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The Power of The Underground Expert Sgl
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Submitted by Chiko on Jul 24, 2008
Rating: 3.31/5.00 (out of 5 votes)   
Song Artist: DJ Sharpnel
Step Artist: Chiko
Difficulty (Meter): 14
Song Length: 4:36
Total Steps: 1931
Song BPM: 195
Jumps: 132
Holds: 30
Mines: 0
Handplants: 0
Rolls: 0
Additional Notes: ==Updated September 11==

This is just another addition to the already massive library of long, hard, and repetitive DJ Sharpnel tracks.

There are some easy bpm stops, but no bpm changes.

The change as of Sept 11th is there is now only one difficulty. The crossover chart has been removed, and the hard chart has been moved up to the expert spot and re-rated 14.

There are no images included in this rar, even though the notes file references one. They will be in the full pack that I release.. eventually.
# Name Score (%) Comments Photo Date
1 Yangitg 91.81     May 27, 2010
2 GF.Escad 89.04 The crossovers ...    Jul 28, 2008
3 DF.Xyton 82.71 first pass    Oct 01, 2008
4 GF.Zarkonis 79.00     Jun 02, 2009
5 Chiko 1.00 Video is of ste ...  View Oct 30, 2008
User Feedback
Posted by kwakgoduck on Jul 24, 2008 - 08:55 PM Report
Eh... I could just be dumb, but it seemed to me like the steps weren't really... pad steps. There were dead end crossovers and whatnot all over, I think; I only played it once, though, so maybe it was just me being a tard lol.
Posted by call on Jul 24, 2008 - 10:15 PM Report
I liked it, will probably try it on pad tomorrow =)
Posted by Chiko on Jul 25, 2008 - 12:49 AM Report

All the crossovers work. It's just about positioning yourself correctly before them.
Also, they're pretty fast. Try it a few times and you should see them. :)
There's not very many anyway.
Posted by Chiko on Jul 25, 2008 - 12:55 AM Report

Good luck! Be sure to post your score!
Posted by GF.Escad on Jul 27, 2008 - 02:18 PM Report
This is definitely a 14. Not only that, but it's a mid 14 as well. I dislike the crossover section, I don't think it fits that well but the rest is fairly golden.
Posted by GF.Escad on Jul 27, 2008 - 02:18 PM Report
Oh and I'll post my score when I get a chance to try it out.
Posted by kwakgoduck on Jul 28, 2008 - 09:58 PM Report
I mean dead end crossovers as in they don't flow together from one stream to the next - I didn't mean they don't work. *shrug*

Maybe I'm just old fashioned.
Posted by Chiko on Jul 29, 2008 - 12:16 AM Report
I have switched out the rar with a new version that includes a hard and an expert chart. The expert is the same as the old expert chart (one minor change in some 8th notes), and the hard is the same except the crossovers have been taken out.
Posted by GF.Escad on Jul 29, 2008 - 02:19 AM Report
I love the new hard chart. Flows a lot better. I'll be playing this one a lot at the arcade ^.^ I still think it should be a 14 though. From a purely stamina standpoint, it definitely deserves it.
Posted by GF.Zarkonis on Nov 14, 2008 - 11:59 PM Report

Posted by Maximum Overdrive on Sep 11, 2009 - 07:53 PM Report
Actually pretty fun to play.
Posted by Yangitg on May 27, 2010 - 05:21 PM Report
very hard this song! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000361357024&ref=ts#!/photo.php?pid=1347674&id=1089984285 to cmoprobe my record