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From AxioM on 9/13/2005 Active Modify
Sup Stunnizzle? Fo Rizzle, * Disconnected Hyper no bar, ** Flying High w/or w/out a bar, and PLAY July Euromix for a score, because that's a hotness song. Send me one back SHIZZLE.
From u_r_not_turner on 3/11/2005 Active Modify
Full Decent combo any song on medium or higher with no mods other than regular speed mods (i.e. no c-mods), noteskins, and perspective. Get a pic too if possible :P
From Jaetei on 12/21/2004 Active Modify
awesome delirium score, mr. steve.
From Sasaki on 8/07/2005 Completed Modify
Triple Star (99+%) something on Expert.