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From ITNH.Trick on 1/27/2009 Received Modify
I'm not at 88% average lol
From ITNH.Trick on 1/26/2009 Received Modify
Holy shit good job with that 99 average
From Kanji666 on 12/26/2008 Received Modify
alright. seriously. get a fucking 99 average.
From Kanji666 on 9/08/2008 Received Modify
4.63% remains.
From kwakgoduck on 8/26/2008 Received Modify
A nintendo is an OLD SCHOOL GAMING CONSOLE, aka an NES. Before the Wii, there was Gamecube. Before the Gamecube, there was the N64. Before the N64, there was the supernintendo (SNES). Before the supernintendo... was the nintendo. The NES. Again, holding those are optional. You can always hold something else thats interesting, such as a pogo stick or a small dog XD
From Kanji666 on 8/11/2008 Received Modify
ohhhh....5.13% left! (lol, same day! 8/10/08)
From Kanji666 on 8/10/2008 Received Modify
A collective 7.33% remain. (8/10/08)
From Kanji666 on 7/31/2008 Received Modify
BTW, you need an 8.04% increase in your combined scores to get a 99% average.
From Mikita Star. on 7/08/2008 Received Modify
Ohh, Thats Why You're So Good. ^^ Your Stamina Should Fucking own.
From Mikita Star. on 7/08/2008 Received Modify
Woow. How many Times You Play By Week ?
From kwakgoduck on 6/28/2008 Received Modify
Who won the NJ sight reading tourny? I got eliminated first round so I left :-/
From ITNH.Yume on 5/11/2008 Received Modify
Alright... So since I'm now consistently passing songs on hard (like 8's and stuff) may I join your team?! ^______^ [I know you can't say no to THAT face] lolololol And also..... Boot camp over the summer will consist of.... what exactly? LOL I LOVE YOU!!! -less than three- Major mall time after AP Chem!!! Good Luck!!! ^ - ^
From ITNH.Yume on 5/11/2008 Received Modify
From ITNH.Yume on 4/29/2008 Received Modify
Halloo!!! ^________^ Aishiteru <3!!! Interesting challenge... Can't wait for summer programs with you and Jeff to inprove my ITG scores.
From fungah on 4/24/2008 Received Modify
CONGRATS ON #1 RANKED FOR CUSTOMS! i dunno how long it'll last, but YEAH! <3
From DF.CosmicPope on 4/07/2008 Replied Modify
No! Man, I would have sent you the files if I did lol.
From STFD.ChickenGewd on 3/02/2008 Received Modify
From STFD.ChickenGewd on 2/26/2008 Received Modify
From STFD.ChickenGewd on 2/25/2008 Received Modify
Yo...Scott just took all your records at Palisades
From DF.CosmicPope on 2/20/2008 Received Modify
Check muh videos - I got the two no songs on there :)
From ITNH.Trick on 2/19/2008 Replied Modify
Can I get that in a video? =)
From Mulletman on 2/15/2008 Received Modify
so i finished the uber rave part of your challenge...with a double star??? you definetly can beat my score: 98.54 58ex 1g 1 miss.
From ITNH.Yume on 1/10/2008 Received Modify
An 'S'? that was really random lol... ugh I want to get out of here!!! -yes I am in study hall- Bored and sick out of my mind! Test drive the new flashdrive on Saturday!!! Mad excited to see what songs you put on there... you have to help me in the beginning
From ITNH.Yume on 1/08/2008 Received Modify
Bwahaha!!! I'm so bored... and sad... and blegh-- Praticed on DDR today, no major progress yet... HOLY SHITAKE!!! I dind't know you were being INDUCTED! Why didn't you tell me?!?! I would have gone you loser...
From !CE on 1/01/2008 Replied Modify
I will but the only thing is i have trouble with stamina and being able 2 do a run higher than 180 4 a period of time. EX:Summer EX
From !CE on 12/30/2007 Received Modify
those scores r from a while back n where u frum
From !CE on 12/30/2007 Received Modify
if u think my shyt is fake why dont u come 2 my arcade n we will see
From Mulletman on 12/30/2007 Received Modify
dude i cant believe you passed blade! good job! i recently played on a hacked machine for the first time and it was awesome! it had custom themes and speed mods as you can see by my latest pictures. it also had piece of poetry by dtm i think and i got to the last 5 seconds =( do you think you could link me to that chart on r21 because my normal machine isnt hacked? thanks and nice job on blade once again
From DF.CosmicPope on 12/09/2007 Received Modify
I posted up my screenshots in Ken's thread for the simfiles. You beat my Revenge score by .6% haha. I think I'll be able to up it a lot when I go home (more sensitive pads = a lot less non combos). The pads here at U of I require a nice stomp to recognize steps haha.
