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From xxxxx - Administrator on 9/22/2008 Active Modify
When your robot leg is replaced with a human leg, come to CMU and get five new scores
From Mad Matt on 5/06/2008 Active Modify
Bring all of your song ranks above 500
good challenge! I have a few bad scores--- energizer, july, july euromix, remember december, touch me
From -Poprockx! on 3/23/2008 Active Modify
Update your V^2 score. I watched you pass it lol. and Pass Dokudenpa =]
passed poison airwave, I'll mark this as completed once I beat my vertex^2 score.
From Mad RobNoBarKid on 3/23/2008 Active Modify
Also get higher ranking, many of your scores are too old and bad. Try to get new scores for everything from 2007 or before (are there any before?)
From Mad RobNoBarKid on 3/23/2008 Active Modify
9s: Either SDE or get 90 percentile on every 9. 10s: Either *** or get 80 percentile on every 10. 11s: Either 97.5% or get 70 percentile on every 11. 12s: Either * or get 60 percentile on every 12. 13s: Either 90 or get 55 percentile on every 13.
From Mad Matt on 3/08/2008 Active Modify
99 Soapy Bubble.
haha you have no idea how mad I am right now about this
From TheTruck on 8/29/2007 Active Modify
OMGZORZ FOOL@!!!!! lol I spotted some textozzz. You NEED to update some songzz. Start by finally getting a *** on "Lemmings on the Run" follow it up wt a "Temple of Boom" *** then finally finish up wt a "Charlene" ***. This is like the uber now thing man. You need to crackdown on these scores with magnitude 9+!!!!!
This will be difficult, considering it's the most incoherent challenge I've ever received, hahaha
From XYT on 4/12/2007 Active Modify
Create fan club. I must join.
Hmm, this will take me a while... ;)
From KboyWhatevur on 3/29/2007 Active Modify
get 99 on disconnected hyper
haha wish me luck, this might take a while.
From TheTruck on 3/27/2007 Active Modify
Hey Rob, got another minute? Complete and * or better VerTex hard (10), and Energizer hard (10), and complete and 90% or better Pandemonium hard (11).
I think I can ** vertex, not sure how I am on energizer, and I'll go for a star on pandemonium.
From TheTruck on 3/22/2007 Active Modify
Hey Rob, I just had a brief thought (wasn't great but decent enough to become a challenge idea). Do what I know you can and * Delirium, and get S-'s on Euphoria and Summer ~Speedy Mix~. I'm almost certain you've improved plenty since the last time you tried these. Go for it man! ^^
Euphoria is gay
From DeadCatX2 on 3/13/2007 Active Modify
So, there are some really awesome hard songs that I'm surprised you don't have arcade scores for. (assume everything is single, not double) Energizer (10) Bloodrush (9) Cryosleep (8) Destiny (8) Fleadh Uncut (8) Hillbilly Hardcore (8) Renaissance (8) Sweet World (8) Summer In Belize (8) Birdie (7) The Message (7) These are the hard charts that I have hand-picked to ensure that they are from ITG2, since you've annihilated all the ITG1 songs at home. I highly suggest doing each of them, because they're all pretty fun. But, that's a lot of charts. So, here's a grading system. Grade | Post scores for C | Three of the 8s above, and the 9, and the 10 B | All of the songs above A | All 8+ ITG2 hard songs S | All 7+ ITG2 hard songs * | All 6+ ITG2 hard songs ** | All ITG2 hard songs ***| Arcade scores for all hard songs ****| First place on groovestats hard
nice challenge! I hope I'll quad star it, haha. Unlikely, but funny. Yeah, this will probably get me to play a lot more hard. I mainly just play expert to get my stamina up, and I don't worry about timing, but this challenge will get my timing way up.
From TheTruck on 3/04/2007 Active Modify
ok I guess I should be sending a challenge so I though of one, it's a bit weird but heck with it: right now your total average for Dust Devil, and Mechinae Supremacy songs is about a 95.061666666etc. so I figure you should be able to bring that up to at least a *, so I want you to get a 97 average or higher. do it anyway you like. the fastest way would be to get a higher grade on determinator but the others are quite possible too. It's all you man.
I improved Hybrid today, 3/11. I improved Determinator and Bouff today, 3/24, average 95.655.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/25/2007 Active Modify
Star all the 11s. You're pretty close to this, actually... you only have five more to go.
Alright, so that leaves: Clockwork Genesis-I wanted to see me do it, and I saw me do it all by myself. Destiny-completed 3/4/07, 97.63. Hardcore Symphony-douche fag song. Monolith-did it. Xuxa-completed 3/4/07, 98.41 I think.
From TheTruck on 12/16/2008 Completed Modify
** 5 of the following 9 songs: Infection, July, Mythology, Out of the Dark, Sweet World, Tension, The Beginning, Utopia, Visable Noise
Got July, Mythology, Out of the Dark, Tension, Visible Noise.
From Mad Matt on 6/21/2008 Completed Modify
there are 5 9s you haven't 99ed yet, so *** all of them except Lipstick Kiss(I am morally opposed to encouraging anyone to play this song)
All 9s 99'ed except Lipstick Kiss (landed final one last night)
From Mad Matt on 6/09/2008 Completed Modify
stop being a NoBarKid and become a Mad NoBarKid
haha sounds good, I'd be honored
From TheTruck on 5/15/2008 Completed Modify
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
Pass Dokudenpa
From titandude21 on 4/20/2008 Completed Modify
triple a new 11 and give a shout out to Robert Noyce.
