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From Dr. S on 8/10/2010 Active Modify
Noob, up your 9's. 99.80% Average on them. Get 2 quads, OR 5 flags (not including ones you have) on any expert songs. Also, 99 Limpdick Piss.
fuckkkkkkkk i hate 9's!
From No Rescores - Moderator on 10/12/2009 Active Modify
99 the rest of your 9s and 10s and 99 one more 11 and 12.
9's: Lipstick Piss and Liquid boom
10's: the 3 i havent got i dont think i ever will
11: probably utopia or the beginning
12: vertex im thinking...or euphoria
From Mulletman on 9/27/2009 Active Modify
top 100 gogogo!
From No Rescores - Moderator on 6/06/2009 Active Modify
Pass Dash Hopes as your first 16 and send me a challenge.
i can't do this ive passed BB revenge and it is clearly a 16 =(
From No Rescores - Moderator on 2/08/2009 Active Modify
EDIT: better yet, pass my Paranoia Evil chart. http://files.filefront.com/PARANOiA+EViL+52+DECLiNEzip/;13239976;/fileinfo.html
might be better if you just send me a link im almost never on AIM
From Mulletman on 12/06/2008 Active Modify
quad some shit im sick of chris having quads when i dont
i think 2 more should do it
From Dr. S on 9/11/2008 Active Modify
Get over a 93% on OWA. That should be pretty easy for you now.
if i ever play it again i hate that song.
From Mulletman on 8/24/2008 Active Modify
bonecrusher, lolit speed, and bb evolution
just bonecrusher and lolit speed
From chrisslugma on 5/05/2008 Active Modify
Well, this was initially for Chris, but he said to pass it on to you...

So.... pass Bonecrusher, better yet beat my score on it. :D
i havent been playing very much recently but once im back at woodridge a pass will be easy. i dunno about the 88 though
From Dr. S on 3/24/2008 Active Modify
This might end up being a long term challenge for you, it might not. Pass Acid Rain on hard mode from Dukamok's new simfiles. You've got Animate-Inanimate, so you should have Acid Rain. It's gonna be really easy for you, until that really long 24th note run at 145bpm near the end. >:D Good luck. ;)
i got to the end rush while tired and not warmed up. plus i tried FAing the previous 24ths waaay too much. ill pass it soon
From Dr. S on 1/02/2008 Active Modify
Seperate Challenge: Either raise that shitty Boogie Down score, or get an expert quad, you faggot. :P
your not giving me much of a choice
From Dr. S on 8/10/2010 Completed Modify
Also, send me a challenges for officials. I haven't gotten one from you in forever.
officials? ok ill send a stamina and an official
From No Rescores - Moderator on 11/06/2009 Completed Modify
99.20% average biatch.
finally done
From No Rescores - Moderator on 3/15/2009 Completed Modify
99 Expert Average and send me a challenge.
finally updated haha
From Mulletman on 12/06/2008 Completed Modify
get better at 210bpm+
passed this calling i think im better at 210 now =)
From Mulletman on 12/06/2008 Completed Modify
96 holy orders and 85 return of salieri
i got 89 on salieri and holy orders is just gay
From Dr. S on 10/26/2008 Completed Modify
Get a video of you passing some crazy 15 shit. Full body vid is preferable, but not required.
ok i lied i did hartbreak armeggedon on vid
From Mulletman on 9/28/2008 Completed Modify
pass 2 more df songs
heartbreak armageddon and heroes of our time
From No Rescores - Moderator on 9/22/2008 Completed Modify
Pass This Calling
you pushed me
From No Rescores - Moderator on 9/02/2008 Completed Modify
Star Live at the Sandopolis from Cosmic Reincarnate.
96.44 finally
From No Rescores - Moderator on 8/15/2008 Completed Modify
Send me a stamina type challenge
From Dr. S on 8/14/2008 Completed Modify
Also, send me a challenge that doesn't have anything to do with uploading your videos.
From chrisslugma on 8/12/2008 Completed Modify
Beat my score on this.

Also, I have a mid 94 on 94 hours, beat that.

