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From DF.CaptainBlack on 2/19/2009 Active Modify
score under 20% on any song you've quadded already
Ok, I'll put a note here saying I have to pass the song too. Damn, and I thought this was gonna be easy... I suck at playing Decent Attack.
From DF.CaptainBlack on 11/18/2009 Completed Modify
SDE spin chicken. You freakin' SDE'd summer in belize. Not to mention Kagami. Oh wait. I just did. Get spin chicken, it's rediculously easy to time
Lol, finally decided to do it today. 7e.
From superkirby7 on 2/21/2009 Completed Modify
get ur 13 blocks a total of 10% between the 3 songs from when this challenge was sent
5/5/09: Summer Speedy Mix 92.34 -> 95.26 (2.92% improvement)

5/14/09: Pandemonium 84.73 -> 88.86 (4.13% improvement)

5/31: Vertex^2 68.61 -> 69.24 (0.63% improvement)

2/6/10: Summer Speedy Mix 95.26 -> 96.00 (0.74% improvement)

2/18/10: Vertex^2: 69.24 -> 74.60 (5.36% improvement).
I did this one on 1.25x though... does that count?
From DF.CaptainBlack on 2/13/2009 Completed Modify
SDE two 11s
Charlene and Xuxa are my best bets, but I feel like I got lucky with each of them. I'm not good enough at Mythology to get out of the ending with <10e. I'll look into this eventually.

Got Charlene on 8/9/09 with 9e.
What the hell, I got 8e on Mythology on 9/25/10.

The challenge is done, though I should still work on Xuxa.
From superkirby7 on 2/12/2009 Completed Modify
race to 99 average ready set go!(you'll probably win this but u never know)
Umm... I don't know how much I care about this. You go right ahead :-)

9/25/10: Got it!!
From DF.CaptainBlack on 2/11/2009 Completed Modify
quad bumble bee
4th try today... which is actually the least I've had to whore a song this week!
From DF.CaptainBlack on 2/10/2009 Completed Modify
pass holy orders
I watched Phil do that... I have nowhere near the amount of endurance yet to do 24ths at that speed, unless I really make my form better. I'll look into this later, though.

Update on 7/4/09: GOT IT! BSing enough early stuff gave me just enough juice to make it out of the hardest 24th bits.
From DF.CaptainBlack on 1/26/2009 Completed Modify
Beat my spacy crazy girl score doing the spins
Ooh... I like this! I'll attempt this after I'm done with the quad streak and have had a break. And I DO do the spins normally, so really I just have to beat your score anyway. Do you need video proof of the spins or something?

2/15/09: Did it yesterday. I can improve it too... probably quad it.
From titandude21 on 11/14/2008 Completed Modify
pass fire fire from the socal pack. it's 150 bpm with lots of really fast trills. if you've passed it already, then improve that score by at least 3%.
Tried it once... it's pretty annoying. I'll give it more work later.

12/12/08 - Passed it (3rd try playing it total) by fudging a lot. The picture: http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u162/mklip2001/ITG%20Scores/1212081804.jpg
From MIDI on 3/19/2008 Completed Modify
Get two new triples. Your most viable candidates at the moment are probably Oasis and Robotix.
I'm going to start practicing Oasis. Robotix still pisses me off. I feel I'd rather get Soapy Bubble and finish off the 10's.

11/11/08 - Soapy Bubble (finally learned the end bit!)
12/2/08 - Robotix (finally did the speedup properly)

I'll still work on Oasis from time to time.

12/13 - Oasis... barely.

I guess Vertex should be next?
6/29/10: Friggin ages later, I finally triple Vertex.
From TheTruck on 3/09/2008 Completed Modify
lol, this might sound like a joke but race me to Pandemonium cuz Phil agreed we should. I'm willing to bet you could pass it first shot now <_< XD.
Fair enough, if I do this I also finish another challenge. Though I'm still sucking even at Pandy Hard :-)

3/21: Shit shit shit. So close. At least it's in reach, because I can actually fake the holds in the beginning without getting too tired.

3/26: Oh man, I totally didn't think I was going to do it today. Though my score still sucks :-) Oh well, it's better than my first passing Bloodrush score.
From titandude21 on 12/08/2007 Completed Modify
go for 50 SDEs. try to get it before I reach 60 ***'s (I have 48 right now).
I win on 1/5/08. Getting 4 new ones today helped :-)
From titandude21 on 11/28/2007 Completed Modify
improve your letter grade on 3 expert songs (double -> triple, star -> double, S -> star, etc; not triple -> SDE)
Does triple -> SDE count? If so, I just got Fly Away today (11/28).

