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From Dream on 2/09/2016 Active Modify
Pass Black Diamond from Cirque du Zonda. You have no excuse for failing scores for anything below 16 :p
From Dream on 2/09/2016 Active Modify
Fill out scores for all of Stupid Doubles Charts =)
From ZELLLOOO on 4/21/2013 Active Modify
Pass all the 13s out of Gensokyo Daydream (Collapse Day, Deconstruction Star, Decoration Battle, 63HiiraossHuikgoeH53).
From Dream on 3/17/2016 Completed Modify
Submit a score for La Voix from Easy as Pie 4 to complete the pack. Optional: submit scores for the easy, medium, and hard charts for Bing Bang to really complete the pack.
From Based Honk on 3/14/2015 Completed Modify
Get that stam up and pass either of the Magic Cycles charts :p
took me until 2021 lol
From TheTruck on 3/08/2015 Completed Modify
Yo, Get 3 new Sudziosis Triple stars and 10 new Mute Sims Triple stars. Also, raise your triumph points to 7,000.
Pretty sure I got all this now.
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 2/02/2014 Completed Modify
pass a 16 and keep being adorable
Another Planet and Dreadnaught passed April 5, 2014.
From Archi - Administrator on 4/21/2013 Completed Modify
Pass every Pendulum 13.
Done: Last passes: Sounds of life, the terminal, and plasticworld. I passed Another planet expert first haha.
From Lucie on 4/21/2013 Completed Modify
Pass a Dragonforce Song of your choice :D (Bar or no bar I don`t care)
Reasons to Live.
From Bran - Administrator on 3/30/2013 Completed Modify
Pass a 15 by the end of 2013 - bar or no bar, your choice
If you count Scythe of 13