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From SuperJoN! on 2/05/2006 Active Modify
stop being a lil bitch and take more of matt's scores and get better u weakling
From Stewie on 1/26/2006 Active Modify
Pass up your emperor in ranking ....ME!!!!
From HispanicPanics.Dizzy on 1/09/2006 Active Modify
race to *** Infection
From HispanicPanics.Dizzy on 1/06/2006 Active Modify
*Delirium, ** Soapy Bubble, *** D-mobius, and tell Matt hes gay
From neverneverland(CPTN CRIK) on 12/31/2005 Active Modify
get a 99.25 on Amore!
From Stewie on 12/04/2005 Active Modify
Take my Ride the Bass, The Message, and get an 86 on Pandemonium
Also play all the songs so you can submit them all and you'll be ranked higher
From Hoodie on 1/26/2006 Completed Modify
80 expert ***'s. send me a challenge.
From Stewie on 1/22/2006 Completed Modify
Stop being gay and take back Mythology and by the way uhhhh...nice pubes
From HispanicPanics.Dizzy on 12/22/2005 Completed Modify
Take 2 of Matts ugly scores and tell him hes gay when u do
From Stewie on 12/13/2005 Completed Modify
Bitch get 60***'s on expert