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From xrandom1x on 2/04/2008 Active Modify
add me too your buddy list and add yourself to the MI region. :)
From MURDER.Dickey on 5/20/2006 Active Modify
So far iv only seen brother mojo do this and well he beat it with like an 82 or something I forgot but

Beat Chill Out on doubles intence
From bluechows on 3/27/2006 Active Modify
I know you probably don't really read challenges, but I'm just gonna say that you should get 99% Average for Single+Double combined. I mean, .03%, how hard could it be? While you do that i'm gonna try to pass Edgar in the same category.
From BarX on 2/12/2006 Active Modify
Get Yopur Doubles Average over 99.00%
From Jboy.VictoryDance on 1/05/2006 Active Modify
Yes, this is probably mean and unnecessarily cruel, but it has to be done: 97.50% Sweet World Ex Double. ^^
From CFAC 317 on 1/02/2006 Active Modify
jeeez your amazing, get 100 expert ***s or quad star 2 experts, gimme a challenge if you can
From Maniacal on 12/11/2005 Active Modify
put up some doubles survival scores... any 4 will do.
From Jason on 12/02/2005 Active Modify
99% or higher on BYM Double before I do. I got 98.67 yesterday and that was with a bad, so I'll probably have it within the month.
From BarX on 11/28/2005 Active Modify
Hey Nice scores man... CRUSH MY VerTex² Score Doubles!
From discovolante on 10/11/2005 Active Modify
Dude, move on to Doubles Marathons. Have you seen the Doubles Intense Caddywhompus scores? You can beat without opening your eyes. DO IT.
From Neel on 10/02/2005 Active Modify
Gotta love all the patronizing comments before people give you challenges.

Anyhoo I think you need more blender in your life. I don't know how possible or easy this challenge is but pass Reactor Expert Blender double. And send me a challenge that doesn't involve passing 12s or 13s :P.
From JC on 9/21/2005 Active Modify
Get to five quad-stars in Expert double
From Wakalaka on 9/19/2005 Active Modify
Ok Mr. Doubles God, here's a challenge for ya. * Clockwork, Vetex, Summer, Summer in Belize and Determinator. Good luck to ya.
From Joseph L. on 9/12/2005 Active Modify
This shouldn't be too hard for a Double god such as yourself: star my Wake Up edit (it's on the Freak). With a pic, please.
From InspectorKen on 8/14/2005 Active Modify
Heard you're very good at doubles. So how about submiting more Marathons on doubles. ;)
From JC on 7/28/2005 Active Modify
Whats up? Change all of your Expert A's and S's to stars
From admstyles on 3/21/2006 Completed Modify
this one is tough, i dunno if you can handle it or not, but its worth a shot - add me to your buddylist.
From JJK on 1/21/2006 Completed Modify
Say hi at Vegas.
From Fate on 12/05/2005 Completed Modify
Heh... Lipstick Kiss kicked my ass, even though (like you said) it is the easiest Expert Doubles song. Well yah, when I saw you up at AFC today it seemed like you were playing more for scores than for fun. My challenge to you is as follows; have fun. Stop playing just to suffice people; just play to enjoy yourself. I'm thinking most players at such a level seem to forget that this is a game, so it's meant for fun. Anyways yah, just have fun.
From SWFT on 11/27/2005 Completed Modify
Improve your Lipstick Kiss and Baby Baby scores. This way you will have ranked first on all your songs submited. (These two songs were tied so it considers them 2nd)
From Jason on 10/01/2005 Completed Modify
take your Bend Your Mind Double score back from me...I double-starred it.
From IHYD.Hush on 9/01/2005 Completed Modify
Please for the love of god, beat all of SGT.LTR's #1 scores on expert doubles.
From bluechows on 8/02/2005 Completed Modify
Nice scores man!! get that Pandemonium doubles up to a 91% or Tri-star WTRS doubles
From Life on 7/24/2005 Completed Modify
TRI-STAR Hand Of Time Expert Doubles. Now that be a show!
From Neel on 3/28/2005 Completed Modify
Get your Expert scores that are B's to A's.
From DSG.Drewtagonist on 11/27/2005 Abandoned Modify
Make a video of beating one of Sgt.Ltr doubles score, and then say " You can eat it Edgar".
From virus73 on 7/26/2005 Abandoned Modify
Get the record for Da Roots Expert back to the D!!!!!
From u_r_not_turner on 7/26/2005 Abandoned Modify
Get 100% on Hip Hop Jam :P
From u_r_not_turner on 7/26/2005 Abandoned Modify
Full Decent combo any song on medium or higher with no mods other than regular speed mods (i.e. no c-mods), noteskins, and perspective. Get a pic too if possible :P