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From Craigs.Sarah on 8/06/2007 Received Modify
At the very least change your sex. You're 12, don't play at Funland, and probably aren't a girl.
From D@vid on 5/13/2007 Received Modify
You can quadstar summer, but cant pass bloodrush. LOL!
From traNceD on 5/08/2007 Received Modify
Wow.. ur saying in ur profile that YOU CAN'T even pass bloodrush and vertex^2.. and look at your fake asses score uploaded. Get a life. i mean, get off my internet.
From Craigy on 5/02/2007 Received Modify
u just hack
From Chaz on 5/02/2007 Received Modify
i don't understand why you have a validated 89% on driven and then 2 days later you quad bloodrush, delerium, 99 euphoria, and high 98 pandy 3 days later. interesting.
From FRESNOobs.AJE on 4/29/2007 Received Modify
nice job making some fake ass pictures.what a beautiful lie.
From AllusiveGold on 3/23/2007 Received Modify
fag ftw