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From LP IS FOR CHEATERS on 3/18/2019 Active Modify
pass a new 21
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/13/2019 Active Modify
From JNero - Moderator on 10/11/2017 Active Modify
Pass at least 7 of the following: Whazamup (spectrum expert), Serious Shit, Send My Love to Mars (med or hard), Grimm, Mariochie Survivor (med), HARDCORE (med), Satan Gave Me A Burger, Lethal Strike, Secure the Skies, Stanislav Grof, Lifestlyes of the Digital VIP. If you've already passed them before this challenge was issued it doesn't count.
From JNero - Moderator on 11/02/2016 Active Modify
Do a pastry stack. (Play a 16 of your choice in Cranked Pastry and then a 17, 18, etc back to back with minimal breaks) Also it doesn't have to be something from cranked pastry necessarily, can be from other packs and things as long as they are rated correctly and are hi-tech/dark psy. So a 5-song stack 16-20 have to pass all of them. Good luck.
From @@ on 9/19/2014 Active Modify
Stars 1.1x rate yo
From JNero - Moderator on 8/08/2013 Active Modify
Fill out the rest of your expert Speedcore 2 scores. Get a 97.75%+ average also.
From JNero - Moderator on 7/30/2013 Completed Modify
Pass 4 expert charts from Tachyon Spectrum. EDIT: I will count lower difficulties if they are 18+
From JNero - Moderator on 4/14/2010 Completed Modify
SDE Xuxa lololol
shitty song
From ElPapaCosmico on 2/10/2009 Completed Modify
Put in your 98.66 on TTFAF on Groovestats. You have the WR for the moment. TEAM DRAGONFORCE.
From ElPapaCosmico on 2/09/2009 Completed Modify
99 ReaF lololol
From Drayne O on 12/19/2008 Completed Modify
FC Boss Rush from MGD3, but you're allowed to miss arrows at Please 2 just because it sucks
From ElPapaCosmico on 9/18/2008 Completed Modify
OMG play Rebirth.
From Drayne O on 7/20/2008 Completed Modify
call LHoT a furfag next time you see him
everytime lol
From JNero - Moderator on 7/17/2008 Completed Modify
99.60% Expert Average
From Mad Matt on 6/21/2008 Completed Modify
pass Dash Hopes II or III
From Rynker on 6/11/2008 Completed Modify
99.50 average
From ElPapaCosmico on 5/27/2008 Completed Modify
<30e on Hardcore of the North.
From JNero - Moderator on 5/11/2008 Completed Modify
Pass a 17.
From ElPapaCosmico on 3/13/2008 Completed Modify
Get all scores over 90th percentile lolz.
From JNero - Moderator on 3/02/2008 Completed Modify
actually abandon my old challenge or delete it and just post new videos on youtube.
From ElPapaCosmico on 2/15/2008 Completed Modify
Play Salieri Strikes Back (couples), Monotone (couples), Duel (couples), and Coactive (couples) with me this weekend. Coactive and maybe Salieri on video nignog.
we did most
From ElPapaCosmico on 1/21/2008 Completed Modify
Star OML you lazy piece of shit.
From ElPapaCosmico on 1/19/2008 Completed Modify
99 Cockwork Genitals
From UmeYo.Fish on 1/06/2008 Completed Modify
Hey man! You should really do something about your energizer score. It's a really nice score but compared to your other scores is it something you should fix. So *** it! Keep it up! =)
yeah i 99.5ed it
From ElPapaCosmico on 11/12/2007 Completed Modify
Raise your Disconnected Hyper score. It's terrible.
From Rynker on 11/09/2007 Completed Modify
Tri-star all tens and nines
From ElPapaCosmico on 9/23/2007 Completed Modify
97.00% average 13s.
i need at least 92.36 on v2
From ElPapaCosmico on 9/23/2007 Completed Modify
98.50% average 12s.
From ElPapaCosmico on 9/23/2007 Completed Modify
99.40% average 11s.
