26/2017 Active Modify
Alphabet Challenge - Sort by Title and then pass one song from each letter of the alphabet (in order of course). Bonus points if you include a song from "number" and "other." And of course, single play session. This shouldn't be too difficult, just long :)
From f0rever on 2/05/2017 Active Modify
Hey dude, stoked to see how much you've improved from the old days when we were posting index scores haha. Anyways, I imagine Pendulum is easy for you now so try and triple Streamline and Tarantula!
Holy smokes dude, I focus hard in order to triple Trancemania 12s! Ok...you know how to pitch a tough challenge. I accept, but this may take a little while !
From Aoreo - Moderator on 4/13/2019 Completed Modify
Pass a new 20 that is 220bpm+ OR get above 90% on a 20 that is <220bpm.
I passed Stopper and Glitter In The Sky (21) yesterday! The 90% challenge would have taken longer. My highest score on a real 20 is in the mid-low 80's?
From Arvin on 4/26/2018 Completed Modify
Pass 5 19s in total
7 19's passed as of 6/26/18
From TroyNK on 6/08/2017 Completed Modify
Pass 90,000 miles since you're awesome at this game.
passed 9/3/2018
From TroyNK on 3/22/2017 Completed Modify
Pass a 14, 15, 16, and 17 (in that order) using one song from each of the 4 Cirque packs on Groovestats (Lykan, Veyron, Zeppelin, Zonda). You pick whichever 4 songs/difficulties you want.
3/30/17: Disconnected Zonda, Destination Veyron, L Zeppelin, World's End Lykan. (Your challenges are creative)
From TroyNK on 3/13/2017 Completed Modify
14/14 challenge - Pass 14 14s in a row during one session. Moderate breaks in between are fine.
3/19/2017. Groovestats Upload Pic http://imgur.com/a/b1Zb2
From TroyNK on 3/13/2017 Completed Modify
Pass the 4 remaining 16 or lower Helblinde Series songs. Then pass 2 Helblinde 17s.
From TroyNK on 3/01/2017 Completed Modify
Reach top 3 on the hard difficulty leader board.
Ok finally done 4/24/2019. It only took 2 years and some change
From winterfr3sh on 2/07/2017 Completed Modify
Reach top 10 on Triumph Leaderboard
3/21/17 79568 to 78963; got 1,4xx triumph pts yesterday (1/7/17: Current 10th place holder is Richard with 76368. My score is 70731.
From winterfr3sh on 2/03/2017 Completed Modify
Teach 1st Place on Expert Singles Player Ranking
7/9 Complete...wow. 2522, 76.75% to 2323, 76.70% 3/31 - 74.9 to 76.7 2/3: 75.50 to 72.99
From Based Honk on 1/15/2017 Completed Modify
100k triumph points when
Sunday June 18, 2017: complete! (That's a hefty challenge...thanks!)
From TroyNK on 11/25/2016 Completed Modify
99 three more TranceMania songs. Your scores are about a year old now so I think this should be easy for you.
2/2 99.03 on Falcons, 2/3 No In Between 99.40, 2/21 Moni 99.18
From TroyNK on 9/03/2016 Completed Modify
Don't know how you feel about officials, so you may hate me for this, but improve your overall ITG 1 & 2 average % (expert single) to 96%. You're at 93.61 as of 9/3/16.
----DONE 5/12/17. Good challenge. -----(2/28/17 Update: raised up to 95.1% I'm working my way up from the bottom, sorting by percentile.) (old:(Officials are... Not my passion. At all. But I accept. I wasn't around when officials were a thing, and playing through all the officials was like torture for me. Now I have to do them all again?!))
From winterfr3sh on 8/13/2016 Completed Modify
Catch Prolix on Triumph Leaderboard
3/11/17: 77091 to 76747. The gap may ebb and flow but I have a feeling it won't be long before it's permanent. (3/8 only 95 points behind: 76370 to 76275!!! You going down Prolix!!!!) (3/6 76149 to 75528: only 621 pts behind!) (2/2 Prolix stokes back: -3681.) (1/20-- 3185 points...the gap is closing! Watch it...) (1/17/17--70058 to 65591: 4467 points behind him..) (11/29/16-- 6,212 points behind.)
