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User Name: Jimbo22291
Machine Tag: JIM!
Region: Ohio
Total Quads/100%s: 26
Triumph Points: 18
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Play Style: Always Bar
Member since: July 5th, 2005
Last Profile Update: August 26th, 2013
Name: Jim Olivola
Birthday: Feb 22, 1991
Hometown: Rutherford, NJ
Height: 6' 3"
Hair: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Started Playing: June 2004.

Hey, my name is Jim, better known to the community as Jimbo. I'm an on-and-off ITG2 player, but I am mostly a custom song step artist and a tournament director. Currently semi-retired due to the lack of a machine and a busy academic/work life.


Jan 07- Started playing ITG.

2/16/07- All expert is filled in. 97.51% average, and I went from 321 to 176 in the expert rankings. Determinator and Vertex^2 left to clear, but they don't count so whatever...

2/17/07- slipped in a couple more games today. got up to 85 expert ***s and bought a couple of terrible scores into * territory or above. Also a couple of minor improvements as well. Ranked 164 with a 97.66% overall average. Fuck Determinator and Vertex^2... these songs are REALLY hurting my average.

2/24/07- played a small handful of expert songs, but a buttload of hard songs since i got bored. got my first quad star, xuxa hard, on a sightread! 97.68% expert avg, still 166 in rankings -_-

3/4/07- played a bunch today, more big improvements on expert songs. Even improving easy songs with low tri stars helped ALOT. Determinator and Vertex^2 went up about 10% and 5% respectively, and i almost passed them. oh well :( 97.92% expert avg and ranked 148 right now.

3/9/07- fixed a bunch of bad scores, especially stuff that are hard 10s and above. got my 90th expert tri-star, sweet world! 98.04% expert avg and ranked 142 right now. i got the ** average! now to get 99+....

3/10/07- tri-stared a handful of 11s and got my 1st *** on a 12, vertex, with a 99.01%! also managed to pass vertex^2 and determinator and raise them enough to put me at a 98.26% expert avg and ranked 128. also up to 94 expert tri-stars.

3/17/07- very good day. destroyed a whole bunch of my old 9 foot expert songs (and some 10s). Tri-starred everything 10 and below and expert, last one being one false move. Double-starred everything 11 and below on expert, last one being clockwork genesis. Also improved a handful of 12s by 2-5% each, which in total caused me to jump to 109 in the expert rankings with a 98.48% expert average. Top 100, here I come!! :)

3/31/07- raised alot of 9s and a couple of 10s on expert. Raised tell by almost 3%, still unfortunately not enough for the top 100. Ranked 106 on expert with a 98.55% average. The fact that your whole ranking depends on ridiculous charts annoys me. If I raise them scores a good amount, I'll be top 50 in no time... =(

4/5/07- fiddled with the handful of 9s i had to get above 99.5%... now EVERY 9 except for lipstick kiss on expert is above 99.5%. Also improved Determinator by nearly 2%. Brings me up to a 98.58% expert average and 104 in the rankings. Getting to the top 100 is taking longer than taking a shit while constipated. Oh, and my arcade is dumb and upgraded to R23... although it shouldn't really last to long when I argue with them!

4/6/07- very very good day. Shaved off some excellents on my 9s, and quite a bit on my 10s. Went up 7.5% on Bloodrush Expert, sending up to 96 in the expert rankings with a 98.67% average!!! I finally made the top 100!!! :D :D

4/14/07- Entered my first ITG2 tourny in almost 2 years at 8otb, during the mid-a meetup. I shot the small handful of songs I played through the roof due to the amazing condition of 8otb's machine. Got my first tournament quad star, Disc Hyper Hard, which brings me to 2 quad stars. Now, I have a 98.69% Expert Average and I'm ranked 94. What a blast I had today! :)

4/25/07- Played at In The Swing in Waldwick, NJ for the first time. Not a bad place for ITG2 at all.. at least for scores. Improved a batch of 9s along with more songs to complete my challenges. **'d Energizer and improved a couple other 12s to bring me up to a 98.74% Expert Avg and 94 in the rankings. Why is In The Swing usually so empty in terms of ITG2 players? :(

4/28/07- More ITG @ In The Swing. I think I completely hit a wall on expert, so I'm going to try and fill in hard. I ***'d Pandy on Hard and almost ***'d Vertex^2 on hard as well. It should be easy to get my hard average up now since I massively improved those two songs. As for expert: 98.76% avg and ranked 92.