From ElPapaCosmico on 9/23/2007 Completed Modify
99.60% average 10s.
From ElPapaCosmico on 9/23/2007 Completed Modify
99.70% average 9s.
From Team Donut: TRiX on 9/17/2007 Completed Modify
hang out with me for a day.
From ElPapaCosmico on 8/25/2007 Completed Modify
Get all score over 90% (that means break the 90% barrier on VerTex^2, retard). DURRRR GO!
From Rynker on 8/12/2007 Completed Modify
GS Top 50 lets go
From ElPapaCosmico on 7/23/2007 Completed Modify
Beat my score on Disconnected Hyper (99.58).
From lobSTARS.TheFragile on 7/22/2007 Completed Modify
I guess I don't blame you if you abandon this challenge, but get at least 75% through Vertex Beta. If you've already done that, then pass it.
From Team Donut: TRiX on 7/14/2007 Completed Modify
learn to type in english.

Xx Rynker xX: e
a d u u m m m m: you say the dumbest things.
Xx Rynker xX: o
From Rynker on 7/14/2007 Completed Modify
tri-star all 9s
all done
From bluechows on 6/20/2007 Completed Modify
99% or higher on your Monotone, with anybody you'd like to tag with.
From Tripp on 6/09/2007 Completed Modify
Speeder Survival course. You can read it no prob. I can 96 it, you can 99 it.
From ElPapaCosmico on 5/26/2007 Completed Modify
98+ Tell (easy if you full combo)
96+ Bloodrush
From Shadow_Dragonz on 5/22/2007 Completed Modify
98.xx Sphere. I shouldn't have a higher score than you :P
From Rynker on 5/21/2007 Completed Modify
double star energizer
From Tripp on 5/16/2007 Completed Modify
Finish up those S's, minus V2
From TH.Reisen Udongein Inaba on 5/02/2007 Completed Modify
And ** HotN. You tried for it way back during the tourney too, you should get it.
From ElPapaCosmico on 4/26/2007 Completed Modify
Pass Return of Salieri on camera and post it on YouTube.
From ElPapaCosmico on 4/23/2007 Completed Modify
The race is on! First to an expert quad between you, me, and Sam (Ixion).
From UmeYo.phil on 4/12/2007 Completed Modify
98.50+ on Infection. Shouldn't be too bad.
From TH.Reisen Udongein Inaba on 3/26/2007 Completed Modify
Get in the top 100 GS, Mr. O-M-L.
From hella on 3/19/2007 Completed Modify
pass bonecrusher on video :)
From brian devore on 3/18/2007 Completed Modify
Raise your !, Delirium, and Monolith scores to 98.
delirium, monolith, !
From DarkCore on 3/09/2007 Completed Modify
You and your damn One More Lovely. =(
Anyway here's an easy challenge - submit an uber score for Uber Rave (96% or higher) =P
From Rynker on 2/04/2007 Completed Modify
Receive a challenge.
was hard
From Ezgi on 4/18/2012 Abandoned Modify
Write another couples chart to play with me!!!!!! <3
From JNero - Moderator on 12/02/2009 Abandoned Modify
From JNero - Moderator on 12/02/2009 Abandoned Modify
From ElPapaCosmico on 8/05/2007 Abandoned Modify
Get your custom song scores up - you're not #1 anymore moron.
From TH.Reisen Udongein Inaba on 5/02/2007 Abandoned Modify
Come play at Galaxy again. PS your tourney prize has apparently been sitting here even though the owner was originally supposed to mail it out to you. No expiration date or deduction, so it's cool, but come play and pick it up as an incentive =P
its gone
From ElPapaCosmico on 3/09/2007 Abandoned Modify
Pass the simfile "Higher Than a Skyscraper" from the Ike Pie simfile set with a score greater than 83.00%.
fuck that its impossible http://youtube.com/watch?v=XKwGXn4KHxc
From Tripp on 2/27/2007 Abandoned Modify
Pass Emerald Sword with your pants around your ankles.
I don't wanna