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From digpic on 8/01/2007 Active Modify
* Bang!, 80 Bloodrush, and 93 HOTN. Also challenge back if ya get a chance ;)
From Kynodrake on 8/01/2007 Active Modify
Let's continue the trend and say, pass Pandemonium [E]. Also, reduce the number of non-92%+ [E] scores you have to say... 2.
From DJ Damage on 8/01/2007 Active Modify
Way to send yourself a challenge that was addressed to Kyle. Anyway... 98% average. Pass Pandy. Stop sucking. Stop playing WoW. Get a job.
I never sucked. I stopped playing WoW. I got a job. Now I gotta pass Pandy. -.-
From FA.black_paladin on 7/31/2007 Active Modify
How bout get at least 2 expert quads, they should come pretty easy. Just play Bumblebee a couple times and you should get that one easily, And either Flying High or Tribal Style should be easy for you. No time limit just do it ASAP!
From InspectorKen on 4/19/2007 Active Modify
* Vertex^2[H] and ** Vextex[H]
From FA.Capajoe on 4/01/2007 Active Modify
* or above everything except for any 10 songs.
From FA.Capajoe on 2/08/2007 Active Modify
Pass Pandy, Summer and Bloodrush... Get at least 35 ***s, and 50 **s
Passed summer and bloodrush, and have 35 ***s so far
From Trigga Mike on 12/10/2006 Active Modify
Break 80 on Euphoria, Hotn, and Delirium. Pass Pandemonium. Get 10 Expert ***'s. Break 90 on July. 95 Mythology. * Oasis.
From DJ Damage on 5/12/2007 Completed Modify
Start playing again :(
From Gooey.Octopussy on 3/28/2007 Completed Modify
Hey you- get a 97% overall [E] average. Raise the following: !, Delirium, Go 60 Go, HARDCORE OF THE NORTH (oh dear god, 77? =p), Out of The Dark, Soapy Bubble, Twilight... yeah, that's it for now =p G'luck ~.^
From Hackster on 3/21/2007 Completed Modify
Hurry the fuck up and get 50 expert tristars, and a 99% average on hard.
From Little Po on 2/24/2007 Completed Modify
Lipstick Kiss ain't that bad, i've heard pickles play it enough that I know the timing for the stupid part.
As for your challenge ** average on the 11's with at least 3 new bi-stars on any of the 11's.
From Gooey.Octopussy on 2/18/2007 Completed Modify
Danieeeeeel <3. Get a * average on [E] SOON.
From Pyko on 2/14/2007 Completed Modify
Hey there sexy ;)

Alright, here's my challenge:

Get a 99% average on everything below 10.
Get a 98% average on your 10s.
Get a 96% average on your 11s.

There is no time limit for my challenge, good luck and challenge me back.
From FA.Capajoe on 2/08/2007 Completed Modify
** 1/3 of the 9s and *** the rest,* Every 10, 93%+ Every 11
From BNS.Hindustani on 2/07/2007 Completed Modify
This MIGHT be hard, but I think it's not too bad. Get 5 expert scores that are in the 90th+ percentile.
From Little Po on 2/02/2007 Completed Modify
haha, just saw your comments on that last challenge. i'm assuming your machine's still down sinc eI haven't seen any changes in your average. My challenge is for you to let me know when you'll be arriving in Winnipeg and to get at least 3 new [e] tristars or 5 new [h] tristars while you're here oR increase your total avg on 10's by 2% or more while you're here.
Done in Regina! Our machine is fixed. :). Now I have to do it there.
From BNS.Persian on 1/31/2007 Completed Modify
Kind of a hardish challenge but doable... Get 25 Tristars, and get atleast a 95.5% average
From MisterHomes on 1/23/2007 Completed Modify
99% Average on 9s, mister FA =D
Nice, 99 exactly. Feb. 19, 2007
From GraveyG on 1/10/2007 Completed Modify
Get over 80% on Determinator [E] you fatass!
From GraveyG on 1/10/2007 Completed Modify
Pass and post a score for Bloodrush [E] you Fatass!
From Little Po on 1/09/2007 Completed Modify
Now that you guys have a Dedicab finish submitting your scores :p, and tell Taylor to start using this thing.
From Gooey.Octopussy on 12/03/2006 Completed Modify
Improve your Monolith and Go 60 Go scores.
From Crono on 12/03/2006 Completed Modify
Post a score for Pandy expert, even if it's failing
From DeMoNiaK on 12/03/2006 Completed Modify
Hi i saw on RG canada that you wanted some challenge =D that my challenge get 5 triple 15 double and 30 star good luck dude :) send me a HARD expert challenge =D thx u dudly :)
From BNS.Hindustani on 11/26/2006 Completed Modify
doublestar touch me expert...
From FA.black_paladin on 11/26/2006 Completed Modify
Pass your Vertex Edit LMFAO!!! jk

Get at least 10 ***'s, once done that... Go for 15
From BNS.Hindustani on 11/26/2006 Completed Modify
If I have anything on ITG1 SDE'd, I want you to AT LEAST doublestar it... Ouch, I don't have that many ITG1 songs SDE'd. Okay then... doublestar The Game, Drifting Away, Boogie Down, and While Tha Rekkid Spins... Good luck, although I don't think you'll need it...
From JEREMYBOUCHARD on 11/24/2006 Completed Modify
since you have 25 stars, turn at least 8 into tristars and 4 into doublestars, and 85 bang, im pretty sure you can do it easily, try to raise all 11s to 90 if you havent done so already.
From CLEAN.LEET on 11/24/2006 Completed Modify
Nice challenge, that Destiny's gonna be a bitch :P So for you, let's see ya knock up your Doublestar/Tristar count up to 20 (ie: You have 9 DS and 2 TS, = 11. Let's see 9 more!)
From BNS.Hindustani on 11/07/2006 Completed Modify
Tristar touch me hard and mouth hard for me, I love you <3

Oh and send me a challenge I guess \=
From DarkCore on 2/11/2007 Abandoned Modify
Alright so here's your challenge. Get a quad-star on absolutely anything from Easy to Expert so you can say that you quad-starred something. =P Next, 80% Land of the Rising Sun, Hustle Beach, Typical Tropical, Mellow, and Lipstick Kiss all on Expert/Double. Good luck man. =P
Not doing now. got quad star though