5/4/07- Still mostly playing hard mode! Sightread and got 1 excellent on like 5 songs, and quadded 2 as well. On expert, I SDE'd four more 9s bringing me to only 2 more left to SDE. Raised Delirium quite a bit, and I now have a 98.79% Expert Avg and ranked 93, lol.

5/5/07- CINCO DE MAYO! Well, whatever. I played ALOT today, mostly for free, and filled in even more hard songs. Went from like 64 missing hard entries to 14 missing hard entries within 2 days, I play too much. Got a ton of sightread quad stars on hard for a day!  I'll definitely finish up hard mode next time I play. Also, went up like .1% on expert to 98.80%. Not bad for a minor improvement on one song! :p

5/11/07- Finished filling in everything on hard mode. Unfortunately, no new quads, but I got 1e on a bunch of songs which is still allright for my average. My hard average is now 99.63% and I'm ranked 22 for hard. Since I have ALOT of old scores on hard, I can probably get this even higher! :)

5/12/07- Good day again. Had good runs on my 13s, improving pandy by 8% and Vertex^2 by 3%, along with other decent improvements on expert. Got my first expert tri-star in a while, Delirium, bringing me up to 99 expert tri-stars. As for hard, started improving alot of my old scores and shot all of them through the roof! For Expert, I am at 98.92% and I'm ranked 80. As for hard, I am at 99.74% and I'm ranked 16.

5/19/07- Very good day! Improved Euphoria by 2% and improved a small handful of songs on expert. As for hard, I improved a handful of songs by .3-.5%, which is ALOT for the point I'm at. My Expert Average is 98.95% and I'm ranked 79, while my Hard Average is 99.78% and I'm ranked 10. I made the top 10 on hard! Next goal: 99% average on Expert! :O

5/27/07- Not too much playing today at 8otb. Improved a couple scores here and there with a messed up bar, and now I'm up to 98.96% for an expert average... stil ranked 80 though. Not too bad!

6/09/07- Very good day! Got a whole bunch of good improvements on songs. Expert *** #100 was Clockwork Genesis, by alot. And I got my first Expert Quad Star today; Psalm Pilot! I know a lot of people have gotten this already, but I finally broke the curse! I am at a 98.99% Expert Average and ranked 78... I pretty much have the 99% avg in the bag, so it's just a matter of when I play again! :)

6/16/07- Didn't do much playing today at all. Still got up to a 99.03% Expert Average though (ranked 74 too)!!! Six months after I started playing again seriously and four months after I filled in my expert scoresheet, I broke the 99% barrier. I'm still going to play and all, as my next goal is to improve my 12s and 13s to get up to the top 30! :)

6/30/07- I'm moving my location to the break due to the fact that I need more bang for my buck! Plus, I'm trying to get better at AC Pop'n, IIDX, and Pump it Up Pro (which is an awesome game, and I've never played ANY Pump before playing on that). Seriously, FnG's machine is WAY too expensive for the amount of time it has been there. If they lowered the price, I'd go there again. Trust me, you'll know what I mean when you're almost done with school and about to go out into the real world! Accomplishments wise, thanks to 8otb having the coolest Roxor Cab ever, I shot up some old records up that I never thought I can improve at FnG, mostly one shot. The harder songs were probably flukes, but I really don't care! Went up to a 99.07% Expert Average and I'm ranked 70. Didn't think I could go up .04% that fast, especially for the point I'm at, haha.

8/11/07- Well, I don't see any more room for improvement for my scores, so I'm pretty bored with regular ITG2. I'm probably just going to play custom songs, and stick to being an R21 simfile author, tournament director, and anything else that can bring the ITG2 community together. This game is still fun, but not something I should spend a lot of money on once or twice a week.