From TroyNK on 8/12/2016 Completed Modify
Reach top 3 on the Triumph Leaderboard for # of songs entered. Current #3 as of 8/12/16 is 698 songs submitted.
1040, 816, and 718
From TroyNK on 8/10/2016 Completed Modify
98.xx on any 14, 97.xx on any 15, 96.xx on any 16. You're less than 1% away on each of these so with a little push you should be able to do it.
Good challenge. 8/30/16--96.17on Voyager (16) 8/31/16--97.96 on Engage (15) Zeppelin 8/31/16--98.88 on Amazing (14) Zeppelin
From TroyNK on 7/25/2016 Completed Modify
5 new expert single tri-stars.
Done! Got 4 total tristars from Mudkyp, and one from Mootz Mix
From TroyNK on 7/25/2016 Completed Modify
Join the 2000 club (2000 songs submitted on expert single). Looks like you still need to fill in Mudkyp and Legend of Zim so this should be easy :)
I'm in the 2,000s club! It feels great ;) 8/9/16
From Dream on 4/10/2016 Completed Modify
Also, doubles expert, too ;)
Completed 9/1/2016
From Dream on 4/10/2016 Completed Modify
Rank above everyone who has submitted fewer scores than you on the singles expert Player Ranking.
July 30th, 2016! Ranking: 3rd; Scores: 1938. 1st Place scores 2209, 2nd place scores 1946. 4th Place scores: 1789. Well.. We will see how long this state lasts, but it did occur today!
From xxxxx - Administrator on 7/06/2015 Completed Modify
Pass three new 17s and a new 18! Stamina, preferably, but you can FLEX however you want
*Completed 1/12/2017 with Pacific Girls Jimmy Jawns 83.38! *UPDATE 7/12/16: I have passed 3 new 17s since this Challenge: L.E.D Cyber Warfare, Burst Linker (SV3), Hyper Highspeedstar and Dokudenpa (Sv3). Now just need to find a new 18...* (Wow I just saw this! yikes Well I believe i passed 2 new "17s" before seeing this (takecore of yourself and lost connections hard) but nowhere near my next new 18 at the moment argh.. in fact I just blow at singles right now so i'll stick my bookmark in the rest of this challenge)
From Uber on 6/16/2015 Completed Modify
get 10 of those 16s above 90% (new passes or improvements), there are some really easy 16s in there that you can easily get over 90. Good luck! (you might not need it)
Completed 4/28/16! well. the truth is that I can barely pass stamina 14's right now, my singles game has just tanked and feels so awkward. gonna come back to this as I continue to get gud at doubles
From Based Honk on 5/09/2015 Completed Modify
You seem to be bruting through pastries like it's nothing dude! My next challenge will be Stars (Pastry 19) it's got a bunch of run with a few breaks and then a massive unbroken 214 measure run to the end. All at 200 bpm. Good luck and wrench wrench wrench!
FINAL UPDATE: passed today (26 June 2018) for ECS7 Update 1/20/2017: I'm thinking about this challenge again! Lol. (Old:((Holy Shit that's huge. I'm scared... I have tons of hard 18's to get through still in Pastry (Shanti x2, Tripping Traffic, Robot Brain Era) but I'll shoot high and go for Stars as I keep training.))
From Based Honk on 5/01/2015 Completed Modify
Pass Shanti (Gotalien) or Detonator ^.^ You got this ez
I passed Beat of Life tonight (5/2/15) my first 18. I think I could to Detonator next. 5/9/2015: 81.07% on Detonator was NOT "EASY!" OHH guess what... I beat Digital Messias tonight (3 May 2015) and got a 75% lol
From Based Honk on 4/19/2015 Completed Modify
Pass a pastry 17! Gl!
Done! Ganbatte 82% and Bloody Hell 86%
From Twig Punter on 2/12/2015 Completed Modify
Pendulum- Watercolour 90%. Can you handle it!?!?!?!?
April 30, 2015: 92%'d it XD