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DanPeriod's Profile

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User Name: DanPeriod
Machine Tag: DAN.
Machine Location: New Jersey - 8 on the break
Region: New Jersey
Total Quads/100%s: 7
Triumph Points: 14136
Age: 39
Sex: Male
Play Style: Always Bar
Member since: December 19th, 2004
Last Profile Update: May 23rd, 2022
Bemani fan since around 2002. I feel like just about every player in the tri-state area has at least met me at some point, but it's cool if you don't remember me!

Played ITG a bunch in the 2006-2009 heydays. Made some random simfiles/stepcharts. I'm in the ITG1 & 2 credit group shots somewhere.

Released a series of ancient Flash music games called Metal Freaks... sup if you ever played them, sorry that I didn't continue it after V. Maybe someday a proper successor will happen, but I haven't felt inspired enough (yet) and want to make something that's truly unique next time.

Got a SMX pad during the pandemic, so playing again on occasion. I hang out on NinjaNabi's twitch channel sometimes too.
Single In The Groove 1 & 2 Overall Percentages Double
Expert  91.35% 0.00%  Expert
Hard  97.24% 17.95%  Hard
Medium  98.64% 0.68%  Medium
Easy  23.07% 0.00%  Easy
Total  76.94% 4.78%  Total
Single Eurobeat Is Fantastic Series Overall Percentages Double
Expert  33.92% 0.00%  Expert
Hard  28.94% 0.00%  Hard
Medium  20.36% 0.00%  Medium
Easy  69.17% 0.00%  Easy
Total  37.99% 0.00%  Total