Annnnnd race to pass This Calling, 47% is my highest.
i have a failing score equal to your final destination and i lost on the pass for this calling and 94 hours was cake
From Mulletman on 8/06/2008 Completed Modify
get bang and clockwork above euphoria even though i hate both of them
From Dr. S on 8/05/2008 Completed Modify
Pass Monst3r Joe's Precious Jerusalem. http://www.groovestats.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=166&p=996#p996 <-- DL link
high 97
From Mulletman on 7/20/2008 Completed Modify
go to bzw tomorrow
im banned? yeah right
From Dr. S on 7/15/2008 Completed Modify
90+ on 94 hours. Not sure if you already have this, but break 90 on Dokudenpa. Also, pass Final Destination as well as one other Mungyodance boss song 14 or higher (Not anything you've already passed) of your choice.
i forgot about this one. im sure its completed even if i dont know exactly which song i passed
From Dr. S on 7/11/2008 Completed Modify
Break 90 on Determinator.
sweet 90 flat haha
From Mulletman on 6/13/2008 Completed Modify
9's 99.50 10's 99.15 11's 98.85 12's 96 and pass vertex squared
From Dr. S on 6/09/2008 Completed Modify
96% average on 12's, aka stop sucking at Determinator so much, and/or get better at Bloodrush. :P_____________________Hahaha, I just realized that I sent you this same challenge 3 months ago. Either delete it, or complete it once it's done.
From Doctor on 5/30/2008 Completed Modify
SEND ME 2 Challenges (besides quadding boogie down)
and uh ...
and hold my bar one day at bzw =]
From Dr. S on 4/27/2008 Completed Modify
Pass any song from TheCosmicPope's Cosmic Apocalypse pack..........Link: http://rhythmatic.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=18135
got warcry of salieri. expect like ropongi rumble or moonearth next
From Dr. S on 4/12/2008 Completed Modify
I demand that you *** every expert 9, except for Lipstick Piss, which you must quad....I mean double star. :P
liquid boom and lipstick piss dont count plus im close enough on both of them
From Dr. S on 3/28/2008 Completed Modify
That was no more for that DAY. I didn't say I wouldn't send you any later. Also, get a 75% or higher on Vertex^2, because I got a 76.06% failing score today. I don't care if it's passing or not, just get it.
From Dr. S on 3/24/2008 Completed Modify
Last one, I swear. Upload more videos to youtube.
blue army and infernoplex
From Dr. S on 3/24/2008 Completed Modify
Also, get two more triple stars. AKA 75.
From Dr. S on 3/20/2008 Completed Modify
Oh, and star Summer, Bangcock, and Cockwork Genesis. Then you've starred everything except the rediculously hard songs to star. (Determinator, Euphoria, Bloodrush, Vertex^2)
i starred euphoria which im counting as summer =)
From Dr. S on 3/20/2008 Completed Modify
Do you have a Wii? If you do, do you have Brawl? If you do, send me your friend code right now.
From Dr. S on 3/20/2008 Completed Modify
Get a 96% average on 12's.
From Mulletman on 3/14/2008 Completed Modify
pandy is supposed to be harder than summer so star summer
97.7X with a decent (me)
From Mad Matt on 3/02/2008 Completed Modify
Pass Dokudenpa and Holy Orders.
From Dr. S on 2/25/2008 Completed Modify
Make a Groovestats Message Board account, because it only takes 2 seconds, and it's the closest thing you'll get to an ITGFreak account without actually having an ITGFreak account. Also, ITGFreak is now lame because some dumb butt hacked it and removed the Simulation forum.
From Dr. S on 2/23/2008 Completed Modify
Don't fail BB Revenge like a total faggot asshole next time.
a year later...87
From Kanji666 on 2/03/2008 Completed Modify
90 OWA and Uber Rave....that shouldn't be TOO bad.
i got 89 on owa with pad stuff
From Mad Matt on 1/29/2008 Completed Modify
Pass Final Destination already.
From Dr. S on 1/20/2008 Completed Modify
Alright then. Submit a passing score for Bloodrush, since I know you've passed it before. Joe's submitted a score, Spooty's submitted a score. Hell, even I have! Even though the score sucks....And it was on Life Difficulty 2.....And I got a barely....But that's besides the point. Just upload a score.
From Dr. S on 1/02/2008 Completed Modify
*** Robotix, ** Mythology, 97.75% on The Beginning, 97% on Oasis, * Monolith
From Mulletman on 1/01/2008 Completed Modify
get 70 tristars
From Dr. S on 12/28/2007 Completed Modify
Triple star all 4 of the Disconnected songs. Also, update all of the scores that YOU got before July.
close enough
From Dr. S on 12/25/2007 Completed Modify
Get into the top 10 at BZN, AKA raise your overall percent to above 96.55%
yea done
From Mulletman on 12/23/2007 Completed Modify
SDE 5 more 9's
From Dr. S on 12/10/2007 Completed Modify
Oh, and challenge back.
