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Eden (IIDX Cut) Expert Sgl
Download File (972 Downloads)
Submitted by SOS Brigade.Yuki on Feb 15, 2007
Rating: 3.72/5.00 (out of 6 votes)   
Song Artist: TERRA
Step Artist: King of Light
Difficulty (Meter): 11
Song Length: 2:07
Total Steps: 561
Song BPM: 100 - 200
Jumps: 80
Holds: 51
Mines: 3
Handplants: 3
Rolls: 6
Additional Notes: Single:

Novice - 2
Easy - 4
Medium - 6
Hard - 9
Expert - 11


Easy - 4
Medium - 6
Hard - 8
Expert - 11

First things first, banner and background credit goes to Xythar from the VJArmy Happy Sky pack.

The music file is already ogg patched and ready to go.

I only listed the Expert single information on this site, so be sure to check out the other difficulties, especially the Expert double. This is a very nice song by TERRA from Happy Sky, and it's my favorite song from that game (maybe any music game), so I hope you enjoy it!
Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Update on 2/17/07:
Changed small aspects of the single hard chart.

Update on 4/20/07
Changed the beginning of the file to include a pause instead of the BPM gimmick. If you downloaded a file with this pause, change the pause value from 0.876 to 0.863.
# Name Score (%) Comments Photo Date
1 NekoSempai 99.13 Best song in HS ...    May 29, 2007
2 SOS Brigade.Yuki 99.02 Approx score wi ...    Sep 17, 2007
3 reflux 98.82 sightread    Feb 24, 2007
4 Kanji666 98.67 love this song    Jan 19, 2008
5 PkRynker 97.99 wtf tasty  View Apr 08, 2007
6 AFAD.sakuneko 97.29 gaddamn    Feb 26, 2007
7 MidnightWolf 97.28   View Feb 19, 2008
8 zdr 97.00 At least 97    Dec 03, 2007
9 AB34R 96.11 Sightread.    Sep 29, 2007
10 (OZA) 94.14 so bad! sightre ...  View Sep 15, 2007
11 ToG_Lamoc 93.42     Feb 06, 2008
12 THE RAINE 93.07 Within .50% Sig ...    Oct 15, 2007
13 h3llbringer 91.26     Oct 28, 2007
14 Xion 90.78     Apr 14, 2007
15 PenguinMessiah 79.19     Sep 27, 2007
User Feedback
Posted by Leon Evolon on Feb 16, 2007 - 11:41 PM Report
The part where it's repeating 8th (blue) notes between beats 26-40 is not really going with the flow of the music since the drums are more prominent in that part. Just a suggestion though, I could be wrong, but I feel gallops might work the part quite we
Posted by Leon Evolon on Feb 16, 2007 - 11:41 PM Report

¬.¬ character limits... bah
Posted by SOS Brigade.Yuki on Feb 17, 2007 - 12:30 AM Report
Thanks for the feedback.
I absolutely love that roll gimmick in the expert chart, so there's no way I'm taking that out.
But I did take your suggestion and I added gallops to that part of the music in the single hard. Enjoy :)
Posted by Shadow_Dragonz on Apr 16, 2007 - 12:16 PM Report
I enjoy the singles version of the song. I think I tried this doubles chart, or another. But I didn't like it too much. The steps were very awkward. I appologize if I'm thinking of another Doubles chart tho.
Posted by SOS Brigade.Yuki on Apr 16, 2007 - 03:08 PM Report
Did the double chart you play have the same one footed rolls as the single?
Posted by Shadow_Dragonz on Apr 26, 2007 - 12:55 PM Report
The chart I remember playing had a lot of running back and fourth across the pad. There's a roll (blue?) tap on the p1 side on the left arrow. Also the chart has a lot of stream. Probably I just need to play doubles more cause that stream KILLS me. D
Posted by SOS Brigade.Yuki on Apr 27, 2007 - 11:19 PM Report
I think you're thinking of Under the Sky. It has a lot of 16th stream, and running back and forth.
Eden doesn't have a lot of streams, it's a more technical 11, and IMO more enjoyable.