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Gangsta's Paradise (Happy Hardcore Remix Expert Sgl
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Submitted by JOKR on Sep 22, 2009
Rating: 3.42/5.00 (out of 3 votes)   
Song Artist: Coolio
Step Artist: JOKR
Difficulty (Meter): 12
Song Length: 4:58
Total Steps: 2147
Song BPM: 160
Jumps: 71
Holds: 80
Mines: 0
Handplants: 0
Rolls: 0
Additional Notes: I'm good at 140bpm runs (who isn't?) and I'm not bad at quick bursts. In the past tho, I've had a really tough time with long runs at faster bpms (160+). I didn't get too tired but my legs locked up badly til they just wouldn't move anymore, generally causing me to fail songs before I'd even had the opportunity to test my stamina. Luckily, my foot speed's been increasing a little within recent months and I've become more capable of maintaining faster, longer runs. That brings me to my motivation behind this song and stepchart: I'd been hesitating on making this chart for a lonnnng time because the way I'd imagined the steps were exactly as they ended up: streamy. Up until a few months ago, 160 bpm stream for like 5 minutes didn't really seem within my ability range and I didn't want to make a chart that I couldn't enjoy OR "water down" what I saw as an ideal chart just so that I'D be able to pass it. Fuck that shit. Luckily, I pushed myself to get better and now I'm able to enjoy playing this chart just as I'd been wanting to for so long. Yay for 160bpm run!!!

I DID have some issues when trying to sync this song, as it seems the bpm changes SLIGHTLY in sections. I did my best to fix what I could in the time I had to work on it the morning I finished it, 9/17/09, but finally had to leave it as it is now. Hopefully, it'll still work out alright and won't be too noticeably off sync to enjoy. Let me know if any of you have suggestions on a simple way I can improve syncing. Also, feel free to sync it better yourself! I'd actually appreciate it if someone could perfect it any better than I did.

*Edit and Expert charts are the same.
# Name Score (%) Comments Photo Date
1 Dave Tarma 99.75 Colombian Power  View Mar 02, 2011
2 YUGI_ITG3 99.29 FEC  View May 28, 2010
3 AnX.AngelR4vE 98.55 3.2x, Overhead, ...    Mar 08, 2017
4 Ash ketchum! 98.51   View Jun 26, 2016
5 GIO 97.68     Jan 28, 2011
User Feedback
Posted by Darkstar on Sep 23, 2009 - 12:10 AM Report
ok so I tried it on stepmania just now and i really love the rhythm of the steps :D buttt.... I don't really like the actual pattern of the steps in the streams seeing as how most of them are continuous steps of the same 2 arrows switching very mildly. I
Posted by Darkstar on Sep 23, 2009 - 02:26 AM Report
i love how it says max 1000 characters and it deleted most of my damn post.......
Posted by ADO! on Jun 23, 2010 - 07:22 PM Report
es una excelente cancion desde costa rica para el mundo