From Dr. S on 12/10/2007 Completed Modify
This will be relatively lengthy. *** Xuxa, * Mythology, * Monolith, * Clockwork, * Hardcore Symphony, 95.xx on !, 90+ on Euphoria and Summer, 85 on Determinator.
i hate clockwork
From Butt Sex on 12/02/2007 Completed Modify
wow im so good for completing this one
From Mulletman on 11/25/2007 Completed Modify
From Mulletman on 11/17/2007 Completed Modify
94 bang, vertex, and tell...92 energizer
bang is the gayest song in the game
From Dr. S on 11/07/2007 Completed Modify
Hey, there's a song on the GS Custom Songs board, called Out of the Ashes. You'd probably like the song, and I think it'd be a pretty good song to work on while you're trying to pass Retern of Salieri, so pass it with an 85 or above. (If you don't like the song/chart, just ignore/delete the challenge)
92...sightread on foot lol
From Mulletman on 10/21/2007 Completed Modify
9's average-99.10...10's average-98.30...11's average-96.50...12's average-91
From Dr. S on 10/15/2007 Completed Modify
Yeah, that's what I meant, get your Overall Average to 96%. My bad. :P
From Dr. S on 10/08/2007 Completed Modify
Come on, Spooty's done it, Joe's almost done it. You really need to * Vertex. While you're at it, bring your Energizer over 90%.
yeah! im gonna 90 energizer without recalc soon but im counting this one done
From Kanji666 on 9/24/2007 Completed Modify
Seriously....Air and Uber Rave.....pass them.
got air with a bad score but ill get it up soon
From Dr. S on 9/17/2007 Completed Modify
Also, * July and Destiny. And ** Xuxa and Sunshine. Shouldn't be too difficult for you.
got everything no recalcs
From Dr. S on 9/17/2007 Completed Modify
Ok, to add on to my previous challenge. I want to at least try, not nessicarily pass, Halloween(Couples) and Vanish into thin air(Couples). If you couldn't tell, I really like couples charts. Edit: No, next time I'm there with you.
by myself?
From Dr. S on 9/17/2007 Completed Modify
Another quad star on a 7 or above lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol
lololololololololololol a quad is the same as 5 ex right?
From Mulletman on 9/16/2007 Completed Modify
9's average-99 10's average 98 11's average 93.50 12's average 89.
this is done
From flashidude on 9/13/2007 Completed Modify
Raise all your 9's to at lease a 98
From Dr. S on 9/09/2007 Completed Modify
Get over 96% on Monotone(couples) with me. We got 90 the first try, it shouldn't be too hard to get a star on it.
Edit: Exactly, spamming it 5 rounds in a row should be fun, since neither of us actually plays doubles.
we almost doubled it but you were fucken retarded and missed twice at the end
From Dr. S on 9/04/2007 Completed Modify
Shit dude, I just realized I'm beating your Determinator score by a full 10% on my first pass. Get over 83 on that shit.
From Dr. S on 9/02/2007 Completed Modify
Well, now that you're playing expert again, get 3 excellents or less on any expert song. Don't know how long this will take you, but good luck.
1 ex on boogie down
From Dr. S on 8/10/2007 Completed Modify
You claim you can pass Summer easily, but you just haven't played it. Then play Summer and pass it.
passed it twice in a row right after playing 976389476487 12's
From Mulletman on 8/07/2007 Completed Modify
get 90 on pandy expert, and 97 on pandy hard.
97, 96, same thing
From Dr. S on 8/06/2007 Completed Modify
Pass Air, get SDE on Cooking By The Book, * Heaven, and get over 80% on OWA.
got air bad score
From Dr. S on 8/06/2007 Completed Modify
Get a 90% average on expert 12's with all of the songs filled in. This may take you a while, it may not. Good luck.
haha no to bloodrush
From Kanji666 on 7/24/2007 Completed Modify
Pass Bloodrush, Holy Thunderforce, Infernoplex (i'll send it to you), and Holy Orders (if you havn't allready). Good Luck!
i just passed emerald sword which im counting as holy thunderforce. ill pass holy thunderforce the next time i play it though
From Dr. S on 7/21/2007 Completed Modify
Quad any song that's a 7 or higher. Try for Bumblebee hard since you've already got 1 on it. And don't give me no bullshit about how it's "Not gonna happen" this time.
