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From Honk on 4/07/2015 Received Modify
Finally adding all of your scores a year later, huh? xD
From Thai on 8/27/2014 Received Modify
Teach me how to FA. D:
From Thai on 8/23/2014 Received Modify
>: )
From StArBuCkS GrLaE on 8/28/2009 Received Modify
Wow, I really hope I get to attempt that challenge soon. I haven't played this game in forever. The functioning ITG machine in this city is gone, and we have one more left that's been broken for the past year and a half. :<
From StArBuCkS GrLaE on 6/22/2009 Received Modify
Hi. :O Oh man all of you kick my ass at this game now. >.<
From Craigs.Sarah on 4/13/2009 Received Modify
Ohh the long version, I figured you would've pass that a long time ago! Nice pass :)
From Craigs.Sarah on 3/23/2009 Received Modify
Wait, pass Gargoyle? What version?
From Snicklefritz on 3/18/2009 Received Modify
OLIVIA HOLY SHIT! NICE GO 60 GO LOL! (yea to me thats an amazing score since i cant even 97 that song XD)
From Snicklefritz on 1/10/2009 Received Modify
lol same question =P sarah beat me to it
From Craigs.Sarah on 1/09/2009 Received Modify
Ahh you're groovestats is broken! Where'd half of it go?
From StArBuCkS GrLaE on 11/15/2008 Received Modify
Lol oh well. It's over now. I guess I'm going to slowly climb back up. >.<
From StArBuCkS GrLaE on 11/12/2008 Received Modify
I was extremely busy during junior year. I had practically next to no time to do any type of recreational activity.
From StArBuCkS GrLaE on 11/10/2008 Received Modify
Hey what's up?? How have you been?? I went on hiatus for the longest time, and now I really suck. D:
From HaHaHa.TetANuS on 10/17/2008 Received Modify
Hey Olivia! Thanks for the challenge.. I just saw it now, lol. X.X Are those all Expert songs you want me to tri-star? I'll try to do them when I can, but with school and things taking up my time now, we'll see. Maybe over Christmas! <3 Take care! <33
From TEAM.SSGAI.SSA on 8/03/2008 Received Modify
99% on uber rave? niceee hehe. Hes getting his old stamina back :) Anyways yeah ill play more 9's and 10's when i get back...i should stop playing like pande and customs every final stage -_-. Anyways, C ya at CC sometime, and Good Luck at your 99 Avg.
From TEAM.SSGAI.SSA on 8/03/2008 Received Modify
Hey olivia :) Hows it going? long time no see. As you know im not in Canada for now...will be there around August 15th though. When i get back ill prolly be filling in my GS. Hows joel doing? Is he working? Does he still play ITG? Say Hi to him for me please =P. Anyways, Take Care :).
From Snicklefritz on 7/20/2008 Received Modify
hahaha thats what im here for =) hey turn that frown upside down! =) (in your profile)
From Snicklefritz on 7/15/2008 Received Modify
ouch.. that little kitty mine score musta sucked ahaha =P if u wanna see something just as bad watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QixDSEoxig0 LMAO!!!!!