Shout out to Robert Noyce!
From TheTruck on 4/16/2008 Completed Modify
Hey man I think you should have all new scores. So take ur oldest scores, as later specified, and Raise them by a total of 5%. Good luck man.

songs are as follows:
Hardcore Symphony----95.06%
Remember December----97.19%
Touch Me----98.27%

*bonus: In addition, 88+Pandy | 90+Summer Speedy Mix*
Got 'em Bonus was done a while ago Remember December +2.4 Touch Me +1.18 Kagami +1.71 Total = 5.29
From mklip2001 on 3/18/2008 Completed Modify
Mark your scores with the "No Bar" flag, now that Groovestats finally has it. I know this'll take time, but currently Groovestats thinks you only have a 9% average or something like that nobar.
alright, did it. GS still has to put me in the ranking though.
From -Poprockx! on 9/26/2007 Completed Modify
Go to the millz this weekend
I might have done that, but this is complete because I've gone since then and I don't want to abandon challenges
From titandude21 on 9/17/2007 Completed Modify
play more dancing games that have the letters I, T, and G in it
I am so doing this right now omg
From -Poprockx! on 8/14/2007 Completed Modify
Try for a 99.5x average on 9 block songs - currently 99.12 or a 92.xx average on 12 block songs - 91.11 currently and come to tilt more often ^_^
I have like a 92.47 I think
From Mad RobNoBarKid on 7/05/2007 Completed Modify
Get some $$$$$$!!!111!1hHAHHAAHAHA
From Mad RobNoBarKid on 7/05/2007 Completed Modify
find USB
behind my coin holder, took 4 hours to find
From Mad RobNoBarKid on 6/29/2007 Completed Modify
start playing ITG again, lawl, too much DDR
I did somewhat
From xxxxx - Administrator on 6/12/2007 Completed Modify
stop being so hard on yourself =)
I can't be too hard on myself with the scores I recently got
From Mad RobNoBarKid on 6/06/2007 Completed Modify
stop sucking
I definitely stopped sucking when I passed air and got more SDEs yesterday
From xxxxx - Administrator on 4/17/2007 Completed Modify
Beat your PA Theme score before your birthday. Oh wait. Umm... okay, well if you can't do that, see if you can get an expert quad-star. =)
oh baby
From MIDI on 4/12/2007 Completed Modify
50 Ex ***s. Should be easy.
just realized I have 52
From titandude21 on 4/10/2007 Completed Modify
get ten new double stars, at least one of them being an 11+ block.
you KNOW
From Mad RobNoBarKid on 3/25/2007 Completed Modify
Try to get >97.58% average. This means try to get >99% on all 9s, >98% on all 10s, >96% on all 11s, >93% on all 12s, and >89% on all 13s.
almost completely completed this. I have the average, I'll still go for a few individual songs
From titandude21 on 3/04/2007 Completed Modify
you can destroy a bunch of old scores on easy expert songs, so get 30 expert triple stars (11 more)
Got 4 more today, making it make money. 3/24.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/02/2007 Completed Modify
Pass Quasar and Air. =) You almost did both of them today at CMU, so I know you can.
Quasar completed, you saw it. Air, passed 3/4/07, Pittsburgh Mills. Yay. =)
From TheTruck on 1/14/2007 Completed Modify
Ok Rob here's one. Either get a 95%+ on "The Beginning" and "July" in home, or a 93%+ on "The Beginning" and "July" in arcade. Good luck ^^ ps. once you finish one, go for both if you feel like it. (not required)
Completed 2/23/07. 96.71 on July, 96.99 on The Beginning. Thanks to Phil for obtaining my lost The Beginning score, lol.
From Mad RobNoBarKid on 11/04/2006 Completed Modify
Try to get >95.67% overall average. This means try to get >98% on all 9s, >96% on all 10s, >93% on all 11s, >90% on all 12s, and >80% on all 13s.
Technically, it's completed since I reached the average I wanted to. But I'll still keep trying for all of those goals.
From XMaxX on 7/27/2006 Completed Modify
Sup, *** Tribal Style on the ITG home version.
From FRESNOobs.AJE on 7/13/2006 Completed Modify
Sup,try to get into top 3 in hard mode I know you can do it.challenges welcome anytime.
From Tempest8 on 11/30/2006 Abandoned Modify
Get the #1 RANKING on ALL OF THE SONGS/MARATHONS courses on the home version of In The Groove (all Single/Double Songs on Easy/Medium/Hard/Expert as well as all Single/Double courses on the Normal/Intense Marathons). I KNOW THAT YOU CAN BE BETTER THAN ME ON THIS ONE!...
Expert is impossible to get.
From tomnobar on 7/01/2006 Abandoned Modify
Get another Cobalt Flux so you can do some Doubles play!
I doubt I can afford it, plus the single one I play on is yours
From Tempest8 on 6/30/2006 Abandoned Modify
Get at least 99% on all of the Double Mode songs & Marathon Courses in the home version of In The Groove! I KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT, SINCE YOU ALREADY CONQUERED THE SINGLE MODE SONGS/COURSES!...
ahh, I don't think I'll get another pad...