11/28: July, double -> triple
12/9: One False Move, double -> triple
12/11: Utopia, star -> double
From mklip2001 on 10/13/2007 Completed Modify
Match XYT's retiring average of 97.61. You have 97.59 now (10/13/2007).
Got it on 10/25/2007.
Surpassed it on 11/3/2007 with Bloodrush awesomeness.
From titandude21 on 8/28/2007 Completed Modify
get all your 9's within .3% of MIDI's scores. you need at least 99.25 on Zodiac, 99.66 on Fly Away, 99.26 on Ride The Bass, 99.44 on Disconnected, 99.66 on Disconnected Disco, and 99.38 on Typical Tropical
Got Ride the Bass around when you posted this
11/16: Zodiac with 99.77
11/17: Typical Tropical with 99.52
11/18: Disconnected Disco with 99.66
11/28: Fly Away with 99.79
11/29: Disconnected with 99.61
From mklip2001 on 8/28/2007 Completed Modify
Beat RobNoBarKid in the rankings at least once. As of 8/28/07, he's 264 and you're 267, with averages respectively of 97.48 and 97.45.
Got it today (9/6/07) with Hardcore of the North and Euphoria. He's 269 with 97.48 and I'm 260 with 97.55.
From titandude21 on 8/26/2007 Completed Modify
Land of the Rising Sun, Bubble Dancer, Life of a Butterfly. beat me to the quad on 2 of those 3 songs.
10/27 - LotRS nobar! titandude21, you were there when it happened.
11/3 - Bubble Dancer

I win!

11/20: Life of a Butterfly nobar!
From xxxxx - Administrator on 8/07/2007 Completed Modify
Wow, your 9s and 10s are getting insanely high. I think you need to work on some of the harder songs though. See if you can star three more 12s. You have Vertex and Delirium right now (with double-stars, even), so you should probably be able to get some others. Go 60 Go is particularly easy, go for that one first.
I have no damn clue how I got Delirium... Vertex was fun though. Maybe Energizer could be the third one to get starred, but I really doubt it. Tell is too ridiculous with step-jumps for me to do well on its ending.

8/9 - Go 60 Go
8/15 - !
2/9/08 - Doubled Go 60 Go, but no new star
11/19 - Finally got Hardcore of the North, immediately followed by Energizer. Took long enough.
From titandude21 on 7/12/2007 Completed Modify
get your 9-10 combined avg. to 99.4%. currently it's at 99.31.
7/14 - Up to 99.36 thanks to Know Your Enemy, Oasis, and Out of the Dark. Will work shortly on Visible Noise and Sweet World.
7/19 - Visible Noise still sucks, but up to 99.37 thanks to Disconnected Hyper.
7/25 - At 99.38 with Do U Love Me and Visible Noise, but could do better.
7/26 - 99.39 with Out of the Dark and Dawn.
8/4 - Improved Visible Noise, and slight other improvements.
From MIDI on 7/11/2007 Completed Modify
Send me more challenges :( Preferably feasible ones.
I'll give you one more in a second.
From superkirby7 on 6/28/2007 Completed Modify
got a good one pass all songs that i have passed (not bloodrush or vertex^2)
Got a similar joke goal going with titandude21... not making much headway here, but I'll see.

7/9 - Summer Speedy Mix
7/10 - Determinator
8/14 - Bloodrush (even though that's not in your challenge)
3/26/08 - Pandemonium
From titandude21 on 6/27/2007 Completed Modify
you have 14 passed songs with a ranking worse than 350 (Energizer, Delirium, HS, Robotix, Go 60 Go, Oasis, Utopia, Cryosleep, Anubis, Clockwork, Tell, Monolith, HotN, Euphoria). get better than rank 350 (at the time you achieve the new scores) on five of those songs.
7/10 - Anubis, Cryosleep
7/12 - Go 60 Go
7/14 - Oasis
7/19 - Robotix
7/25 - Utopia
7/26 - Delirium
8/10 - Clockwork Genesis
8/21 - Tell
8/27 - Hardcore Symphony
9/6 - Euphoria
9/21 - Energizer
11/19/08 - HotN (lol took 14 months to get one more)
12/8/08 - Monolith

