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From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/30/2008 Replied Modify
"Since you like stamina songs, pass Air ... " Henry likes stamina songs? Since when? lol
From titandude21 on 8/14/2007 Replied Modify
you played bloodrush on 4x?! now i've seen everything...
From titandude21 on 7/10/2007 Replied Modify
wow, nice job with summer and determinator. i knew you would get summer soon, and determinator before long... but that was a gutsy move playing determinator on 4x. i'm still beating you on Euphoria by 1e lolololol... in a way it's better than beating you by a larger margin. also, have you tried using something other than overhead competitively (hallway, distant, overhead+mini, etc)? if not, you should give each of them a try. it may take a while to adjust to playing some songs with a new perspective, like in my case with distant, but if you can use one to your advantage, it can greatly help you when you're in between speeds. I use distant on roughly 20-25% of my songs now.
From titandude21 on 7/06/2007 Received Modify
The first quarter of the song is very easy to slack off on. After that, it picks up a little bit, but not too much. The first threat to your life bar is around halfway, with a bunch of crazy jumps/hands, which almost killed us. The part 2/3rds of the way through killed us... it looked like a retarded speedup with a bunch of hands and crap... it hit me too fast for me to notice what was going on. The rest of the song didn't have much, just some short 8th streams, occasional gallop sections, and some jumps. Although I was sweating a lot, I still had plenty of energy after 2/3rds of the song, it's just that a couple small retarded sections spoils the whole chart. It would be more interesting if the main parts were souped up a little bit and the dick parts were removed to make it a somewhat stamina-draining, but not pointless challenge. By the way, the hard chart (11) had no hands in it.
From mklip2001 on 7/06/2007 Received Modify
This is a note for you about how you performed on Ayu Trance 2. This is so that you can look at this the next time you're crazy enough to try that song, or you can warn people about it. There are really random speedups about a third of the way in the song, I think. It didn't put us in real danger, but it was the first place I broke my combo with 4000 steps. About 50% in, I'd say, there's a slow part with a hold and a crapload of really fast steps. Henry and I barely got through this, especially since some of these were supposed to be hands. We just dropped the holds and tried the steps and best we could, and we hardly survived this. Between 66% and 70%, however, one section introduces a crapload of jumps. We had 3x speedups on (so supposed to be at most 420), and these were unreadable, probably about 1000 bpm or so. This lasted for six seconds or so and creamed us both. It's amazingly dick for the song, rated an 8, to do that after we had spent 20 minutes on the song. So unless you can dance at 1000 bpm, don't do the song again!
From titandude21 on 3/30/2007 Received Modify
way to go, klipper, great job on the quad star.