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From zXevik on 8/21/2015 Received Modify
is it greedy of me to want both? i seem to be having better luck with speed. i can do stamina but i only get maybe like 4 solid attempts in a day before my body wants to give up. i can stream up to 230 for up to 8 measures, do like 4ish measures of 250, or sustained bursts of single measures up to like 330ish. bear in mind im on a traditional simplylove on a converted ddr cabinet, no stomperz, no shoes, and my arrows are borderline flush but not enough to glide it. thats where im at. i passed my first 16 today.
From zXevik on 8/11/2015 Received Modify
i do plan to stick around man, arrows are life. i need to buy my own machine too, right now im playing on mud's converted ddr cab and ill be moving out in november when he sells the house. it works for now but as i progress into 17+ its going to be pretty impossible to get good scores without a dedicab. if you know anyone tossing out a machine/quitting let them know im an interested buyer with cash in hand.
From winterfr3sh on 6/22/2015 Received Modify
From winterfr3sh on 5/29/2015 Received Modify
Whattt you changed your name again?!
From winterfr3sh on 5/14/2015 Received Modify
yup! I'll gladly accept and thanks. I need to keep pushing in order to keep up this improvement pace. I really do believe I can do Stars after getting more comfy with 200bpm. the patterns really aren't that awful, having just played in on keyboard. I'm great at stamina, so I feel like it will be in range after a month or two, assuming i don't fall off the bandwagon!
From winterfr3sh on 5/11/2015 Received Modify
no problem! that's one hell of a challenge btw.
From winterfr3sh on 5/09/2015 Received Modify
Just beat Detonator... it wasn't ridiculous but it was super hard to stick with it... my first attempt today was a 57% FAIL... so I took a break and then beat it with 81.07% and it was pretty HARD man. But yeah thanks for the challenge. I beat it.
From winterfr3sh on 5/09/2015 Received Modify
I beat addiction! Still need to finish ur challenge though.... probably Detonator.
From winterfr3sh on 5/02/2015 Received Modify
Ok cool I got your account. I haven't been on twitter for like 8 years haha
From winterfr3sh on 5/01/2015 Received Modify
Are you on Facebook? I want to friend you. I'm Tom Winter
From winterfr3sh on 5/01/2015 Received Modify
Hey dude what's up?
From PiNK Rose on 4/07/2015 Received Modify
Hahaha. I decided to post my scores, no matter how terrible, to motivate myself to try harder. I realize I give up a lot and/or have the mentality of not caring as much to put in the effort, which doesn't help me in the long run. XD
From Thai on 3/22/2015 Received Modify
I got my machine at an online auction, it's not a dedicab, it's an upgrade. xD
From Thai on 3/21/2015 Received Modify
Good to hear, glad I helped somehow aha. I tried your challenge and failed it in the second stream, so... my stamina/footspeed isn't that bad but I still have to work to get it back. xD
From VERTEX KIO on 3/18/2015 Received Modify
gracias,le recomiendo
From VERTEX KIO on 3/14/2015 Received Modify
trate de buscar en internet pero no pude encontrar nada, no me aparece nada que me ayude :(
From fernandg on 10/17/2014 Received Modify
soft lemme 1v1 your bro first