From DF.CosmicPope on 12/09/2007 Received Modify
Well, I've decided to play stamina songs again since my stamina went to hell (I got tired during Uber Rave haha). So, let's have a BB Revenge/BB Evolution battle!
From DF.CosmicPope on 12/02/2007 Received Modify
I would race you, but I won't be at any arcades for at least 2 weeks now (finals). Race to the highest 99? Haha.
From MURDER.Black MAGIK on 12/01/2007 Received Modify
Gotcha, Ill be working on all of this. Where can I find all of this? I'm missing Dizzy, Through the Fire and Flames, Momentary Life, Vertex BETA, and Gaussian Blur
From Mulletman on 11/18/2007 Received Modify
oh i passed destination from mungyodance last night. i got an 82 =)
From fungah on 11/17/2007 Received Modify
lol, you're welcome? :D
From Mulletman on 11/17/2007 Received Modify
dude nice emerald sword and holy orders scores!
From fungah on 11/16/2007 Received Modify
haha =] we're cool lol. in the swing def has andamiro, but i don't know if fng does. fng is having a tourney saturday, and i think i'm going. =] good luck! well, play on a dif machine and see if you beat any scores. =]
From fungah on 11/15/2007 Received Modify
lol, since i won't have time this weekend, i got to play today since it's a half day. i'm still once a week, but it's good enough. =] can you believe some things i'm getting?! it's insane... i want to see you come on andamiro pads and beast like crazy. =]
From !za on 11/10/2007 Received Modify
I just finaly completed your challenge today =) Feel free to send me a news one ^-^ I would very apreciate
From fungah on 11/08/2007 Received Modify
<3 andamiro!! haha you too! though i can't tell you when i'll be at palisades next. i'm having too much fun at its. ^^
From Behemot on 11/06/2007 Received Modify
Can you pass me your version of Out of the Ashes? :)
From fungah on 10/29/2007 Received Modify
lol yeah. finally got all my songs in! i have to update a lot of my shitty scores that i sightread, lol. i will! i put it on r21freak and a mod told me a few things to change about it (notably, i'm going to add a hard chart without the 16th run and try to on-set the ending 32nds). after that's done, and i get some good ratings, i'll send it to you. :P yeah, i will. kiyan made me play that first time to see how the end went. lol, so i need to play it again because my 95 = eeeek.
From GoP-Demon on 10/28/2007 Received Modify
make sure songs aren't on read only when ogg lenghting ;o
From Mulletman on 10/27/2007 Received Modify
haha thanks but no way am i gonna get return of salieri for a while! im gonna wait a couple months to pass some other hard songs (holy thunderforce, bluearmy,) and then play strikes back again on video and see if i can get a much better score.
From Mulletman on 10/21/2007 Received Modify
dude i passed salieri strikes back finally! got an 81.29 so its not too bad. nice job on your 98 average, and also on that hot tell score lol.
From MadFrog on 10/15/2007 Received Modify
It's Insane Midget's file, you could get it somewhere on AIJ.
From OLC.BPN on 10/12/2007 Received Modify
lol, let's just say utopia is out of the question for now. but i'll try charlene, xuxa, and clockwork gen. i'm supposed to pass two 11 footers as my challenge, haha.
From OLC.BPN on 10/11/2007 Received Modify
hahah, no not yet! but this weekend i promise you, i will. actually.. no. no promises, but i'm gonna try really hard! =]
From OLC.BPN on 10/10/2007 Received Modify
hey tim! yay for my awesomely shitty scores, lol xD
From Mulletman on 9/28/2007 Received Modify
haha thanks dude. i think im getting my footspeed up too cuz i passed determinator last week and i tryed OML (lol) and got a quarter through it with pretty decent FA. also, if you get a chance to go online can you also send me return of salieri patched? like i said im trying to increase my footspeed.
