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From nabulator on 1/09/2022 Active Modify
Pass a 15 from SRPG :)
From nabulator on 1/09/2022 Active Modify
Pass a 15 from SRPG :)
From onexnobar on 2/27/2016 Active Modify
Raise your score on the hard chart for Blossom (from one of Valex's packs). Full-combo (or at least no more than one non-combo) is greatly preferred.
From Based Honk on 1/27/2016 Active Modify
Haul and get your triumph pts. to 2000!
Jfc lol ok
From Not Lolifox on 1/25/2016 Active Modify
Pass any three Medium charts from Helblinde (:
Song of Freyja - 94.95%
From Dream on 1/24/2016 Active Modify
Pass every singles chart ranging 9-14 that's available to you and currently tracked on here -- I want to see more scores from you :)
When I get my own machine, I'll have a much better chance of completing this before I die.
From DF.freyja on 7/01/2013 Completed Modify
Pass a song from Mudkyp Korea or Mudkyp Korea 2 on x2 rate.