Now this challenge is completely done! Then again, there's a couple new things I probably have bad rank on, like Pandy and V^2.
From mklip2001 on 6/27/2007 Completed Modify
Get triple-stars on all the songs without Expert charts.
Goddamn Hustle Beach.
From mklip2001 on 6/27/2007 Completed Modify
Star at least two of Delirium, !, or Vertex. I'm pretty sure you can do !, at least.
7/11 - Vertex
7/26 - Delirium (double!)
7/31 - Improved Vertex to double!
8/15 - !
From titandude21 on 5/24/2007 Completed Modify
get 99.5%+ on 10 songs currently under 99.5%
5/29 - The Message, Temple of Boom
5/30 - On A Day Like Today, High, This is Rock & Roll, While Tha Rekkid Spinz
6/1 - Spacy Crazy Girl (no bar!)
6/8 - Baby Don't You Want Me
6/11 - Solina, Music Pleeze

I've gotten more by now that I don't care to list.
From MIDI on 5/24/2007 Completed Modify
You have yet to triple 16 10s. Triple 8 of them.
7/3 - Agent Blatant
7/19 - Hybrid
7/25 - Do U Love Me
7/26 - Out of the Dark
9/8 - Disconnected Hyper
10/16 - Tension
10/22 - Know Your Enemy
10/27 - Anubis

11/14 - Bend Your Mind
11/17 - Bouff
12/9 - One False Move
I've gotten the rest... see other challenges.
From XYT on 4/12/2007 Completed Modify
85% Determinator.
Not happening for now, and I'm not really that interested. I might return to this.

7/10 - Finally passed Determinator with 80.79. I'm still not really up to this challenge.
8/24 - I finally feel up to this, since my energy and bracketing have been getting better. I don't know how often I'll attempt this.
4/13/08 - FINALLY 85.94! Probably had 88 until the last run. Today was a good day.
From MIDI on 4/12/2007 Completed Modify
You need to work on stamina; let's see your 11 average to a 96 or better.
Got it on 4/30 with 96.39 average, thanks to good scores on Utopia and Hardcore Symphony.
From mklip2001 on 4/11/2007 Completed Modify
Your worst passing score right now is Euphoria, which is a full 8% or so below Tell, the 2nd worst. Improve that score to at least a 75%. If you're feeling lucky, get at least 80% on all passing scores (i.e. not the hardest 5).
Got much better on Tell, a little better on Hardcore of the North, and 77 on Euphoria. I might be able to make that an 80, but it's not a big priority of mine.

7/14 - Finally got over 80 on Euphoria, so all my passing scores are 80+.

At some point, you passed everything. On 12/23/08, you had at least 80% for every score except Vertex^2.
From MIDI on 4/08/2007 Completed Modify
Triple all the 9s.
Got it on 5/5!
From titandude21 on 4/06/2007 Completed Modify
race to pass all the expert charts
On 4/11 I attempted everything, and I wasn't really close on anything except Summer.

7/9 - Summer Speedy Mix
7/10 - Determinator
8/14 - Bloodrush
3/11/08 - You got Pandy before me, and you got Summer Speedy Mix. I'll work on Pandy pretty soon.
3/26 - Pandemonium
11/4 - Vertex^2

Even if I only got 65.93 on V^2, the race is over.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 4/05/2007 Completed Modify
Hey, you've been getting a lot of good scores lately; it surpises me that your rank isn't a lot higher than it is. You're at 432 now... try shooting for 350.
I was 432 with no failed-score entries. Now that I have all entries on 4/11, I'm rank 333.
From titandude21 on 3/22/2007 Completed Modify
fill out your 9's, and get your 9 avg. to a 99%
99% on the dot on 4/2/07, and I can probably improve the bottom 3 or 4 by quite a bit.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/23/2007 Completed Modify
Pass four new 12s. (You currently have one uploaded score for a 12)
What's the next easiest 12 after the ones I did?
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/14/2007 Completed Modify
Get 15 expert triple-stars. You've probably done it already, but you only have 8 uploaded here.
From MIDI on 2/13/2007 Completed Modify
Let's see you submit score for everything, even stuff you can't pass.
Finally felt like doing this. 5 failed scores on 4/11, and Summer is the only one I think I could pass in the next few weeks if I practiced.
From mklip2001 on 6/27/2007 Abandoned Modify
Today, you got your first Ex on Wanna Do about 60% in, but then you screwed up an ending piece and got a much lower score. Repeat the blue combo 60% in.
You know, this will happen when it happens, not when I wish it. I've been getting sick sometimes of trying to ridiculously optimize songs like these.