10/28/07- One last update I've never gotten around to doing. This should put me where I belong in the rankings now. And it is still very disappointingly low; people are too good at this game now. This is where I will stay for good. The end.

2/14/09- I played a lot at the break today, and Rebirth seems like a lot of fun. I'm going to probably play through that for a while and see how I do. I'm only playing for fun and to stay in shape. :)

2/16/09- Yeah, I'm back in action for now. Filled in more Rebirth and got some pretty good scores. Like I said, I'm doing this for fun and to stay in shape. :)

4/17/09- Just about done filling in Rebirth. I'll likely have a 99% average on that as long as I don't fuck up Chromatic Blitz at all when I fill it in. D:

4/25/09- Filled in Rebirth. Got my first Expert Quad in almost two years: Lady Bug! 98.62% Rebirth Average thanks to my awesome 51.89 fail on Chromatic Blitz. All it will take is a fluke on this to get the 99% Rebirth average. :(

4/26/09- Another day, another ITG session. Had a pretty good hot streak, so I passed Chromatic Blitz and up'd a ton of Rebirth scores. Broke the 99% average on Rebirth Expert, which is 99.12% as of right now. As for officials, I managed to improve Pandy by about 5% and Vertex^2 by like 10%, so my Officials Expert average is now a 99.35% (ranked 89!). Now I have no idea what to do.

6/14/09- Got another expert quad, which is a rare event, so it deserves a post here: Save The Last Dance For Me! Also did some other stuff to get my Officials Expert Avg to 99.36%, and 99.19% on Rebirth.

7/1//09- Meh. I improved my expert average to 99.37%. Oh, a got a quad the other day. No Princess. Awesome.

7/17/09- Flagged 5 songs. Expert Average: 99.38%

7/21/09- Expert #3, Boogie Down @ 8OTB. Improved some other 9s and got up to 99.39% expert average.

7/22/09- Expert #4- Incognito. More 9/10 improvements. 99.41% expert average.

7/30/09- Good day of overdue improvements. 99.44% expert average.

8/06/09- Tri-starred Energizer for the first time and improved a couple more scores. 99.45% expert average.

8/07/09- A couple of big improvements on some songs. 99.47% expert average.

8/11/09- Expert Quad #5- Wanna Do! Plus a couple more improvements. 99.48% average now.

8/31/09- Excellent stuff. Upped a bunch of songs, and finally ***'d Hardcore Symphony. I don't know why I've sucked at that song for so long. And I flagged Destiny. What the fuck. I don't understand myself and my random scores. All improvements have brought me up to a 99.50% expert average, which was my all-time goal. Yay!

1/12/10- Random session. Quadded Fleadh Uncut. Whatever. This game sucks. :p

1/20/10- Random session, but had a hot streak at one point. 4 quads in a row: July Euromix, High, This Is Rock & Roll, and Disconnected Disco. Broke that streak on Flying High, ugh. Brings me to 10 official Expert quads!

8/22/11- I live in Columbus, OH now. YAY!! Hopefully will get better with Fort Rapids' machine.

8/22/13- Two years later, no machines in Ohio. This was fun to go back to and look at. How much has changed in 6 years!
Jimbo22291's Recent Scores:
Song Name Score (%) Pack Date Submitted
Tribal Style 100.00 In the Groove 2 8/29/2010
Disconnected Disco 100.00 In the Groove 2 1/20/2010
This is Rock & Roll 100.00 In the Groove 2 1/20/2010
High 100.00 In the Groove 2 1/20/2010
July -Euromix- 100.00 In the Groove 2 1/20/2010
Single In The Groove 1 & 2 Overall Percentages Double
Expert  99.50% 0.00%  Expert
Hard  99.78% 0.00%  Hard
Medium  0.00% 0.00%  Medium
Easy  0.00% 0.00%  Easy
Total  47.54% 0.00%  Total
Single Overall Percentages: ITG Courses Double
Intense  4.70% 0.00%  Intense
Normal  2.28% 0.00%  Normal
Survival  0.00% 0.00%  Survival
Total  3.15% 0.00%  Total