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From winterfr3sh on 12/20/2018 Received Modify
Thank you!
From winterfr3sh on 6/28/2017 Received Modify
Less than 20 songs till you reach #2 on total expert singles submitted...
From winterfr3sh on 6/21/2017 Replied Modify
Congrats on passing up Richard! Welcome to the Top 3! Next up: Rynker
From winterfr3sh on 3/29/2017 Received Modify
No he's not! He's over 3% beind, that's pretty solid. Yeah I have been dropping the ball on expert ranking lately. I'm working on Hard now, sort of.
From winterfr3sh on 1/30/2017 Received Modify
Lol! Nice!
From winterfr3sh on 12/16/2016 Replied Modify
Congrats, you did it! 3rd Place!
From winterfr3sh on 12/03/2016 Replied Modify
Congrats on passing ur first 17!!! How was it?
From winterfr3sh on 10/14/2016 Received Modify
Thanks! As far as total songs submitted, I wish there was a way to figure that out. Yes, I have reached #1 songs submitted for Expert Singles. But people like Prolix have done a lot of the other difficulties. Prolix has submitted 1718 total, for example. While I have 2220 expert singles, I only have 221 other submissions. But now I'm running out of reachable expert singles, so I'll be delving into the other difficulties soon enough. I'm stuck at 16's as well. But I've been running a lot lately, which has increased my heart's capacity and stamina. Keep pushing yourself too!
From winterfr3sh on 9/28/2016 Received Modify
Just keep climbing! Slow and steady wins the race. First place? If I do, I'll be surprised. I'm running out of easy expert songs to play for sure... But then again, maybe new packs will come out and I'll beat them in a timely matter. There is hope.
From winterfr3sh on 9/09/2016 Replied Modify
Hey, good job on triumph points lately. Also, congrats on passing up Riodo so fast in player ranking. Keep it up!
From winterfr3sh on 8/17/2016 Replied Modify
What machine do you play on, and what's it like?
From SovPwr(done for summer) on 4/27/2006 Received Modify
yeah, I was planning on playing determinator a bit but I nearly have it FC'd. I'm not too far behind Craig on that song, but I really will just practice bloodrush til it kills me. That song can be done and I'll 99 it if I have to. The fact that Craig hasn't played in a long time means there is no way he'll do even close to as well as he previously did on either song. If he does that will be questionable.