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From DKUN on 4/28/2007 Active Modify
I want you to.. 1) Get a quad star on a hard chart of your choice. 2) Fix your Delirium score (your Summer is higher wtf?) 3) Send me a challenge :)
I have a 97.39% on Delirium... I just dont update this account... And I don't play hard so... :O.
From Lordd_Magus on 4/23/2007 Active Modify
Here is the challenge, if a score is < 11 footer and is < 95% then you are to play it till you get a 97.5%
From Tono on 4/22/2007 Active Modify
* Pandemonium.
Holy crap that ones gonna be hard lol.
From Lordd_Magus on 4/16/2007 Active Modify
Sup, for every 1.13% you raise in scores, you gain .01 in average :) So go out there and get 20% boost in scores combined. You have 2 weeks. Harder songs will raise it quicker but are more painful to achieve but if you increase 40 songs by .5 each you gain the 20 in no time. Second part of your goal - which will help the first alot. gain ***'s in 10, 9 footers. 5, 10 footers. 1+, 11 footers. Have fun, and happy playing.
Part 1 is done. 16 ***s in 9s, 3 ***s in 10s, 1 *** in 11s
From FA.Capajoe on 4/02/2007 Active Modify
93% Pandy, 75% V^2
94.71% Pandy... 76% FAIL V^2 Not counting until I pass
From FA.Capajoe on 4/02/2007 Active Modify
95%+ ALL 12's except Determinator 93% Euphoria 90%
Vertex Tell Bloodrush Determinator Euphoria
From FA.Capajoe on 4/02/2007 Active Modify
97%+ ALL 10s
One False Move, Know Your Enemy, Bouff, Twilight, Oasis, Soapy Bubble are left
From FA.Capajoe on 4/02/2007 Active Modify
** ALL 9's.
Turn It On, On A Day Like Today, Amore, Liquid Moon, Dawn
From FA.black_paladin on 3/29/2007 Active Modify
Get at least a 90% expert average on doubles
I'm working on singles first so this will take a while.
From Hackster on 2/08/2007 Active Modify
at least 10 tristars on 10s, double star 5 11s, 5 *s on 12s, and finally, 80% on vertex^2. Good luck Capa.
3 ***s, 4 **s, 2*, 76%...
From FA.Capajoe on 4/03/2006 Active Modify
Get a 100% on an easy song (From Beta.23)
From DeMoNiaK on 4/29/2007 Completed Modify
i can see ur nice improove from rg canada nice blood rush ^^ mm what about 97.5 ur average? :) send challenge back plz
Got it about a month ago... Just not updating this name :O.
From FA.Capajoe on 4/02/2007 Completed Modify
* ALL 11's.
Clockwork left...
From FA.black_paladin on 4/01/2007 Completed Modify
** Infection GOGOGO!!!
From Nameloc on 4/01/2007 Completed Modify
Get 10 Expert *** Get 20 Hard ***
From Gooey.Octopussy on 3/28/2007 Completed Modify
Turn 10 of your 97s on [E] into **s or higher :)
From DarkCore on 3/09/2007 Completed Modify
Star a 12, and triple-star an 11, and challenge back please.
Trying to find an 11 to ***...
From Gooey.Octopussy on 2/15/2007 Completed Modify
Yup, you suck. 5 more [E] ***s and 90 Pandy [E]
Stupid Pandy
From Crono on 9/03/2006 Completed Modify
Finish submitting your expert scores.
From Gooey.Dodecadicks on 6/25/2006 Completed Modify
Pass 15 songs rated 11 or above on Blender. At least 90% on every 10, and at least 80% on all the 12s.
From Hackster on 5/24/2006 Completed Modify
Capachino... Get over 90% on ! [E] and double star anubis [E]. Uhm.. also! Get a star on a 12... and get 90% on Pandy [E] Stamina whore. :(
From Slowpoke on 4/13/2006 Completed Modify
* anything on Expert less than 150bpm at 1x
From MazriM TaiM on 4/08/2006 Completed Modify
Upload 5 marathon scores with 90% or higher. NEW ones, not counting ones you already have.
From FA.Capajoe on 4/08/2006 Completed Modify
90% ALL 11's and under.
From Prowler on 4/08/2006 Completed Modify
Queen Of Light is my favorite ITG song. Let's see a * on Expert =)
From FA.Capajoe on 4/03/2006 Completed Modify
Get 50 Expert *'s or better.
From Crono on 4/03/2006 Completed Modify
Tristar any hard chart.
From BNS.Persian on 4/03/2006 Completed Modify
10 Expert **s and 5 Hard/Expert ***s nigs
From infinite on 4/03/2006 Completed Modify
Get 5 tri-stars (any difficulty)
From BNS.Hindustani on 3/30/2006 Completed Modify
Tristar bubble dancer you whore =P
From gigoram on 2/15/2006 Completed Modify
Get a 98 on anything, Medium or up
From Little Po on 2/11/2007 Abandoned Modify
Update your scores with that Summer star and Break 96.5% avg before Daniel reaches 96%
Daniel caught up to quick :(