Edit: Fine then, just show me a quad on a hard mode song.
ok cool it actually was bumble bee hard
From Dr. S on 7/20/2007 Completed Modify
Make it so that you're beating all of my current expert scores. Which, as of right now, consists of raising your Sunshine score by .56, raising your Hardcore Symphony score by .95, and raising your July score by 1.17. Also, get another ** on any 11, and a star on any 12, yes I said 12. Good luck.

Edit: You fuck face...
actually done
From Nikko on 6/11/2007 Completed Modify
*** Spaceman. Geez. lol
i did this in one try without even knowing you challenged me to do it lol
From Z Matrix on 6/09/2007 Completed Modify
Your scores make no sense.

Star Destiny.
i have a star...on hard mode
From Dr. S on 6/09/2007 Completed Modify
Dude, come on, you can do so much better on Hardcore Symphony. My first pass is beating your current score. Pass me up, and get 82.34% or over.
got 92
From chrisslugma on 5/27/2007 Completed Modify
heres a record for you.
beat my mythology score.
good luck. ;]
i actually did this lol
From Dr. S on 5/26/2007 Completed Modify
9s-98.50 10s-96.50 11s-92.50 12s-86 get star average too.....hehe...I'm lazy.
From Mulletman on 5/26/2007 Completed Modify
9s-98.50 10s-96.50 11s-92.50 12s-86 get star average too
12s are 87 lol
From Jandick on 5/05/2007 Completed Modify
Pass Summer with at least an 80%.
i have a 93 on summer...hard
From Mulletman on 5/04/2007 Completed Modify
pass gargoyle on video tomorrow
From SokiToki on 4/21/2007 Completed Modify
Beat my Determinator score of 79.xx%
i beat kens challenge
From Mulletman on 4/21/2007 Completed Modify
9's=98.20, 10s=96, 11s=92, 12s=84
From Mulletman on 4/14/2007 Completed Modify
97+ on all nines except lipstick piss
done cuz liquid moon and lipstick kiss are retarded
From Dr. S on 4/09/2007 Completed Modify
The ultimate challenge, send me a challenge!......Please? I'm bored........
sooooooo hard!!!!
From MegamanX on 4/04/2007 Completed Modify
Looking at your scores, it seems as if you have stamina problems. Start to play a lot more ITG2 (I'm assuming you play about once a week). Start to play 3 times a week. It dramatically raises stamina as well as scores.
summer is fun =)
From Butt Sex on 4/03/2007 Completed Modify
star any 12 and i will suck your dick .... jk about the dick thing though
i woulda gotten go 60 go but the right arrow stuck and hit all the mines =( ill just count it as completed
From Mulletman on 3/30/2007 Completed Modify
92.50+ on all 10 blocks challenge back
im close enough on know your enemy and soapy bubble is just gay
From Mulletman on 3/29/2007 Completed Modify
9's average to 98, 10's average to 95, 11's average to 91.50, 12's average to 83...........overall to 95
From Mulletman on 3/25/2007 Completed Modify
I like 12 blocks too: 80 on tell, 85 on delirium, 83 on hardcore of the north, and 90 on vertex
completed cuz vertex is gay
From Mulletman on 3/24/2007 Completed Modify
90 utopia, 94 xuxa, 80 hardcore symphony and 90 destiny. i like 11 blocks
From hand banana on 3/18/2007 Completed Modify
get over 75% on Determinator
i have a 98 on determinator...hard
From Dr. S on 3/10/2007 Completed Modify
Get over 80% on Pandemonium.
From -Wej- on 3/03/2007 Completed Modify
No... 5 more tri stars on HARD CHARTS.
haha i got my last one bumble bee on a sight read with 4 excellents
From Mulletman on 2/25/2007 Completed Modify
9's average to 97.80, 10's average to 94, 11's average to 90, 12 average to 83
From -Wej- on 2/21/2007 Completed Modify
I require... 5 more Tri stars on Hard charts.
tribal style, boogie down, no princess, high, the message. im an over achiever, cuz there on expert
From HomonymK on 2/11/2007 Completed Modify
five-star on vertex^103
easiest song in the game
From Mulletman on 2/10/2007 Completed Modify
9 average-97, 10 average-93, 11 average-86, 12 average-79
From -Wej- on 2/10/2007 Completed Modify
I require... The Message ***
the message=99.25=15excellents
From -Wej- on 2/09/2007 Completed Modify
I require a *** on ROM-eo & Juli8. Aww yeah.
