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From !D!zZy!K@Z! on 3/10/2007 Active Modify
Add me on MSN so we can talk about ITG because I want to Complete Every Songs On Every Difficulties @ Single. (like you did) ...so here's my MSN ---> KazLeKaotiK@hotmail.com
From Craigy on 1/31/2007 Active Modify
Hehe if u and blair start playing at shoppers on a regular basis u'll both rape the recs ;) lol and thxs for the challenge ill do it for sure even tho 99's are evil! hehe but heres my challenge to you: i toke ur top 5 closest to **, Hispanic Panic, Summer In Belize, Hand Of Time, Get Happy, and Amore, get those to ** ;) and also get Xuxa, Agent Blatant, and Anubis to at least a *. gl man! sorry lotta writing :O.lol.
From Snicklefritz on 1/30/2007 Active Modify
u took the euphoria record at shoppers >:-( haha anyways, get pandy and bloodrush up to an 80! good luck!
From Eternal on 5/17/2006 Active Modify
you wanted a challenge, so here goes... take every Hard chart that has a lower score than its Expert equivalent, and improve it till it's not anymore ^^
From Peko on 5/16/2006 Active Modify
*** Psalm Pilot and Wanna Do expert
From Aves on 5/05/2006 Active Modify
get at least a * on: Infection[E], Bloodrush[H], Monolith[H]
From Chesscar on 4/26/2006 Active Modify
ok this may be obsurd, but if i can do it, i kno u can do it! This song isn't about FAing lol, just passing. Pass Vertex^2!!!
From InspectorKen on 4/24/2006 Active Modify
Star the rest of the [H] songs. (minus Pandemonium and Vertex^2)
From Chesscar on 1/11/2006 Active Modify
ok get at least 90% or higher on all the 9, 10, 11 expert songs
From TEAM UI.Vortex on 4/12/2007 Completed Modify
*** 100 Songs [M] & [H]
just [H], i don't play [M] anymore
From Gooey.Octopussy on 3/12/2007 Completed Modify
Improve your Tell [E] and HoTN [E] RJ(aaaaaaaay)
meh, i just didn't like tell...
From !D!zZy!K@Z! on 3/10/2007 Completed Modify
Your Profile doesn't says if you're still Active on something else than EXpert, so... Get 99% @ Single [Hard] and send me back Challenges
From h3llbringer on 3/05/2007 Completed Modify
**** 2 Medium songs or 1 Hard song and send me a challenge.
From Gooey.Octopussy on 10/30/2006 Completed Modify
Update 5 of your [E] scores... which means you'll have to play again!... which means I might see you at FP one of these days, hopefully! lol
so easy ;-)
From Battosai on 7/29/2006 Completed Modify
You have 11 A's, get them down to at least 4.
From Hsarus*Dan on 6/02/2006 Completed Modify
Get 90% on Delerium Expert
From TJD.Exrave on 5/16/2006 Completed Modify
Break 90 on ! and tristar July Euromix. tristarring it alone, is already a bitch of a challenge XD but if I could do it, you definitely can =D
lol, in and out of ITG... finally done this one!!!
From Grey on 5/10/2006 Completed Modify
Easy one: Star the rest of Easy. Im almost done with your challenge, so check back and maybe send me another one.
From AFAD.sakuneko on 5/06/2006 Completed Modify
yay! someone else that has the whole game played on singles hahaha

try this: * on xuxa/Destiny/Tension (ex), ** Vorsprung/On a Day Like Today/My Life is So Crazy (ex) or *** Little Kitty Mine/The Message/Flying High, and try to get Da Roots and Birdie to 99.3+

in and out of ITG, this one's out!!!
From Chesscar on 5/06/2006 Completed Modify
Noo!!! Jason and Aves just made it to 98 hard average, plus they both have 80+ tristars. We have some catching up to do, so I guess race me to 99 hard average. No time limit, but this may be a though one, b/c i don't kno how long we are goin to be playing hehe.
From Ren-Ji (no bar) on 4/30/2006 Completed Modify
get 24 more **'s on expert (total of 40), without counting ***'s, yeah so don't get ***'s for this month =P.
From MFB on 4/17/2006 Completed Modify
Race me to a 98% hard avg. you'll prolly get there first but i'm still pretty close hehe
From Ren-Ji (no bar) on 4/16/2006 Completed Modify
get 20 more ***'s on hard (total of 40), and 4 more ***s on expert (total of 10) before May.
From Boone on 4/12/2006 Completed Modify
** Temple of Boom
From InspectorKen on 4/04/2006 Completed Modify
Bump your C on expert to a B. Bump your B on hard to an A.
From Crewe on 3/28/2006 Completed Modify
Beat every song that I beat you in, shouldn't be to hard only 10 of them.
From stop me on 3/21/2006 Completed Modify
get total of 20 *** on hard before April. get 2 more *** on expert before April.
From JOKR on 3/16/2006 Completed Modify
beat my beginning score, *** Why Me, and raise your scores on songs w/ lotsa hands (QOL, Dawn, Twilight)
From sageofchaos on 3/05/2006 Completed Modify
get Da Roots *** its pretty easy
From DAN! on 2/28/2006 Completed Modify
*** Birdie and Boogie Down, shouldn't be to hard.
From JOKR on 2/25/2006 Completed Modify
get 3 exp ***s and enter ALL exp scores (even Vertex^2) whether passed or failed. at least it'll raise your ranking
From Ren-Ji (no bar) on 2/21/2006 Completed Modify
get 5 more *** on hard before March (total of 10), if not then get 3 expert *** before April. get 5 more ** on expert (total of 15, with or without the ***s). also get your expert average up to 94% or higher before March.
From NeoBlargg on 2/16/2006 Completed Modify
Raise 30 songs to the next level. ie. S -> *, A -> S etc.
From Boone on 2/01/2006 Completed Modify
* Hillbilly Hardcore, ** Solina and get an S+ on Mythology
From Aves on 2/01/2006 Completed Modify
all on Expert: * Wanna Do, * Fleadh Uncut, get 90+ on Robotix
From TJD.Exrave on 1/31/2006 Completed Modify
* these 3 songs on expert: Spaceman, Spacy Crazy Girl, Sunshine. oh, they're all S songs =P...you're close for all 3.
From SWFT on 1/28/2006 Completed Modify
get 4 more [Hard] * * *, or 1 [Expert] * * * before February!
From neverneverland(CPTN CRIK) on 1/23/2006 Completed Modify
race to a 95 on Music Pleeze!
From Ren-Ji on 1/19/2006 Completed Modify
finish all hard and expert songs except for vertex^2[E]
From Ren-Ji (no bar) on 1/18/2006 Completed Modify
80% or higher all the 12 footers
took a while to get Bloodrush... that's after i quitted and came back. (2/2/07)
From CFAC 317 on 1/09/2006 Completed Modify
wow man...our scores are like equal...some thinks for you to do...star or higher on funk factory and flying high
From InspectorKen on 11/27/2005 Abandoned Modify
If you haven't done so, no bar a 12 footer with 80%+. Also pass Energy[N] and Eat Your Feet[I].