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From Mr.StraightEdgeKungLao on 11/03/2008 Received Modify
Break top 100 NOW! please
From Trousersnake on 9/30/2008 Received Modify
dude, your rank on hardcore of the north is 1337. That's fucking awesome.
From Kanji666 on 1/01/2008 Received Modify
lol, just keep practicing....it's really the only way. Plus, u have good FA, you should be able to get much better stamina-wise if you focus on it. Don't stop playing when you get tired, and really work on a lot of harder songs. Try to play sets of three 12s in a row. Say, Go 60 Go then Delerium then Hardcore of the North. It'll be hard, but when you get to do stuff like that (easily) Faing the faster stuff becomes much easier. Also, work on more stamina-driven songs, even though they are slower (ie. PANDY, BLOODRUSH)
From Kanji666 on 12/31/2007 Replied Modify
lol, i believe your real ITG scores. Your FA is pretty good, but you should fill out the rest of your expert scorecard.....and either delete the customs, or actually try and pass them!
From Kanji666 on 12/30/2007 Received Modify
Maybe i will. Oh, and you don't get that kind of score when you also get only a 98 on MFG and a 97 on D-Code. It's disproportionate. And you have no proof.
From Kanji666 on 12/17/2007 Received Modify
Nice fake OML score ;)
From AB34R on 12/02/2007 Received Modify
Nice fake Bonecrusher score ;)