From Mulletman on 9/23/2007 Received Modify
haha yeah dude but i need to work on footspeed i just wanna play it till i can combo...what is it like 440 8th notes? thats like 220 16ths which is about the speed of determinator. a little faster i think. but yeah thanks, and also did you see my new euphoria score? i was really happy with that. funny thing is that i started the song with a gold combo haha
From Mulletman on 9/21/2007 Received Modify
yeah ill put a video on youtube once my comp doesnt have a virus anymore =( by the way can you send me final destination? i want to try that to "build footspeed"
From Scholtzter on 9/18/2007 Received Modify
Hey thanks. too bad the score was fake. HAHA And yes it is. Tim means Pure sexiness!
From Pyro90x on 9/18/2007 Received Modify
ok this will take a bit but i'll go for it and fixed the monolith pic lol thanks for that
From Mulletman on 9/16/2007 Received Modify
nice summer and delerium score...how do you do it haha? i recently passed dokudenpa with an 88 though =)
From davidyko on 9/13/2007 Received Modify
Want me to change it? I know it's a pretty lame challenge.
From DF.CosmicPope on 9/03/2007 Received Modify
Yeah, I'll have fun here :) After playing on the machine here at U of I (which is less sensitive than the one I'm used to), I came back home for the weekend and got crazy scores. So hopefully by Christmas I'll be quaddin' it up haha. Keep up the stamina work man - get that FA up to match your stamina.
From Mulletman on 8/26/2007 Received Modify
YOU FUCKEN GOT OML!!!!!!!!!!! And with a really good score too for a first pass! get that on video in the arcade if you havent already thatll be awesome dude. Nice work! now its time for vertex beta! haha
From DF.CosmicPope on 8/24/2007 Received Modify
Nice job! I won't get a chance to try it 'til I am back in my hometown (I'm away at college). Hopefully I don't lose my stamina in that time :(
From fungah on 8/22/2007 Received Modify
Oh shit, son. It's on. I will take HotN. That score's mad old. XD Eh, we'll see how I do. I might not take any. o_O
From AJL.RAY! on 8/22/2007 Received Modify
lol the reason i sent that challenge was because itll take the same time for me from your challenge but i thought about it so change it from a * to a 92 on euphoria i know you have the speed for it.
From Mulletman on 8/20/2007 Received Modify
yeah i was pumped about that quad! i almost got another today: kiss me red hard. got 2 excellents. i also passed fight for deliverance. its here on groovestats if you havent heard of it but its like 4:30 mins of 170bpm 16ths. pretty tough song.
From Mulletman on 8/12/2007 Received Modify
oh and i forgot to say i almost got holy thunderforce. its obvious to me which one im gonna do first cuz i tryed holy orders and thunderforce today. holy orders i got about 10 percent through, and holy thunderforce i got like 65%-70% through. ill get it soon for sure!
From Mulletman on 8/12/2007 Received Modify
i win too! http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t38/mulletman233/ITG2043.jpg?t=1186951411
From Mulletman on 8/08/2007 Received Modify
yeah infernoplex is pretty cool. but i think thunderforce looks way easier than orders partly because i cant do 24's. but yeah i saw your new holy orders score too, its like 88 or something.
From Mulletman on 8/07/2007 Received Modify
i passed infernoplex with an 89 =)
From Mulletman on 8/03/2007 Received Modify
yeah infernoplex is patched i tryed it the other day and failed at the slowdown cuz i couldnt read it. but i did pass forever (full version) which is here on groovestats. =)
From Mulletman on 7/28/2007 Received Modify
i think infernoplex is patched already...ill try it this weekend
From Mulletman on 7/26/2007 Received Modify
whoops didnt even see the other message. i failed sailieri around 40% but i quit cuz there was a long line and i didnt want to piss people off. and is infernoplex already ogg patched? cuz otherwise i cant play it. once again nice job on vertex beta!
From Mulletman on 7/26/2007 Received Modify
aww yeah dude nice job! now beat calimist to passing it in the arcade!
From DarkCore on 7/10/2007 Received Modify
Um, I've starred Xuxa, so you might wanna edit that challenge.
From OnlineV4 on 6/28/2007 Received Modify
Echk, I don't know why I'm passing your "skip" songs. Probably because they're more fun :P
From Flound3r on 6/22/2007 Received Modify
lol go 60 go shouldn't be hard...but two more 11s might suck. this will take a while
From EvilDave219 on 3/05/2007 Received Modify
Thanks =) I'm sure you didn't know, but we just like to make sure that everything is an arcade score. That being said, nice freaking job passing OML, even if it is on a home pad.