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From 6T9 on 7/10/2008 Received Modify
lol yeah its a dedi cab with usb slots. Its less than a week old. Own all the expert songs with your name on it. Its joint premium so you could bring someone with you or I could come and pay the other 2 credits lol
From 6T9 on 7/09/2008 Received Modify
Oh shit. Its r23. you wanna get the ppl too make it r21? Oh its joint premium. 2 players for a credit
From 6T9 on 7/08/2008 Received Modify
stc, new itg2 machine, usb slots
From (SSS)BarX on 4/30/2008 Received Modify
P.S: You do NOT have more stamina than me. [Challenge list]
From JEREMYBOUCHARD on 9/16/2007 Received Modify
LMAO i know haha.
From Edgeworth on 5/12/2007 Received Modify
From Edgeworth on 4/15/2007 Received Modify
That sucks. I'm trying one more time to get back into it because I hate the part of myself that makes me always give up on everything I enjoy.
From Edgeworth on 4/13/2007 Replied Modify
I probably will stop passing you, I'm thinking of quitting. Or at least not playing competitively anymore.
From Mindo on 3/24/2007 Received Modify
Hey, add me on MSN, Cmindo@hotmail.com
From G-Star on 2/10/2007 Received Modify
are you gay? why are you messaging me faggot?
From !D!zZy!K@Z! on 1/27/2007 Received Modify
you were @ zakuseth right?
From Edgeworth on 1/12/2007 Received Modify
we're tied, lawl
From MFB on 6/05/2006 Received Modify
Hey man, yea i saw ur #1 scores, and i had to take them down lol. I tristared music plz, and a bunch of other stuff. I sorrta lied about stopping FAing, i have like 34 now hehe (on expert, 85 on hard). FAing is to good! Let RJ and I kno when ur goin to be dropping by FP again!
From MFB on 6/02/2006 Received Modify
hey man when did u go to FP? I saw some of ur scores there
From InspectorKen on 2/27/2006 Received Modify
For a person who has a higher % than me on Go60Go, Euphoria, Energizer AND Hardcore of the North, you are trying to tell me that Determintor and Delirium is THAT stamina draining?! It's not that hard. =P. Also update your ![E] 85%+. (which is hell easy)
From MRI-kun on 2/26/2006 Received Modify
just came to say hi, since i cant say that anymore at sky games...
From Ren-Ji on 1/11/2006 Received Modify
cool, keep on practicing and you'll know the steps for Determinator[E]. will * them, but Sunshine would be a bit hard. =\
From OmniQuark on 11/15/2005 Received Modify
How the hell am I suppose to pass the last song on Fusion Intense? It's on freaking FLIP >_<!!!
From OmniQuark on 11/06/2005 Received Modify
I already had everything for your challenge. Send a new one please ^_^
From zxevik on 8/11/2005 Received Modify
so how exactly DID you get that score on know your enemy? machine accidently unlocked it or something? good job on beating everyone to the punch :)