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From 3X.PPS on 5/02/2008 Active Modify
Improve your vertex^2 score to at least 80%. I suggest 1.5 mini if you play 1x.
From Matt1360 on 11/11/2007 Active Modify
Hmm...One more, I just passed Uber Rave (First pass, and try since we played it at Dave Tourney)...And considering you failed at the tourney, beat it (and kill my score, easily) -- 84.85% ( http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/6757/screen00583cr7.jpg ) -- Yea I tore up my shoes at the end because of the brackets, I was getting tired and forgot that you have to "lift" your feet to move them, haha
From Matt1360 on 11/11/2007 Active Modify
Double Star Clockwork Genesis :)
From Lumen_ on 10/25/2007 Active Modify
You're kinda lacking in the expert quads dept. So two more of those. Oh and 90+ every song except Vertex^2. And finish my other challenge already ;)
From newblue22 on 10/14/2007 Active Modify
i need a new SDE challenge for you. hmmmm. SDE queen of light
From Matt1360 on 9/12/2007 Active Modify
90 Determinator...

Come down to the Falls again, I made homepads, and am getting better scores than at Midway - Mostly, Rofl.

Send me another challenge, I'll be playing 11's and 12's alot more now with these pads, once I finish them, and they can take a constant pounding ;)
From Snicklefritz on 9/09/2007 Active Modify
beat my tell score, my pandy score, and my umm...shit i forgot the last one....OH YEA, monolith. this is easy as shit man. see ya at the Dance for strong kids tourny if ur going. challenge back.
From BarX on 8/07/2007 Active Modify
Hey you JEWBAG! I Want you to Quad High Expert SDE with less than 5 on a 10, SDE an 11, Tristar a 12, and DOUBLE STAR A 13 FAT ASS! Like C'mon, i have a 13 Tristar and a Double Star =S
I hate you
From Lumen_ on 7/11/2007 Active Modify
97.5 Go 60 Go and Delerium, * Symphony and ** !. If you get a full 1% or more than what I challenged (ie, you get 98.5 on Delerium or 97 on Symphony) you can cancel one of the other songs.
From newblue22 on 6/10/2007 Active Modify
oops this was on message....rebeat my summer!!! lol. 92.19 no recalc ;)
sigh... stop playing summer! :-P
From h3llbringer on 3/12/2007 Active Modify
Get a total of 170% or better on Caddywhompus and Transience Intense.
From BNS.Devman on 2/01/2007 Active Modify
Start Coming to Ottawa More so when we play, i can get better scores :)
From (SSS)XSoulX on 12/09/2006 Active Modify
hey wadup aves long time no see =) ...just looking at a few of ur score's and dude u rock :D ..but there's still much place for improvement though..how bout getting *** one false move[H] and at least ** go 60 go[H]..I have them..so u can too xD (considering u are WAYYYY better than me) ..good luck man and send one back on Hard also plz =) ..see ya soon :)
From want_lube? on 10/09/2006 Active Modify
IM BEATING YOU IN PERSEPTION! LOL beat my 96.96 5x in a row lol
From BarX on 2/05/2006 Active Modify
Stop Playing hard songs Agaimnst me! lol you know that kills me
From NeoBlargg on 11/10/2005 Active Modify
Free yourself of 70-80% scores on expert songs, or perish!
Lissssten... duh dun...
From Gooey.Octopussy on 8/18/2007 Completed Modify
90+ Bloodrush [E] and add another pussy to your buddy list, buddy bud bud.
From CLEAN.Niko_K on 7/13/2007 Completed Modify
Hey you ;) I caught up

SDE Amore ;)
3ex + 3 pad crap... also got 9ex FEC the next day
From jsk on 7/08/2007 Completed Modify
85+ Determinator, 90+ Tell, ** Destiny, *** Robotix
phew, about damn time... don't bother with the next determinator challenge, someone already said 90+... yikes
From Matt1360 on 7/03/2007 Completed Modify
Tristar Pandemonium on Medium, at least...You have a 96 on it now ;)

