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Boner Musician's Profile

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Challenges Messages
Game In The Groove Series   Pump it Up Pro Series   All  
Expert/Crazy Nightmare
Hard Freestyle
Medium Half Doubles

Type Single Double
Block Range to
Song Pack Score (%) Comments Photo Date
Baby Don't You Want Me In the Groove 2 100.00   View 11/30/2005
Birdie In the Groove 2 100.00 yay 2 quads in ...    11/12/2006
Da Roots In the Groove 100.00 cash money  View 8/20/2007
Flying High In the Groove 100.00 yeah yeah wut  View 8/20/2007
Kiss Me Red In the Groove 100.00 in a tournament ...    11/12/2006
On a Day Like Today In the Groove 100.00 BALLAN    6/20/2008
Psalm Pilot In the Groove 2 100.00   YES!!! number o ...  View 9/21/2006
Solina In the Groove 100.00 so good  View 8/20/2007
The Game In the Groove 100.00 fgsfds  View 8/20/2007
The Message In the Groove 2 100.00 YEY    2/16/2008
Vorsprung Durch -Techno- In the Groove 2 100.00 LOL OKAY SURE    6/20/2008
We Know What To Do In the Groove 2 100.00 =D  View 11/09/2005
Why Me In the Groove 100.00 kalol  View 12/23/2005
Total 100%s: 13 Avg Difficulty: 7.46