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From !D!zZy!K@Z! on 1/26/2008 Received Modify
bien joué Nark, j'espère te voir en demi-final au moins l'année prochain @ GrooveMania! lache pas!
From Snicklefritz on 9/01/2007 Received Modify
There is a tourny at the YMCA in Brampton, Ontario on Nov 10th. Msg back if you're interested and I'll give you the link with all the info and shit on it.
From Tono on 4/09/2007 Received Modify
Don't misunderstand, I like the challenge of having to improve. Anuj challenged me to hit 98 in the next 3 weeks, and I think I can do it. You're way better than me, so I think that these would be a good challenge for you. If it's too easy, I could revise it.
From Marky on 2/05/2007 Received Modify
j'ai finalement réussi ma premiere QUAD juste apres que tu sois parti l'autre soir 1
From !D!zZy!K@Z! on 1/29/2007 Replied Modify
Bravo pour ton 100.00% on video @ Zakuseth.
From Tm*BrO)Mat!!! on 11/27/2006 Received Modify
t trop BEAU asti bete de sexe
From Tm***BrO)jOnNY!!! on 10/11/2006 Received Modify
martin est un malade mentale =D
From Tm*BrO)Mat!!! on 9/17/2006 Received Modify
t trop bon
From Tm***BrO)jOnNY!!! on 8/30/2006 Received Modify
martin a un gros penis bouclé
From Tm***BrO)jOnNY!!! on 7/26/2006 Received Modify
Bon tu ma ENFIN battu héhéhé =D va falloir que je me force pour te ratrapper! si seulement je pouvais passer vertex2 lol! tu maidera a la passer! tk men jai hate quon aille jouer moi toi pi mosca on est vraiment des CRAZY ITG joueurs lol! tchow mon homme prepare toi a ouvrir la machine =D $$$$$$ lol!!!
From Pui Puni on 6/05/2006 Received Modify
Actually I'm 19! -_^ hee hee~! <3
From Pui Puni on 6/03/2006 Received Modify
Helloooo! I'm that girl from 2000! Just call me Pui :D (My real name is Kaitlin though) If you want you can add me to msn my email address is kwee_is@hotmail.com maybe we could meet up at the arcade again? I don't have any friends to go to the arcade with so it'd be nice to make some :3 Ta~! <3 -- Pui