From GuceFanatic on 2/04/2007 Completed Modify
get a score of a tri star with single diget excellents. show me a screen shot to prove it. if this aint a good chellenge, i dunno what is.

"happy now?!?!?!?!"
From DarkCore on 2/02/2007 Completed Modify
Hey, you're pretty close to double-starring Land of the Rising Sun (Hard), so I challenge you to get 98% or higher on it. Oh, and challenge back please. =P
From Mulletman on 1/07/2007 Completed Modify
* all 9's
finally starred lipstick kiss
From chrisslugma on 1/05/2007 Completed Modify
Alright i added you sir. That challenge you gave me is gona be difficult, but i guess thats why they are called challenges =].
My challenge for you, fill out the rest of your 10's... and raise your 10's average up to a 92.
got it!
From GuceFanatic on 12/16/2006 Completed Modify
alrighty sir, my challenge for you is an either or.
Pass a 13
Get a ***
i know im sending this one for finished one of yours, but why dont you send me one back after this is done?
PA Theme, and birdie, AND i passed pandemonium
From No Rescores - Moderator on 10/16/2008 Abandoned Modify
Play my VerTex Rave chart and attempt to pass it. I dont think you will though.
give it to JDonz
From Dr. S on 8/14/2008 Abandoned Modify
98.5x on Endorphinmachine from the r2112 pack.
dont like it =(
From Dr. S on 7/29/2008 Abandoned Modify
Get 90 on Bloodrush. I have 88. It's actually really easy.
officials badddddd
From Dr. S on 6/14/2008 Abandoned Modify
Your Bang score should not be so close to your Euphoria score. Double star it Bang.
this should be real easy seeing as how bang isn't on our machine
From Dr. S on 6/10/2008 Abandoned Modify
REAL challenge this time. Get over 80% on Vertex², that'll bring your average through the roof.
i dont play officials
From Dr. S on 3/26/2008 Abandoned Modify
99% average by the end of this summer.
not gonna happen
From Dr. S on 3/09/2008 Abandoned Modify
Well, now that you've finally put scores in for Bloodrush and V^2. Get an 85% on Bloodrush, because if I can get 83%, you can get 85% pretty easily.
From chrisslugma on 2/26/2008 Abandoned Modify
I challenge you to validate everyone of your scores.
Whether it be by picture, or by usb validation.
I'm in the process of getting a picture for everyone of my scores.
for some reason i cant, (or if i can itll be only a few scores) my comp logs me off whenever i try =( but i can show you pics online i have almost all of them
From chrisslugma on 2/16/2008 Abandoned Modify
Beat my lipstick kiss score.
if paul cant then i cant
From GuceFanatic on 11/23/2007 Abandoned Modify
stop recalcing just to get the scores you want........and verify your scores
if i recalced to get scores i want id recalc everything to 100's. oh and i cant verify my scores cuz my comp doesnt let me. dont send me gay challenges like this and dont get pissed that im better than you
From GuceFanatic on 9/16/2007 Abandoned Modify
From Dr. S on 8/18/2007 Abandoned Modify
how have you not passed vertex^2 yet? pass that. >P
haha your funny
From Dr. S on 8/08/2007 Abandoned Modify
Come on, if you play mostly hard mode now, then fill in your damn 7's!
i dont play hard mode
From Dr. S on 8/05/2007 Abandoned Modify
Pass the custom song, Tunak Tunak Tun, on video with a little twist added in. Talk to me for the details on it.
did you actually expect me to play that song?!?!?!?
From chrisslugma on 7/23/2007 Abandoned Modify
race to 99% average on hard mode.
with all 137 songs entered of course...
hard mode is history
From Dr. S on 7/21/2007 Abandoned Modify
Fine, if you "don't do expert mode" anymore, then get a *** on all hard mode songs difficulty levels 5-7. That basically means dreams of passion and a few 7's.
uhh dreams of passion is gay
From Mulletman on 7/19/2007 Abandoned Modify
hard mode challenge: SDE all hard 6's and get a **** on any song on hard mode.
hard mode is history
From Dr. S on 4/17/2007 Abandoned Modify
Fine, I'll put it down to just Bloodrush, but get a 75% instead of 70%.
From GuceFanatic on 3/26/2007 Abandoned Modify
pass infection hard with one foot. you can use the bar if you want. and im dead serious about this (joe gave me the idead, hehe)
From chrisslugma on 3/10/2007 Abandoned Modify
stop giving me lame challenges =P
but its fun!!!