Send me a challenge if you want :)
From MFB on 5/06/2007 Completed Modify
hmm i think i told u this after the tournament, but yea I challenge you to take down my Turn It On(E) at the Funland machine! I think it's at 99.75.
woohoo, MR#1 with the same score as you ;-)
From OmniQuark on 4/30/2007 Completed Modify
You should delete or abandon my other challenge btw ;) ****Why me[H] already. Oh and for *** Xuxa[E] before me, beat my score on [H] 99.75 I think.
no way! I'm gonna complete your other challenge, you'll see... 99.83 on Xuxa[H]... Why Me was a bitch
From newblue22 on 4/28/2007 Completed Modify
SDE Fleadh Uncut expert. Looks like you havent played it in a while. I think you will be pleasantly suprised at how easy it will be for you now :D!
From newblue22 on 4/25/2007 Completed Modify
I dont think youve played summer in a while. Beat my summer score. 88.66
From CLEAN.LEET on 4/22/2007 Completed Modify
70 Expert ***'s :P
now to pass you in tristar count ;-)
From BarX on 2/07/2007 Completed Modify
100.00% Sounds of Life Expert
I passed it, good enough
From CLEAN.Niko_K on 10/20/2006 Completed Modify
80+ on Bang and/Or Energizer :)
From BarX on 10/03/2006 Completed Modify
I Take my Last Challenge back, I just got a Quad on Hard.... Match me and get an Expert Quad... My Suggestion is Why Me because it is EASY!
No Princess
From (SSS)XSoulX on 8/07/2006 Completed Modify
salut aves :) xD. fait les tounnes suivantes a hard: ** Bend ur mind,*** DJ pArty(plate lol),et **go 60 go. aussi revois moi un challenge s.v.p :) .a+
From shfgashgjasgfa on 6/19/2006 Completed Modify
Quad Star Solina Hard (so close) and *** Remember December hard! Good Luck!! :)
From OshawaACE on 5/06/2006 Completed Modify
sorry for the double post. ** a new survival.
From Ren-Ji on 4/20/2006 Completed Modify
hey u bum, get 98% average on hard. challenge me back!
From CFAC 317 on 4/17/2006 Completed Modify
hey man, break 80% on hyper and hardcore symphony
From OshawaACE on 4/09/2006 Completed Modify
uh, last i checked you were better than me. so what's up delirium and mythology expert. fix that up by at least 7%, i know you're better than that.
From Chesscar on 4/05/2006 Completed Modify
Hey man, surpass me on my hard tristar count, i kno ur a much better player then me on hard, and challenge back!
From BNS.Brian on 3/11/2006 Completed Modify
* lemmings on the run - my life is so crazy - Remember December XD
From Uber on 2/18/2006 Completed Modify
*** no princess expert. it's easier than birdie :P
From Shuaz on 2/08/2006 Completed Modify
Clear No.1 Nation [H] - Stomp with an 80% (oh noes! jumps at 400bpm)
90.xx% ;-)
From TJD.Exrave on 2/06/2006 Completed Modify
Race me to beat Summer [E] lol, it'll give u a reason to stop playing Hard songs so often ;) oh and also rematch me next tourney! =P
From Ren-Ji on 2/03/2006 Completed Modify
pass one of the Hardcore (Symphony/of the North) songs on expert and beat Figgy's Psalm Pilot[H] on the FP machine... you're almost there. also, send me a challenge back. =D.
From Hoscan on 1/25/2006 Completed Modify
Hey Aves,long time no see lol Montreal tournament.Anyways my challenge to you is to pass all 12 step songs.GL
From Erased on 1/22/2006 Completed Modify
Try to get 3 more *** on Expert song.Ps: for ur july score (92.XX) when i will get the screen shot i will send you.
From BNS.Devman on 12/31/2005 Completed Modify
*** 2 10's,
**** a 6
FINALLY!!! stupid 6-footers!
May 6, 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From InspectorKen on 12/23/2005 Completed Modify
Pass Euphoria[E]
From OmniQuark on 12/12/2005 Completed Modify
Get in the top 5 of every difficulty ranking for Ontario (only 3 left, and 2 are really easy to get hehe). Hurry up before the competition becomes too fierce ;)
wow... almost 2 years to complete this challenge... (we'll assume I could easily get Easy and Medium, I'm not wasting the money)
From OmniQuark on 12/03/2005 Completed Modify
Oh yeah? ... get a *** on Expert then :P
From CLEAN.TehWhack on 10/20/2005 Completed Modify
Pass a 12
From OmniQuark on 10/20/2005 Completed Modify
What the... get a *** already :P
From BNS.Devman on 8/30/2005 Completed Modify
nice job on breaking the second unlock code.

Now 2 * Or Better fleadh Uncut Hard
From Chesscar on 6/01/2006 Abandoned Modify
Hey man lets start a race b/w you, yjax, RJ and I to a 99 hard average!
From Ren-Ji (no bar) on 2/19/2006 Abandoned Modify
beat Pandemonium[M] w/ stompy, and your shoes tied as close to each other.
From InspectorKen on 1/20/2006 Abandoned Modify
Race to beat Determinator[E] with no bar! >=D