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From 3X.PPS on 8/30/2012 Active Modify
Beat me in a set on any DDR machine or I cannot rank you master of both DDR and ITG LMFAO!!!. I'm not hard to find, if you ever visit Florida.
From Judas X8 on 12/28/2006 Active Modify
we all know you 99% pandy we have all seen the video, why do you have 98% on it. fix that and put down the rest of your home scores.
From SAC.Razor on 6/14/2006 Active Modify
Hey, my name is Chris, I'm your age, and we both started playing around the same time, what a coincedence, lol. Anyway, quad-star all of your current 99.9x's. Oh, and challenge me back.
From Udo Octim on 3/28/2006 Active Modify
try ***ing Perfect on the home version on the pad of course it should be a little difficult knowing there are a lot of off-beats.
From FattyWhale on 2/09/2006 Active Modify
Put in a score for all songs on Hard/Expert home version, regardless of whether you think it is crap or not.
From Scaggyballer17 on 11/10/2005 Active Modify
99 all songs other than pandy on home version
From Solid Gold on 10/18/2005 Active Modify
Get Level 2 star completion on ITG:Home on the pad, and post it in the thread on ITGFreak.
From Scaggyballer17 on 9/19/2005 Active Modify
Make all songs, other than pandomonium, 10ex or less for home version. I'll beat you to it.
From 3X.PPS on 6/05/2013 Completed Modify
Get 99.50%(+) on Vertex^2.
From baraka on 9/14/2012 Completed Modify
for god's sake, play one false move and know your enemy again.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 7/31/2012 Completed Modify
Take #1 on Groovestats. (Also keep taking pictures/videos of everything, like you have been)
From Minime on 7/06/2005 Completed Modify
Sup Chris. Can you break 95 on Tell? Maybe you have already, but it looks like you'll have to message me back when you do. No more home scores. FYI, this is wooger181 from GFaqs. If you want, you can send me a challenge back, but it'll be a while before I hit another ITG machine.
From N00b_Saib0t on 6/24/2005 Completed Modify
hey you know who this is :) break 90% on euphoria, and put a vid of it on gamefaqs if you get a chance. oh, and challenge me back.