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Custom Songs

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Klung Kung 2004 Expert Sgl
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Submitted by Infected.ChaosDragoon on Apr 07, 2008
Rating: 3.58/5.00 (out of 10 votes)   
Song Artist: Lady Gaga
Step Artist: ChaosDragoon
Difficulty (Meter): 11
Song Length: 4:00
Total Steps: 1165
Song BPM: 119
Jumps: 86
Holds: 26
Mines: 27
Handplants: 15
Rolls: 0
Additional Notes: Second gs file...deleted the first because I don't have a credit card to buy the next token, I love this song so I decided to step it.

Provide feedback and comments as usual. Vid's would be awesome.
# Name Score (%) Comments Photo Date
1 YUGI_ITG3 99.93 3 exelents  View Sep 09, 2009
2 AnX.AngelR4vE 99.92 3.6x, Overhead, ...    Mar 08, 2017
3 Effing Rick 99.29 Klung Kung  View Sep 29, 2009
4 asher swissa 96.37 No bar!!!  View May 26, 2009
5 Rapunzel1029 93.18 4x, hallway, ce ...    Sep 25, 2009
User Feedback
Posted by AB34R on Apr 08, 2008 - 10:55 AM Report
Is this really that bad that it gets a 1.9? Testing.
Posted by AB34R on Apr 08, 2008 - 10:58 AM Report
That wasn't a bad file at all. People are just being dicks.
Posted by Mootz on Apr 08, 2008 - 11:37 AM Report
I've been wondering that myself, sometimes my charts (and other people's) fall a great deal in their rating. It's really frustrating. anyway, I loved the song, and the chart was quite nice/ fun. GJ for your first gs charts!
Posted by FOXY! on Apr 08, 2008 - 06:40 PM Report
VEDY NICE! will try on pad soon and have sexy party, Alright high five!
Posted by AB34R on Apr 08, 2008 - 10:04 PM Report
I think now that rating files has become important, people just do it to mess with rankings. I know I rated a few files to get them out of ranking (unless they were really cool).
Posted by Infected.ChaosDragoon on Apr 12, 2008 - 11:16 AM Report
Thanks guys, now of only I can get the internet at home and be able to upload instead of asking someone else to do it for me, that would be great.
Posted by Shadow_Dragonz on Apr 25, 2008 - 04:04 PM Report
I'll have to try out this version. The one I have is a 14 which only Dann has been able to pass xD.
Posted by Felex on Jul 29, 2008 - 10:11 AM Report
its a fun chart, just its too hard for an eleven, Dragoon, me and you couldnt even pass it and you can do 12s
Posted by PkRynker on May 31, 2009 - 04:40 PM Report
lol noob
Posted by Infected.ChaosDragoon on Jun 08, 2009 - 01:58 PM Report
What??? because I changed the chart, or because I uploaded a chart for this before you had a chance? Besides, I think I did quite well with the chart.
Posted by sonicfan0 on Nov 01, 2010 - 04:49 AM Report
the only 11 by you i couldn't pass way back when, however it is an 11